Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)


PBO Class of 2009

The 2009 Hollywood Grad Night will be an outstanding, safe, and fun celebration for our graduates. It will be on Monday, June 15, at Dave and Buster's. Find our link on the front page of the SRHS website to download an order form.

Committee members are still needed. Help us make this a special and memorable all-night party for your children. Join us at the next meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 3, in the SRHS staff lounge. Questions? Contact [[email protected]] or [[email protected]].

PBO Class of 2010

Attention juniors: "Rock `n Roll 2010" Grad Night celebration will be a party you won't want to miss! Preparations for this fun event at Dave and Buster's are already in progress and include plans for a casino area, DJ, dancing, games, prizes, midnight buffet, and more. Discounted tickets are on sale now on the SRHS website. Prices go up on Feb. 1, so don't delay! Go to [] to get more information and download an order form.

Parents, come be a part of your high schooler's last event at SRHS and help us make the graduation evening a safe and unforgettable celebration. To volunteer or for more details, please contact the PBO Class of 2010 at [[email protected]]. Our next planning meeting is on Wednesday, Dec. 3, at 7 pm in the staff lounge. Future meetings will be the first Wednesday of every month. We hope to see you there!

The Sound of Music

The music season for the SRHS music program has been fantastic. Our next shows are scheduled for: Saturday, Nov. 8, at Scripps Ranch; and, Saturday, Nov. 15, at Vista. Each year the music program and SRHS Music Boosters host the Rising Star Marching Tournament. This year we plan to have the largest show in years with more than 30 bands. This is the largest event hosted at the school, and we hope you join us. In addition to area high schools, we will host the San Diego State Aztec Marching Band. The show starts at 2 pm with awards at 8:15 pm.

Music is essential for a well-rounded education and a fulfilling life. We hope you continue to support your child in all things musical--be it beginning in 5th grade on trumpet or pursuing a professional career. Scripps Ranch is such a wonderful place to live, work, and learn. Strong musical programs in our schools makes Scripps Ranch that much more special. See you at our next performance. Visit [] for more information about SRHS musical events, or contact me at 752-7895.

Marshall Middle School (MMS)


Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, Nov. 5--Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meeting, 12:30 pm, community room;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 5--SSC/SGT, 5 pm, community room;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Friday, Nov. 21--Geography Bee qualifying; and,
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 24-28--Thanksgiving break, no school.

From the Principal's Corner:

Dear Thurgood Marshall Middle School Families,

Over the past two months our students have been challenged to excel in each of their classes. Our goal at Thurgood Marshall Middle School is to provide experiences and opportunities for our students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and thoughtful productive citizens. Our students have been given opportunities to hone their research skills, work collaboratively with their classmates on projects and presentations, read and analyze texts, and write successfully across the disciplines. As a faculty, we are researching and studying the best instructional practices that strengthen these 21st century skills. We believe that providing these opportunities allows our students to be prepared for high school and beyond.

In the next month our students will perform in band concerts, choir performances, and drama productions. We invite all community members and families to attend these events and see our talented students in action! Please visit [] to view our event calendar.

I want to thank all our families and community members who have participated in our Pledge Drive, purchased Entertainment Value books, and supported our Magazine Drive. These fundraisers help support the instructional program at Marshall. You can still support our school by visiting our website and pledging online.

Thank you for your continued support for Thurgood Marshall Middle School. Sincerely,

Don't Miss Readers' Theater

Theater lovers, mark your calendars for Thursday, Dec. 4, at 6:30 pm. Marshall's drama students have been studying the basics and finer points of choral reading, poetry for two voices, and Readers' Theatre and will present "the best of the best" for you.

Mrs. Sullivant's students have put together an hour-long program of performances designed to make you ponder, giggle, or maybe even choke back a tear. Highlights will include classic poetry, Dr. Seuss favorites, a tribute to math, original pieces, and some happy surprises. Admission is free, but come early for convenient parking and the best seats.


Put Your Pictures in Our Yearbook

Parents of students who have not yet purchased a yearbook, it's not too late! Don't let your child's middle school memories pass them by. You can easily purchase a yearbook from home by signing on to the MMS website at [], scrolling down, and clicking on the "Click here to buy your yearbook" tab. Yearbooks will go up in price as the year progresses, so buy one now at the low price of $40.

