Pets, Vets, and Dogs

Troop 301 is going to the hamsters! Actually, Troop 301's Pet Month began in October. We are working on three animal-related merit badges: Pets, Veterinary Medicine, and Dog Care. Boys showed off their assorted pets later in the month at our first-ever Pet Show. Thanks to Mrs. Klug and Dr. Dowyd-Aylwin for running Pet Month!

We camped at Fiesta Island in September. During the day we dug trenches in the sand and kayaked. Then we went to our campsite and enjoyed each other's company, played football, and went to bed. In the morning we packed up and went home. However, some scouts spent Sunday practicing canoeing to prepare for the 50-mile canoe trip down the Colorado River in November. Kevin Graham said he felt like he had canoed all the way to Mexico and back!

Since my last article, Troop 301 scouts have gone on two exciting hikes: a 10-mile trip around Miramar Lake, and a four-mile hike to the waterfall in Penasquitos Canyon. We are preparing for our five-mile Mataguay backpack trip.

In October we held our quarterly troop Court of Honor, led by Harrison Trubitt and Vivek Vishwanath. Troop 301 boys earned 240 merit badges, 19 of which were earned by one scout, Keith Aylwin.

Also, a number of scouts advanced ranks: Second Class--Troy Aylwin, Craig Bosworth, Evan Clarke, Colin Davis, J.Q. Goodrich, Jared Hettick, Mitchell Ingles, Andrew Izzo, Nathan Khuu, Duncan Klug, Nathan Kuypers, and Shane Mitchel; First Class--Nathan Khuu, Craig Bosworth, and Troy Aylwin; Star Scout--Grant Ingamells, Kyle Fisher, Michael Franke, Kevin Graham, Shane Stachwick, Jake Todd, and Keith Aylwin; and, Life Scout--Marvin Ordonez and Alex Abeyta. Congrats!

Jake Todd, Troop 301 Scribe

Troop 616 Starts Fall

With Service

In September several scouts from Troop 616 served as the Color Guard for the groundbreaking at the site of the future St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Matt Bernard, Alex DeWitt, Aseer Ali, Kyle and Troy Rayder, Jacob Van de Grift, and Andy Smetana proudly carried the flags for the exciting celebration. Jack Smith took several photos at the event, including the great shot below.

Also in September nine scouts served food to the homeless at the downtown Ladle Soup Kitchen. The scouts helped more than 175 people get a good meal.

Six scouts enjoyed a campout over a September weekend at Paso Picacho State Park. After a rough start, Aseer Ali did a great job cooking a tasty Dutch oven dinner complete with dessert. A great time was had by everyone, and several of the scouts completed needed requirements for rank advancement.

Alex DeWitt, Troop 616 Scribe

Rank Advancements in Troop 663

In late September Troop 663 held a Court of Honor (COH) to honor the scouts who earned merit badges, advanced in rank, or earned camping awards. To start off the COH, we had a wonderful potluck. Adults got to eat first because they knew the boy scouts would eat all that was left. After all had eaten their fill we had the presentation of the colors. Then our chaplain's aide, Casey LaMar, gave a great invocation thanking God for this celebration.

Following this, our senior patrol leader, Joe Jatczak, announced the scouts who had earned merit badges. They were: Chris Barnsley, Patrick Barnsley, Dayne Barton, Colin Beaty, Tyler Beaty, Jacob Bieber, Stephen Bieber, Drew Bushnell, George Bushnell, Kyle Cushman, Ryan Cushman, Janon Dhayalan, Kyle Fait, Joe Jatczak, Zachary Keane, Kenneth Magro, Martin Magro, Ben Meis, Brian Mugg, Brandon Paulus, Shea Polansky, Tim Rodenbaugh, Colby Ross, Lucas Ross, Trevor Scarfe, Spencer Shortill, Matthew Valente, Noah Villalobos, and Alex Weber.

After the merit badges were awarded, we got to hear scouts' rank advancements! Two scouts advanced to Tenderfoot: Tim Rodenbaugh and Joshua Master. Four scouts advanced to Second Class: Colin Beaty, Zachery Keane, Brandon Paulus, and Colby Ross. Zach Drew Bushnell made First Class. Four Scouts advanced to Star Scout: Stephen Bieber, George Bushnell, Lucas Ross, and Spencer Shortill. Our newest Life Scout is Kenneth Magro. And our troop's present Eagle Scout is Darren Kulischak.

This Court of Honor was a great celebration of our troop's accomplishments. Next month, more updates on our troop!

Stephen Bieber, Troop 663 Scribe

Scary Fun for Pack 613!

Pack 613's Halloween Carnival was held in October. Scouts played stick hockey and football toss, shot rubber bands, and ate donuts on strings. The food was frightening! Scouts brought Halloween-themed cakes, judged for the most creative, scariest, and humorous. The boys went home with cakes won in the cake walk! It also was Pack 613's "Round-Up." We welcomed boys interested in scouting.

We all look forward to a new event, Scout Olympics, shared with our friends at Pack 614. It will be held on Sunday, Nov. 16, from 10 am to noon at Lakeview Park. Go, cubs, go! We welcome any boys interested in learning more to join us! New Tiger Cub and Wolf dens are forming. Don't miss out. Call Dan Bossert, cubmaster, at 549-4378.

Pack 614 "Zips" Into Fall

In mid-September Pack 614 held our annual fall campout at the Indian Hills campground in Jamul. Our cub scouts and their families enjoyed this weekend campout under perfect weather. Scouts, siblings, and parents participated in many fun and exciting activities including panning for gold, human foosball, riding a Zipp Line, and racing bikes on a BMX track. The Zipp Line was enjoyed by the kids and a few daring parents.

At the campout we added a little competition at the BMX track. Each scout was timed on how fast they could complete one lap. We did the same for siblings and parents. This added a bit of fun and bravado by all racers at the track.

Following our Saturday evening potluck dinner, the pack held a wonderful campfire that included songs, jokes, and skits. The pack thanks Dana Porier for overseeing this great campout!

Our cub scouts have been busy selling popcorn in the Scripps Ranch community. America's Popcorn Sale is an annual Boy Scouts fundraising program. This year's popcorn sales drive included "Operation Popcorn"--an opportunity to purchase popcorn that will be sent overseas to our active U.S. military. Pack 614 cub scouts would like to thank our Scripps Ranch neighbors for supporting both our active U.S. military and Boy Scouts of America through your purchases of our tasty popcorn.

Pack 614 has a full schedule of fun activities throughout the year including campouts, community service projects, fishing, Pinewood Derbies, and much more. To have your son join the fun, contact our cubmaster, Blan Cox, at [[email protected]].

The Fun and Adventures of Pack 615

Once upon a time in Scripps Ranch, there was a cub scout pack. It was a nice little pack, just two years old. But this young pack was full of grand adventures--adventures to equal any of the books and tall tales we celebrated at our October pack show.

We think we can, we think we can...we thought we could! It has been a steep and treacherous mountain, but Pack 615 continues to grow and pick up steam. One hundred percent of our scouts advanced in rank and will continue with us this fall. We also welcome several new scouts who attended our rip roarin' round-ups. Welcome, boys!

Our little pack is growing like Jack's beanstalk. For the first time, Pack 615 has dens at every level of Cub Scouts, grades 1-5. Come join us!

Pack 615 will heed the "call of the wild" in November with our first campout this season. Many adventures await at William Heise. Too bad we don't have a magical tent like Harry Potter's! We will have at least two more pack campouts this school year--Camp Balboa and Indian Hills. So if you are a boy between 1st and 4th grade who loves outdoor adventures, come and join the fun.

Our favorite story is the one our pack is writing now: "The Fun and Adventures of Pack 615." We're looking for new characters--today's friends and tomorrow's leaders to develop through Cub Scouts. For more details, please contact our cubmaster, Jennifer Ballard, at [[email protected]] or 586-9511, or come to our pack show on Thursday, Nov. 20, at 7 pm in the EBS multipurpose room. And we'll all live happily ever after! The End.

Friendship in Pack 616

Pack 616 cub scouts began the school year learning about making new friends and cherishing old ones from comic ventriloquist Joe Gandelman at our September pack show at Dingeman Elementary School. Then we welcomed our newest friends, the Tiger Cubs in Den 3: Luke Bosworth, Sahil Athalye, Kyle Ansfield, Matthew Killam, and Arnav Kanodia. A big thank you goes to den leader Carolyn Bosworth and her assistant den leader Sushma Athalye, who will be guiding their Tigers through scouting.

