A "Handy" Lesson for Pack 613

Webelos IIs got handy at the base at Miramar. A staff mechanic, Rudy, worked with each scout on checking the oil level, tire pressure, and replacing a bulb in the taillight of a car. They also helped and learned how to change a tire. These skills are included in the Webelos' Handyman activity badge, which is needed to complete the Arrow of Light and graduate to Boy Scouts in February.

Pack 613's Webelos IIs who took part included: from Den 11, Aaron Polley, Aaron Wapner, Adam Trubitt, Erik Klingenberg, Sebastian Sanchez, and Stephen Lofy; and, from Den 3, Brian Peters. Max Audick, a Webelos II from Pack 614, joined them as well. The boys were accompanied by den leader Shelly Lofy and parent Debbie Klingenberg.

Want to have fun and learn a lot of cool guy stuff? Join Pack 613 by calling cubmaster Dan Bossert at 549-4378.

Pack 614 Sows "Seeds of Kindness"

The theme of Pack 614's November pack meeting was "Seeds of Kindness." This is a good time of year for cub scouts to think about sharing or giving to others in need. At our pack meeting, our cub scouts acted on their kindness by building 25 gift baskets filled with ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Our cub scouts donated and brought in the various canned and packaged food items for these gift baskets. All of these gift baskets were given to San Diego families who would not otherwise be able to afford a Thanksgiving meal. Pack 614 would like to say "thank you" to parent Shani Porier for coordinating this gift basket activity for our pack.

Congratulations to all Pack 614 scouts in their recent successful popcorn-selling efforts. A big "thank you" goes to parents Lettie Cederquist and Sheila Deschenes for coordinating and running the popcorn sale for our pack. Pack 614 also would like to thank all of our Scripps Ranch neighbors who purchased popcorn in support of this annual Boy Scouts of America fundraising drive.

Pack 614 has a full schedule of activities throughout the year including campouts, pack meetings, community service projects, fishing, Pinewood Derbies, and much, much more. To have your son join in the fun, contact our cubmaster Blan Cox at [[email protected]].

Attention Webelos Scouts

Please plan to attend the annual Scripps Ranch Webelos Day!

  • Date: Sunday, Jan. 11
  • Place: The upper open space of the Scripps Ranch Community Park
  • Time: 1-3 pm
  • Cost: Free

This event will showcase some of the activities offered by the four Boy Scout troops in Scripps Ranch. Meet the troops and their members while having fun. There will be food, demonstrations, and activities! For details, contact Bev Jatczak at 586-0919 or [[email protected]].

Troop 301 Has a Ball with Seeds

To help San Diego repair the damage after the fires that devastated the county last year, Troop 301 scouts and scouters participated in what we affectionately call Seedballapalooza, where we helped make seed balls. Seed balls are mixtures of really sticky dirty messy clay, native plant seeds, fertilizer, and water. Together with Girl Scout Troop 8250, we created more than 5,000 seed balls in five hours.

We will have one more seed ball making festival this month. In January the seed balls will be distributed in the burn areas. When the next rain comes, the seed balls will breakdown with the seed and the fertilizer covered by clay, which gives the seeds a good chance to germinate. If we just threw seed out in the burn areas, the wind would carry it away. If we didn't use clay or fertilizer, the seeds would wash away and maybe not have enough nutrients. After a few rains, all of the seeds germinate and hopefully the area becomes successfully renewed.

Shane Stachwick, Dario Inzunza, Jacob Zimmer, Keith Aylwin, Troy Aylwin, David Mosely, Marvin Ordonez, CJ Bosworth, and Jake Todd participated in the Seedballapalooza. This community service project counts as part of the 10 hours of volunteer trail work required in connection with earning the National BSA 50-Miler Award.

We also went on a 10-mile hike up Iron Mountain, starting at the Ellie Lane trailhead. This is in preparation for our bi-annual 20-mile hike, Scripps Ranch to the Sea. During the hike, we all waited for it to rain, which happened only during the last half mile. The area was quite pretty, as always, especially the way the fog and clouds laced the other mountains. At the end, we were all very tired although glad we had done the hike.

If that wasn't enough, give a big round of applause to Grant Ingamells, Alex Abeyta, Dario Inzunza, David Watson, Ms. Hauschildt, Mrs. Klug, Mrs. Abeyta, and Dr. Bryon (pictured on page 49). They helped move an enormous pile of gravel from the driveway to six Project Wildlife enclosures located in a Poway backyard. With shovels, wheelbarrows, and buckets, they transported a massive amount of gravel. The gravel helped line six large cages for Project Wildlife animal ambassadors, including a great horned owl, a barn owl, and a raven.

This month Mr. Bosworth and Mr. Stachwick are working with the boys on the Space Exploration merit badge. Troop 301 is learning about missions to outer space. Did you know that the USA only sent astronauts into space to prove to Russia that the USA was a world power? That is one of the many interesting facts we have learned. As part of the merit badge, Troop 301 scouts also will get to launch rockets next month. More details to come!

Jake Todd, Troop 301 Scribe

Troop 616 Has a

Busy Month

October started with a bang. In early October Troop 616 held its Court of Honor at the Scripps Ranch Library. After a nice dinner and a slide show, the following scouts advanced in rank: Aseer Ali, Kyle Douglas, Eric Lehmann, John Payton, and Matt Robinson achieved the rank of Tenderfoot. Brian DeJesus, Kelton Tabor, and Dylan Walter moved to Second Class. Alex DeWitt and Andy Smetana became First Class Scouts. New Star Scouts were Ian Davis and Hayden Wisniewski. Zachary Burns and Nathan Steinberg became Life Scouts. And in Scouting's ultimate achievement, John Michael Steiger and Brian Parme were awarded Eagle. Brian gave a really nice speech and enjoyed the moment with his family. Along with the rank advancements, 130 merit badges were also earned. Way to go, Troop 616!

Just a few days later, 13 scouts gathered at Qualcomm Stadium to distribute the Tailgate Times newspaper to the crowds. Several Chargers were spotted arriving for the game. After their hard work the scouts were treated to front row seats for the game in which the Chargers trounced the New England Patriots.

Several scouts camped out at Big Bear Mountain in mid-October. They took the ski lifts to the top with their bikes and rode the mountain trails. The boys had a great campsite at the bottom just yards from the lift. Although there were a few spills, no major injuries were suffered.

We started working on our Leave No Trace Award, which included giving presentations to the Scripps Ranch Cub Scout packs on the seven principles of Leave No Trace. This program encourages people who spend time in the outdoors to behave in such a way that they can minimize unavoidable impacts and prevent avoidable impacts. It is often summarized: "Take only photos, leave only footprints."

Finally, in November several members of the troop earned their Canoeing merit badges after a day on the water at the Fiesta Island Aquatic Center. Mr. Norrell headed the event. Since then the boys have been busy learning how to use GPS devices and going on geo-caching hunts during their meetings.

Alex DeWitt, Troop 616 Scribe