We have added a new feature to our yearbook this year! You can submit photos online to be incorporated into the yearbook. We are looking for 8th grade student baby photo submissions. If you have an 8th grader at Marshall, please use our new Image Share program online to submit a baby photo.

Here is how to submit photos online:

  • Log on to: []
  • Enter Login ID: 1173629
  • Password: mustangs
  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload, click on "Image Share";
  • Enter details about the photo and a way to contact you in case the staff needs more information; and,
  • Click "Save Details."

It's that easy! Remember, parents, we need those 8th grade baby pictures--with contact information and correct student name! We also will accept baby photos the old-fashioned way, but there is no guarantee they will be returned unless the student's name and Advisory teacher is clearly printed on the photo.

Revised Tardy Policy

During the first few weeks of school, teachers were not strictly enforcing our tardy policy. We had some late bus issues and also wanted our students to get acclimated to campus before holding them accountable for getting to class on time.

In October teachers began enforcing the tardy policy--with the exception of late bus issues. The policy is, as follows:

MMS Tardy Policy:

Tardy #1--"T" in Zangle; verbal warning from teacher.

Tardy #2--"T" in Zangle; communication with home/parents by teacher via pre-printed "Tardy Notice" NCR form that requires a parent's signature. If a student fails to return the "Tardy Notice" signed by the parent, the teacher will follow-up with parent by calling or emailing. Max six-week citizenship grade in that class is a "G."

Tardy #3--"T" in Zangle; communication with home/parents by teacher via pre-printed "Tardy Notice" NCR form that requires a parent's signature. If a student fails to return the "Tardy Notice" signed by the parent, the teacher will follow-up with parent by calling or emailing. Max six-week citizenship grade in that class is a "G."

Tardy #4--"T" in Zangle; teacher will write a "Referral to Admin" after four tardies in a given class. Administration will review on Mondays and assign consequences. Max six-week citizenship grade in that class is an "S."

Tardy #5--"T" in Zangle; teacher will write a "Referral to Admin" after five tardies in a given class. Administration will review on Mondays and assign consequences. Max six-week citizenship grade in that class is an "N."

Tardy #6-- "T" in Zangle; teacher will write a "Referral to Admin" after six tardies in a given class. Administration will review on Mondays and assign consequences. Max six-week citizenship grade in that class is a "U."

Conditions of Usage

  • All tardies are recorded in Zangle by classroom teachers.
  • The "tardy count" in a given class starts over every semester.
  • Six-week citizenship grades are cumulative within a given semester. However, the impact of tardies on lowering citizenship grades is not cumulative and should only affect the six-week grading period in which the tardies occur. If a student shows significant improvement during the last grading period of a semester, a teacher has the discretion to give extra semester grade consideration for that effort.

There is a different citizenship grade policy for tardies to Advisory class. It is:

  • Tardy #1--Ok
  • Tardy #2--Max "G"
  • Tardy #3--Max "G"
  • Tardy #4--Max "S"
  • Tardy #5--Max "S"
  • Tardy #6--Max "N"
  • Tardy #7--Max "N"
  • Tardy #8--Max "U"

GATE Testing

GATE testing took place in late October for all eligible 7th graders who met the retest requirements and 6th or 7th graders new to the district. Test results will be mailed home in November.

College, Career, and Technical Education

As a prelude to our 8th grade Four Year Planning Conferences beginning in January, MMS counselors will meet with U.S. history classes in December to discuss the following:

  1. Goal setting--short-term, middle range, and long-term goals;
  2. Career interests survey;
  3. Industry sectors and career paths;
  4. High school courses that address specific career paths;
  5. High schools that offer specific career paths; and,
  6. Post-high school options, including community colleges, vocational programs, UC, CSU, and private colleges and universities.

We will guide the students through our new and improved online career exploration program for the district called "My Dream," which will require us to meet with the history classes in the Media Center computer classroom. We will follow a block-day schedule, beginning Tuesday, Dec. 2, and running through Thursday, Dec. 11. Parents will see the results of their child's career interests survey at one of the Four Year Planning Conferences in January or February.

Harmonium, Inc.

Harmonium, Inc., is a multiservice, nonprofit family organization that has provided counseling support and community-based services to San Diego families for more than 30 years. Harmonium's comprehensive counseling and support services include individual and family counseling, parenting classes, psychological testing, and learning assessments. Harmonium has experienced qualified licensed psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists, as well as Masters-level interns. Fees are based on a sliding scale and most insurance is accepted.

