A Passion For Our Community

My family and I love to drive around looking at holiday decorations. We enjoy finding unique ones and houses that simply "wow" you...such as your's, Jany and Bill! Now we get to add another home to our "must see" list.

Allen Flanders goes all out to decorate his home--not only for the holidays but for occasions all year long. There was a pause in his passion for creating festive adornments, but he's back. Read Elinor Reiss's article about Allen's hobby on page 43. Also find out where you can see Allen's creations.

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays and to help others. Here's a list and where to find more information:

  • SRHS Madrigal Dinner--Friday, Dec. 5, page 11;
  • Symphony in the Park Holiday Concert--Sunday, Dec. 7, page 11;
  • Holiday Celebration and Community Tree Lighting--Sunday, Dec. 14, page 7;
  • Blanket San Diego--now through Tuesday, Dec. 16, page 13;
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus visit the Farmers Market--Saturday, Dec. 20, page 13; and,
  • Christmas Tree Pick-Up fundraiser for SRHS baseball team, page 13.

We want to thank the SRCA corporate members for signing on to support our community this year. See page 5 for a list. Please support these businesses and thank them for their passion for our community. It is folks and businesses such as these that help make Scripps Ranch the premier place to live.

When businesses and residents support the SRCA, it allows the SRCA to continue its work in Scripps Ranch. A top priority right now is to keep the Information Center open. Thousands of residents used the meeting rooms at this community facility so far this year. The article by SRCA president, Gordon Boerner, on page 5 has details.

A warning about mail theft in our community: police arrested a suspect and found hundreds of pieces of mail from Scripps Ranch residents--including my family. Police believe the suspect also was building information to steal identities. See the article on page 11.

One of the arresting officers is a Scripps Ranch resident, Scott Bartolomei. Thank you, Scott, for your passion to protect our community!

Exciting news for Scripps Ranch High School! It will be the first public high school in the state to have an educational building dedicated to sustainable technology and energy. Once it's complete, students can take courses in renewable energy-related topics and learn about those professions. See page 21.

As I've said before, I don't like goodbyes. This one is especially difficult. In December we say goodbye to Councilmember Brian Maienschein and his chief of staff, Lance Witmondt. As I'm sure you know by now, Brian is term-limited out of office after serving eight years as our City Council representative.

Brian, you may be leaving office, but your legacy will be your passion to help Scripps Ranch. We will always remember how you virtually lived at the Local Assistance Center after the Cedar Fire so you could help residents through the devastating disaster. How you and your staff addressed issues quickly and efficiently. How you accomplished all that you did with a spirit of care and concern about people. And, of course, Lance was at your side through it all.

So, Brian and Lance, you may "leave" Scripps Ranch, but you have earned a permanent spot in the Scripps Ranch family. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you two. We wish you the best, and we know your extraordinary talents will take you far.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone in Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor