What's Happening


Election 2008

Well, the longest and certainly most expensive campaign for the election of our next president and other elected officials is over. The truly obscene amounts of money spent--$150 million in the last month alone--could have been used for other worthwhile purposes, we are sure. We have been deluged with a thousand so-called political analysts commenting on what was obvious and what needs to be done.

We have massive economic problems, or I guess we should say massive problems period, as there are so many to address. Now all of the citizens of our country, all of the elected officials, and Congress must accomplish the hard work of getting the country back on track. This will be difficult and time-consuming at best but must take place. We can only wish the new crew good luck. Go to work using good sense and good advice, as well as the ability to reach out and secure assistance and determine the best options to follow. Most important have a steadfast and overwhelming love of our country and confidence in its potential and our ability to use all of the available talents of our wonderful country. It's a noble cause for all citizens and immigrants alike.

If you did not like parts of the outcome of the elections, remember you had the opportunity to vote your choice, and the majority wins in a democracy. Now we need to work together to get things done. We wish President-elect Obama the best as he will be directing our destiny!

Veterans Day on the Ranch

The Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Choral Department under director Jay Rubin hosted its usual fabulous Veterans Day Concert in early November, with a wonderful collection of patriotic songs. These were made very special as performed by the choral groups of all of our award winning schools and joined by our neighbors in Mira Mesa, Walker Elementary and Wangenheim Middle schools. It was a standing room only crowd in the SRHS gym.

A special thanks to the SRHS Choral Music Parent Booster Organization for all its hard work and organizational efforts. It was my privilege to make the opening remarks for all veterans who were honored for their service to our country in peace and war. It has been their work and sacrifices as America's citizen soldiers that have prevailed in the world and on whom we should heap honor and praise not only on Veterans Day but all year long. The way a nation treats its veterans is the key to the responses of young people to the call for service in a noble nation's cause.

To Jay Rubin, all of our young people in their choral groups, their fantastic leaders, and, yes, all you parents and friends, a heartfelt thanks for remembering and honoring our nation's veterans. Scripps Ranch at its best.

Holiday Celebration

The annual Community Tree Lighting Celebration and collection of unwrapped toys for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program takes place at its usual location.

  • Place: Jerabek Park at the community Christmas tree
  • Date: Sunday, Dec. 14
  • Time: 4 pm, Santa arrives to collect toys
  • Tree lighting: 5 pm

This event is sponsored traditionally by the Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts and the SRCA for the enjoyment of all. We welcome the Marshall Middle School band to lead us in Christmas and Hanukkah songs of the season.

Plan to come with your unwrapped toys. Bring a flashlight to read the words of the songs, and remember to bring a warm jacket as it can get cold. Girl scouts will serve cookies and hot chocolate at this traditional decades-long event. Come enjoy a Scripps Ranch family tradition and help light the community Christmas tree.

Evans Pond Improvements

I am sure you have all seen the installation of the water quality aeration system that is working to improve the water quality in Evans Pond. We will remove some of the bulrushes as a normal part of our maintenance program. This is being done in anticipation of adding some fresh water under the new Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) system in which we took over maintenance from the Library Department. We are still working on having the capability of adding recycled water from Lot #5 in the Business Park, which would use that valuable resource under the mayor's plan for water conservation.

Scripps Ranch--Going Green

We are blessed with an outstanding reputation for environmental concerns, and the maintenance of our open spaces and homes shows our pride and concern. In the course of maintenance our contractor, One Trip Tree Service, removes trees that pose a hazard to homes or are dead. They cut the trunks into logs and place the logs on Pomerado Road where citizens can pick them up for their own fireplace use. It creates a temporary small mess but it works.

What we are experiencing, however, is that some landscapers who work on the Ranch do not want to take their loads to the landfill, instead coming to the log area and other places in the open space and dumping debris and mulch. This means we have to pay to clean it up later in the week. If you see any of this illegal dumping, please try to get a license plate number. Do not confront the individuals yourself. Phone the information to our Open Space Committee chair Marc Sorensen at 578-4766 or call the police non-emergency number at 484-3154.

Environmentally Correct MCAS Miramar Receives Award

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar was awarded the President's 2008 Award for Leadership and Federal Energy Management. This is awarded for exceptional progress in water and energy conservation and for the title of most energy efficient installation in the Marine Corps. In line with the city's water conservation program, MCAS Miramar saved 29 million gallons last year and included recycled water wherever possible.