Services During School Hours: Harmonium therapists are onsite at Marshall Middle School to see students for group and individual counseling. Some of our groups are: Boy Issues and Girl Issues, both held at Marshall; Friendship/Social Skills; Coping with Parent's Divorce; and, Anger Management.

Off-Site Counseling Services: For those students and families we are unable to serve through the school, we offer affordable programs and provide fee-based counseling services at our Mira Mesa office. For more information, please contact Dr. Tracy Wutzke, program director, at 566-5740, ext. 130, or [[email protected]].

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary


From Our Principal

Greetings, Families!

Fall is in the air and it's almost time for your child's parent-teacher conference. This year we have a new report card that is truly standards based. It will help teachers and students focus on the standards from the start of the year, giving students a chance to get help sooner if they are not making adequate progress.

Finally, and most importantly, you will learn exactly how your child is doing based on the standards--you will learn which big ideas and concepts your child has learned and what she or he will need to work on to ensure she or he is ready for the next grade level.

Here are some helpful hints to help you navigate the new Standards Based Report Card. Review the Parent Handbook for your child's grade level. An electronic version is available at []. Below is a sample of what you can find at the district's website about preparing for a conference.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent-teacher conferences are a terrific opportunity for you to communicate with teachers about your child's progress. Typically, a parent-teacher conference takes 30-45 minutes. During this time, the teacher will show samples of your child's work so you will have a better understanding of your child's specific strengths and areas of need.

Before the Conference: Look over your child's report card so you are familiar with it. Jot down questions and concerns about your child's progress/curriculum, and information about your child that might be helpful to the teacher. Talk to your child before the conference to find out his or her perceived areas of strength and challenges. Ask your child if there are any specific questions he or she would like you to ask the teacher.

During the Conference: If you are unfamiliar with the report card, ask for an explanation of how it works. Ask the teacher to share examples of your child's work. Ask the teacher to explain and give examples of "proficient" student work so you will know what the grade-level expectations are. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if their are terms you don't understand: "What do you mean when you say...? What does that term mean? How did you determine ...?"

Ask how the teacher plans to support your child's progress. Ask the teacher for specific suggestions about how you can support your child's progress at home.

After the Conference: Discuss the report card with your child. Focus first on your child's strengths and then highlight one or two areas for growth. Discuss the plan you formed with the teacher to support learning at home. The conference should not be the only conversation you have with the teacher about your child's progress. Stay in touch throughout the school year.

We look forward to seeing you at your child's conference. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

In Partnership for Excellence,

From Our FFC President

Dear Dingeman Families,

Once again I am amazed by the generosity of our families. This year our Pledge Drive was overwhelmingly successful. Both the average pledge and total dollars raised were even better than last year. This good news comes as an economic crisis is brewing on a national level. The confidence and support you show for our school is a true measure of your dedication to your child's education. Thank you to each and every family who responded to the Pledge Drive. Every dollar will go to good use!

Our volunteer base is growing, too! We have more than 325 volunteers actively supporting the school. We appreciate every minute you spend working with our classrooms, special events, and enrichment activities. I am impressed to see the number of hours being logged into the sign-in sheet. I recently attended a meeting with the school district that valued volunteer time at about $20 per hour. For many of you, that will represent thousands of dollars by the end of the year. You also give the school a family friendly atmosphere that is so vital to the success of our children.

As the season of Thanksgiving grows close, I count the Dingeman community as one of my richest blessings.

Gratefully yours,

Rockin' Science Update

The Rockin' Science program has been "Having a Ball"! In this experiment, tennis balls, golf balls, and plastic balls were dropped from different heights and their bounce heights were measured. The kids were asked to state their hypothesis and then conducted the experiment in groups. The kids were exposed to the scientific methods of collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and coming up with new questions for further investigation.

The 4th and 5th graders were further taught the difference between mass and weight of an object. Mass was measured using triple beam balances. Weight was measured by using a spring balance. The kids found it interesting that the mass of an object remains constant, however, weight changes with the changes in gravitational pull. The kids made all measurements in metric units.

While juggling with the balls, the kids were able to catch the important methods of scientific investigation!