Our popcorn sales drive kicked off in October at Vons. Scouts earned money to support pack activities such as the Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, and campouts. They collected donations for Operation Popcorn, which go toward purchasing popcorn for our troops.

Later in October the pack enjoyed a multimedia concert from wildlife conservation musician Wild Wes. Ballads such as Mento and Rocky and The Legends of Colossus Proboscis taught kids how to protect the planet and how we are all important because of our diversity.

Our pack will strengthen friendships at our annual fall campout at Indian Hills in November. In addition to campfire roasts and songs, scouts and their families will carve pumpkins and illuminate them for a nighttime Halloween display.

On Sunday, Nov. 16, the pack will plant seeds of kindness with our annual canned food drive for the hungry in San Diego. Scouts will bring nonperishable food to the pack show.

For photos, news, and events, check our website at [].

Join the Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts is a great way to get your daughter connected in the Scripps Ranch community. If she is interested in camping, leadership, crafts, community service, fun, fitness, and many other things, then Girl Scouts is the place. Girl Scouts make a difference in the world and your daughter can, too. Some former members include Adrienne Bailon, SuChin Pak, Paralympics superstar Tatyana McFadden, astronaut Jan Davis, singer Natalie Merchant, and Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby.

If you would like more information, following are the contacts at the appropriate grade levels:

Thank you for your interest in Girl Scouts. We hope to meet you soon!

Troop 8336 Visits Our Scripps Ranch Fire Station

In October the girls of Junior Troop 8336 visited Scripps Ranch Fire Station No. 37. They presented the crew with a scrapbook they made last year after the 2007 fires. The scrapbook contained letters to the firefighters thanking them for protecting their homes, hand-drawn pictures of their houses, and photos from the fires. We wanted to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts to protect our community and that we hope for a safe and short fire season this year. The girls also left some fresh fruit for firefighters to enjoy that afternoon.

Sarabeth Thompson, Troop Leader

Troop 8189 Goes Dog-Gone Wild to Earn Bronze Award!

In September the girls of Troop 8189 received their Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a junior girl scout can attain. In a nutshell, the Bronze Award requires numerous hours of skill-building, badge-earning, and individual leadership demonstration. It all culminates in a community service project that shows the girls' promise to help others, improve their community and world, and become the best they can be. And did they ever!

The girls--Stephanie Bombardier, Kirsten Cassidy, Sarah Chadwick, Torrey Chazen, Alyssa Irwin, Isabel Lee, Jessica Lim, Nicole Nelson, and Lauren Provo--teamed up with Greyhound Connection, a San Diego organization that places rescued retired racing greyhounds with foster families and, ultimately, for adoption with a family. The girls brainstormed on what they could do and came up with a two-prong approach.

They set up and conducted three separate weekends of "meet and greet" events at the Carmel Mountain Petco, where they educated shoppers on the plight of these sweet dogs and the great work the organization does. They invited members of Greyhound Connection to participate in these "meet and greets," with their own greyhounds acting as goodwill ambassadors. The girls handed out "wish lists" to Petco shoppers of items to purchase for use by the foster families in teaching the greyhounds how to become family pets.

In addition, the girls each sewed dog blankets to be given to new foster dogs that come right off the race tracks without a collar or a name. The troop would like to give a big "thank you" to Mrs. Nancy Sonnenberg, a lifetime girl scout who raised four girl scouts of her own. She donated 15 fleece dog blankets and dog toys. All in all, the girls made and collected approximately $800 in pet supplies from Petco. Great job, girl scouts!

Troop 8041 Goes Camping!

Troop 8041 had some great campouts recently. We went to KO Korals in Lakeside and spent two days horseback riding. We camped in the pasture with the horses. Then, we attended Eli Howards Surf School and Camp in Encinitas. It was a blast. By the end of the weekend, everyone was surfing!

Another fun weekend was had at the Woods Valley Kampgroud in Valley Center. We made a pineapple upside down cake in the Dutch oven, swam, and fished. It was a relaxing weekend.