This award continues the exemplary record of MCAS Miramar in the environmental and wildlife management as well. Our congratulations to Colonel Christopher O'Connor, MCAS Miramar's commanding officer, and all the marines who accomplished these record-breaking efforts for a "greener world."

Display of Banners

We have listed in many Newsletters the policy to display banners at our three sites: Pomerado Road, Aviary Drive, and Red Cedar Drive. The rules we negotiated with the city are simple.

  • Must relate to a community sponsored event and not be commercial in origin or intent.
  • Be up for no more than three weeks.
  • Be in good taste and not offensive and bear the phone number of the person to be contacted.
  • Signs or banners found in open space or private property without permission will be taken down.

When the time limit is exceeded, the organization is called and informed that the banner is to be removed. This maintains our community privilege to display announcements of coming community events without fees.

At Aviary Drive the banner should relate to Hoyt Park events. Red Cedar Drive's fences can be used, but the fence topped with green paint should not be used to display banners. It can obstruct the safe view of motorists making the left turn onto Scripps Lake Drive. Thanks.

With your help and cooperation it works well. For any questions before you hang a banner, please check the policy by calling Marc Sorensen at 578-4766 or Bob Ilko at 243-1235.

A Word of Warning

I am sure most of our homes have been plagued recently with swarms of tiny ants. It seems many different ideas have been suggested to control them including sprays, soap, and traps. A word of warning! Mrs. Dingeman decided to kneel down and spray around the dishwasher with an ant spray. She was apparently engulfed in the spray, which turned out to be very toxic for her and dramatically affected her breathing and throat.

I called 911 and the paramedics and crews from Fire Stations 44 and 37 were at our home taking care of Mrs. Dingeman in minutes. After treatment to stabilize things, she was transported to the ER at Scripps Hospital La Jolla for further treatment. She was released soon after that. Using some of these toxic sprays in an enclosed area can be dangerous to your health. Please be sure to check the labels before you use them.

Good Samaritan, Bob Ilko

I am constantly amazed and delighted with the wonderful response of Scripps Ranch residents to assist others. I was slated to receive my normal painkilling shot for my broken back and Gaye could not go with me. Marc Sorensen and Bob Ilko arranged for Bob to pick me up and drive me to the VA. It's an ordinary procedure, but they want someone to drive you home if something goes wrong.

Sure enough, something did go wrong. The pain medication came too close to a nerve that temporarily paralyzed my right leg. I could not walk until it wore off in about four hours. Bob Ilko was waiting in the anteroom and stepped in with a wheelchair, helped me back to his car, and into my own home. He fetched the crutches from my garage storeroom for my use. I could not have done it myself, and Mrs. Dingeman was still recovering from her ER visit.

Bob is a true good Samaritan, and we are really grateful and thank him for his tender loving care and assistance. As we are both feeling the impact of our 86 and 83 years, these acts are so appreciated. Thanks, Bob, you are terrific. To other good Samaritans who bring a meal and brownies for Mrs. Dingeman, our thanks to you as well. Keep up the good work--you make our community so special.

Well-Deserved Recognition for Gloria Tran

Councilmember Brian Maienschein honored our own editor and volunteer extraordinaire Gloria Tran with a special San Diego City Council Day on Tuesday, Nov. 18. We congratulate Gloria for her fantastic volunteer and professional service over the years. As editor of the Newsletter, she has set a standard not achieved by a community newsletter for content, supporting the Ranch with news and information, yet conforming to the rules for nonpolitical publications--a mean feat. The sheer ability to meet the daunting deadlines each month is special, and she has done it well.

She, in addition, chaired and then co-chaired our very important Schools Committee and worked assiduously on the tremendous job done to renovate the old Marshall Middle School into the space age Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School we just dedicated. To Gloria, our community thanks you for all your services. Of course, may you continue to perform them and enjoy the service to the Ranch that is so appreciated.

Getting Things Done

Too often we hear of major economic problems, governmental blunders, lack of jobs, and so forth. It all means difficult times for communities to get things done. We will find that essential work is not done as the city reduces its workforce and services are cut.

Scripps Ranch is famous as a self- help community in which families gather together and support a fantastic level of adult and youth activities from Scouts to sports to other groups. You will be asked more and more to contribute your time, as well as some of your funds, for all of these family oriented actions that make Scripps Ranch so special.

This is your time to step forward and help. We will get through this difficult period, intact and still proud. Volunteer in an area of your choice, and remember it is your talent and energy that will get the job done. Try it, you will like it!