Dingeman Honor Choir

The beautiful voices of the Honor Choir will be heard at the annual Veterans Day concert at Scripps Ranch High School on Wednesday, Nov. 5, along with other elementary, middle, and high school choirs. Our choir, directed by Garner Saguil, consists of 60 3rd-5th graders. The patriotic songs will inspire!

Vons eScrip Contest

Want to win a Mia American Girl doll, a Chargers prize pack, or American Idol T-shirts? Then start collecting Vons grocery shopper card numbers from your relatives, neighbors, and coworkers. The contest will take place from Monday, Nov. 3, until Friday, Nov. 14. The student who brings in the most new and valid Vons grocery card numbers will win. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held. Winners will be announced Friday, Nov. 21.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 3-14--eScrip Contest;
  • Thursday, Nov. 6--Tile sales, 12:50 pm, courtyard;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday, Nov. 17--Tiger Talk with Principal Lochtefeld, 9:15 am;
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 24-28--Thanksgiving break, no school; and,
  • Wednesday, Dec. 3--Family Faculty Connection meeting, 6:30 pm.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful Dingeman families!

Jerabek Elementary


30th Anniversary Recap

Chauncy I. Jerabek Elementary School celebrated its 30th anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 5, with plenty of sunshine and fun. The event began with entertainment for the kids and ended with the kids entertaining everyone! While families watched the Blue Angels air show from Jerabek's athletic field, others participated in painting commemorative tiles and many crazy games.

The Family Faculty Organization (FFO) had plenty of food and drink on hand to feed the crowd. Special thanks to the Zaso family for donating hot dogs and condiments, the Old Pros for the use of their gas grills and propane, Harvest Meats for donating the hamburgers, and Yanni's Bistro for donating one of their specialty salads. One hundred percent of these sales went to Jerabek!

Ceremonies featured comments from our current vice principal, Julia Bridi, our past principal, Tom Liberto, and Colonel Bob Dingeman. Four of the original 12 inaugural teachers reminisced: Carla Latimer, Ellen Warren, Stacy Wible, and Mary Wood, who is Jerabek's only remaining original teacher. Ms. Wible and Ms. Warren also read aloud a letter from Diane Pali, another inaugural teacher.

After the speeches one of Scripps Ranch's favorite bands, The Heroes, played at its only Scripps Ranch appearance for 2008. In between great rock `n roll, everyone joined The Heroes to sing Happy Birthday to Jerabek before gobbling up five birthday cakes!

At the end our music teachers, Mrs. Orem and Ms. Burton, led the Jerabek All School Choir. Jerabek students came up and sang songs, ending with the sweet words of our school's special song, We are Jerabekians.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible, especially: Tanna Trifogolio, food chair; Mary Lawler, tile chair; and, Andrea Tarczy, volunteer coordinator chair. Thanks again to all who joined me on this special day!

Last Chance for Tile Painting

It's not too late to leave your mark at Jerabek. If you haven't painted your commemorative 30th anniversary tile yet, there are only two opportunities left: Thursday, Nov. 6, from 12:50 to 1:30 pm; and, Thursday, Dec. 4, from 12:50 to 1:30 pm. Tiles will be fired in December and, with luck, mounted on the wall for permanent display early next year. Contact FFO volunteer Mary Lawler at [[email protected]] for details.

Veterans Day Concert

A Scripps Ranch community concert commemorating Veterans Day will be held at the high school on Wednesday, Nov. 5, at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to see the Jerabek choir participate in this community-wide event.

Family Science Night: Grade 2

It's the 2nd graders turn to have fun with their parents at Family Science Night from 6:45 to 8 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 5. They will use a stethoscope to check vital signs, observe the densities of different liquids, put a stick through a balloon without popping it, use a microscope to view fern spores, and more.

New Report Cards

Beginning this school year, the district will use a new Standards Based Report Card. To learn more about this report card, please attend a parent meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 9:30 am or 6:30 pm at Jerabek. More information can be found at [].

Holidays, Minimum Days, and Parent-Teacher Conferences

November has a number of school holidays: Tuesday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day; and, Thanksgiving break is the week of Nov. 24-28. In addition, Monday, Dec. 1, through Friday, Dec. 5, are minimum days with dismissal at 12:50 pm due to parent-teacher conferences.

