Political Signs Vandalized

I have lived in Scripps Ranch for seven years, in my current home for four, and have never had a problem until the end of September. I am a supporter of a particular presidential candidate and had a yard sign in my front yard. The sign was about 25 feet from the street on a small hill. The sign was stolen from my yard. I chalked it up to kids.

I put a new sign up above my garage. Then someone threw an entire bottle of beer through the back window of my truck, which was parked in the driveway under the sign. Were they aiming for the sign? Or maybe the bumper sticker supporting the candidate that also referred to the fact that I'm a veteran? That's right, I forgot to mention I served 20 years in the U.S. Army protecting the rights of Americans to vote for anyone they wanted. And to display political signs anywhere on their property.

I have seen many political signs that support other candidates and ballot propositions displayed prominently throughout the neighborhood, and lo and behold, none are missing or damaged. If you would like to discuss politics with me, have the courage to knock on my door and discuss it face to face. Don't throw full beer bottles into the back of my truck. Thank you for introducing my five-year-old grandson, whose father--my son-in-law--is voting for a different presidential candidate than I am, to the world of scare politics.

John Hancock, SR Resident