Character Counts Winners

Congratulations to the Jerabek Character Counts essay winners: Amanda Letzring and Jason Ta, grade 1; Stephany Swisher and Jakob Rosen, grade 2; Daniel Llgas and Alina Luk, grade 3; Ryan Maestre and Lindsey Czyzewicz, grade 4; and, Nate Zeleny and Hannah Erbe -Smith, grade 5. The winners had a pizza lunch with Principal Gilroy and Vice Principal Bridi, courtesy of Filippi's Pizza.


Thanks to all the families who participated in the Innisbrook fundraiser. The FFO receives half of the gross proceeds and uses them to fund programs and services. Orders should be delivered to classes the week before Thanksgiving. Thank you to FFO volunteer Monica Wixted for chairing this fundraiser.

FFO Report

All are welcome at the FFO meetings, held the first Friday of each month in the new FFO office next to the auditorium. We can always use more volunteers.

There has been a change in the FFO Board. Bonnie Chapman is now FFO president-elect, and Colleen Chavez is serving as vice president.

Jerabek also has undergone a change in its staff. In October we bid farewell to 2nd grade teacher Kathie Lloyd, who moved out of state. We wish her well.

Savings Program Suspended

The Jerabek-WaMu school savings program is suspended pending the purchase of WaMu by J.P. Morgan. Students' savings are not in jeopardy, and deposits can be made to their accounts at the branch offices. However, it is not yet known whether a similar service will be offered by the new bank owner. We will update information as we receive it.

Thank You to Our Supporters

The FFO would like to thank The Big Chill Frozen Yogurt for its continued support through both the donation of frozen yogurt and a portion of its sales at the 30th anniversary event. The FFO would also like to thank the more than 250 families who have supported their children through a donation to the Super Pledge Drive. It is not too late to make your tax-deductible donation to the Jerabek FFO. Stop by the courtyard to see the list of donors pledging at the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze levels.

Holiday Gift Shop

The Holiday Gift Shop is just around the corner, the week of Monday through Friday, Dec. 8-12. The students always have a fun time purchasing gifts for friends and family while shopping with their class in a safe and helpful environment. Look for shopping packet information to come home the first week of December. With 800 students passing through the shop, there is a need for parent volunteers to help with inventory and to work shifts. Please contact FFO volunteer Holiday Gift Shop chair Veronica Thurgood at [[email protected]] to help.

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)


Academic, Citizenship, and Effort (ACE) Awards

Congratulations to our September students! Cambria Agpao, Elissa Antoun, Grace Asaro, Kate Asaro, Tanner Ash, Chase Balfour, Cameron Battaglia, Alex Bernabe, Dylan Brenk, Matt Bronars, Jolina Bui, Joel Burson, Alec Candib, Nicholas Cassol, Nicholas Chen, Faith Corlett, Edwin Delgado, Shane Donahue, Blake Ellis, Cory Erlenbach, Mandy Escobedo, Tanner Falkowski, Justin Gadalla, Chip Gorneanu, Noah Greenfield, Liam Greubel, Marina Grimmett, Cole Grissom, Alaina Halina, Nathaniel Harris, Sean Heising, Maddie Herbold, Latavia Hunter, Kamryn Jones, Yvette Jordan, Kathleen Keomahavong, Madeline Kalchik, Kyra Kent, Alexis Kim, Justin Knoll, Jake Koob, Davina Lam, Trent Lewis, Koen Lipke, Anthony Lyons, Rebecca Madsen, Sarah Madsen, Caitlyn McAllister, Nick McKinstry, Max Messmer, Samantha Mossuto, Keely Moy, Melinda Munger, Jeffery Nguyen, Melanie Pennock, Gabrielle Petersen, Maura Quinn, Ashlyn Rafferty, Ryan Rafferty, Jack Ramsey, Nathan Rosete, Lilly Ryll, Keenan Sanders, Tatum Scarfe, Jared Shulin, Bryn Silber, Jason Songvilay, Natalie Starr, David Tan, Nathaniel Thomas, Jared Truong, Nate Vernia, Alyssa Vilke, Angelina Vu, Briar Woodie, Brooke Woodworth, Bianca Wysoczanski, and Arteen Yamin. Keep up the great work!

Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to dedicate library books in your child's name. Proceeds are used to buy the latest titles in children's books or replace books that have been enjoyed throughout the years by our students. More than $650 has been raised so far!

If there are any suggestions for books that your student(s) would like to see in the library, please email Lori Erlenbach at [[email protected]]. Donations toward Birthday Book Club can be given throughout the school year.

Monthly Restaurant Nights

Are you looking forward to a night of eating out? Do you hope to have a good meal and see some MRE faces? Why not support our monthly family restaurant nights? It's a great way to support our local businesses that give back and support our children at MRE. Check the website for this month's restaurant, dates, and times. Make sure when you go that you say "thank you" to that restaurant for believing in our children!

Media Center and Library

We are very excited that the Media Center and Library are now open for students to use! The Media Center and Library will be guided by Laura Hammang, who is eager to help our students again this year. Thank you to the many parent volunteers who support Ms. Hammang! It is so wonderful to see the heart of our school is up and running again! It is great to know that the Family Faculty Association (FFA) is working with our school staff to keep such vital programs. This is an example of pledge money donated at work! Thank you, parents!

Nurse Update

Please welcome both of our registered nurses who come by MRE twice a week. We have California state registered nurses Lynda Madariaga and Linda Vergara, who are physically on campus part-time on Wednesdays and full-time on Fridays. On the other days, Paula Grooms, our office clerk, takes care of the children's needs. If a medical situation needs further assistance, a district nurse in Scripps Ranch is on standby.

Show Your Hawk Pride!

Stop by and take a look at the latest T-shirt designs! There are many new looks! The MRE Spirit Shop is open every Thursday from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm, before Friday's Flag Assembly. You can also check out the "Student Store" on our school website, or email Nancy Booth at [[email protected]].

School Rewards, Fundraise While You Shop

We have made wonderful enhancements on our school website. Did you know we can earn up to 10% of every purchase we make through Amazon? It's free and there are no strings attached. All you need to do is go to our website, link to Amazon, and continue with your purchases. The key--initiate your purchase through MRE. It's that easy!

Teacher-Parent Conferences

Don't forget that Monday, Nov. 17, through Friday, Nov. 21, will be minimum days due to parent-teacher conferences. It is important that you remember to schedule your conferences to discuss the newly implemented Standards Based Report Cards.

Entertainment Books

It's not too late to buy an Entertainment Book to support the 5th grade promotion! The last day to buy one is Friday, Nov. 7. If you can't find a 5th grader, contact me, JoAnne Bernabe, at [[email protected]]. Thank you!

A Time of Many Changes

Welcome back to Ms. Mary Ann Francis as she returns from medical leave. Her 5th graders are eager to learn all they need to prepare for middle school. Goodbye to Ms. Jennifer Hodgson who did an awesome job keeping these children motivated and ready to learn!

Welcome Mrs. Brooke Gergurich who is teaching our kindergarten/1st grade combination class, and Ms. Brandy Collins who is teaching our 3rd grade class in Room B4. We are excited to have both teachers join our awesome staff.

Don't forget to say hello to Lori Whitley, a new addition to our office staff who is here while Sue McKeon is on leave.

Be sure to do your civic duty and vote. Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council! Our children experienced the democratic process firsthand. Good luck to our future leaders.

Thank you to the men and women who serve our country. Remember them this Veterans Day. Also, set aside a day of reflection to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. From our home to yours, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)


Farmers Market

The EBS family would like to thank Bev and Mike Cassity for their hard work and dedication to not only our school but the Scripps Ranch community! Bev and Mike run and manage the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market located at EBS every Saturday. The market not only raises money for crucial needs of the school, but it offers a family friendly place for our community to shop, grab a bite to eat, listen to live music, and socialize. If you haven't stopped by yet, come and see them at the new EBS site every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Thank you, Bev and Mike!

Family Photos

Everyone loves a great family photo. On Saturday, Nov. 8, EBS families will have the opportunity to partake in a professional photography session. You'll receive an 8x10 photo and CD with your pictures in time to use it for holiday cards. More than 90% of your fee stays at EBS, thanks to photographer and Scripps Ranch resident Sylvia Borgo! Sitting times are limited, so sign up quickly. Check the EBS website for details.

Penguin Pride

Did you see the cute new murals and signs painted at EBS? They are not only practical, helping to direct students and parents on campus, but they are helping bring our campus to life.

Thanks to parents Jennifer McKittrick and Gwen Gass for initiating the project, and carrying through on it. Also, thank you to the families who "adopted" the penguins to finance the project. Our artist is Lisa Olmore--an EBS parent with great talent and generosity!

Penguin Power Cards

Please consider ordering gift cards through EBS. You pay nothing extra and EBS earns a percentage for each card purchased. Gift cards are available for almost any retail establishment you can imagine. They are great ideas for birthday and holiday presents, and also for your everyday routine--Vons, gas, fast food. Check our website for order dates and to download a list of card options.

Book Fair

Get ready to Soma! Ota! Kua!--aka Read! Dream! Grow!--at the annual Scholastic Book Fair Safari this month. EBS has a great tradition of creating a fun atmosphere for this event. The kids love shopping for books. Plan to purchase some books as gifts too! Dates and more information will be coming home soon. Remember, your participation helps raise money for our EBS kids.

Super Pledge

Super Pledge began in September but continues the entire school year. Any amount is welcome and will be used to enrich your child's educational experience at EBS. If you need another tax-deductible donation before the end of the year, Super Pledge to EBS!

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, Nov. 4--Character Education meeting, 5:30 pm; AFP meeting, 6:30 pm;
  • Saturday, Nov. 8--Family photos;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Thursday, Nov. 13--School Site Council (SSC)/Site Governance Team (SGT)/English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting, 1 pm, EBS library;
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 17-21--All week minimum days for parent-teacher conferences;
  • Friday, Nov. 21--Grand Persons Day, 1st grade performance; and,
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 24- 28--Thanksgiving break.

Other Schools

Chabad Hebrew Academy


Top Rate Reading Specialist

Chabad's reading specialist, Lesa Benham, comes from the Poway Unified School District where she taught 1st grade for 10 years. She was a reading coach and Teacher of the Year for her school. Providing professional growth workshops for teachers and operating a successful tutoring business focused on individual reading instruction have filled a few years while she raised four children. Now they are all in school, and she is ready to share her talent with us. Lesa will focus on primary reading assessment and instruction, and is a valuable resource to all of our teachers.

Competitive League Sports

Chabad Hebrew Academy (CHA) is in its inaugural flag football season, competing against teams all over San Diego County for boys 5th grade and under. In late October CHA girls volleyball began. For more information on our sports programs at CHA, please contact our athletic director, Austin Olson, at [[email protected]].

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School

Construction Begins

The preliminary stage of construction of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School is underway. In recent weeks heavy equipment has been on the site preparing the ground for construction. As anyone who lives in Scripps Ranch can attest, our stony soil takes a lot of preparation. Many of the rocks have been removed and the soil has been sifted.

The grading was completed and the forms for the classroom building footings are being built. Then the footings for the foundation will be laid and shortly after that the foundation. The construction company, Soltek Pacific, is slightly ahead of schedule. The planned completion date is June 2009.

The school opens in September 2009, welcoming students in kindergarten-4th grade. A grade will be added each year, culminating with 8th grade in 2013. The administration is focused on formulating the school mission and philosophy, previewing curriculum materials and texts, and formulating the budget.

The school looks forward to assembling a dynamic faculty and staff in spring 2009. We thank all who supported the annual gala with their gifts of time and treasure. This exciting venture will be realized due to the efforts and support of the entire parish community.

Alliant International University


Open House

The next Open House for Alliant undergraduate and graduate programs is on Thursday, Nov. 6, at 6 pm in Green Hall. It will feature representatives from admissions, financial aid, and various programs offered. For more information or to RSVP, please call 635-4772 or email [[email protected]].

Alliant Makes A Difference Day

The first annual Alliant Makes A Difference Day was held in late October. "We hope that Alliant Makes a Difference Day will become an annual tradition that provides opportunities to learn and to give," said Dr. Geoffrey Cox, Alliant's president.

In the weeks leading up to the day, students, faculty, staff, and alumni demonstrated their commitment through volunteer activities. Alliant participated in the "Fall 2008 Facelift Project," where volunteers provided minor exterior painting of homes, landscaping, and the removal of trash and graffiti from an area in City Heights. The event supported low-income families, senior citizens, and disabled community members.

Alliant Makes a Difference Day was organized by I-MERIT, Alliant's International and Multicultural Education, Research, Intervention, and Training initiative. The day was planned in coordination with the national Make a Difference Day, now in its 18th year.