President's Report

SRCA Membership: Why?

The SRCA hopes that each of you who read this Newsletter will consider becoming a dues-paying member of the SRCA in the coming year. The SRCA supports our community planning groups, library, schools, and our community events such as the Community Fair, the July 4th Parade, Community Clean-Up and Garage Sale days, and the annual Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony.

In addition, it provides all dues-paying members with email updates regarding the Caltrans freeway construction and traffic issues affecting major Scripps Ranch streets. Finally, it provides occasional quality-of-life surveys to solicit your feedback. The SRCA also produces this free monthly Newsletter, which is hand-delivered by volunteers monthly.

SRCA Board for You?

The SRCA Board includes representatives from the 20 neighborhood districts of Scripps Ranch. Two of them, Cathy Burciaga and Nemie Capacia, are highlighted in this Newsletter. If you have a question regarding your neighborhood, feel free to contact your district representative. The SRCA district map is available on the SRCA website at [], and district rep contact information is available in this Newsletter on page 81.

Also, the SRCA Board is looking for residents to represent two of our districts.

  • District 11: the Renaissance, northern Sunset Ridge, Lakeview, and Galleria neighborhoods; and,
  • District 19: Legacy and the area surrounding Cypress Canyon Park.

For a "job description," please call SRCA executive vice president Jan Kane at 577-0014, then volunteer!

Farewell to a Great Councilman

Brian Maienschein was a relatively unknown young lawyer eight years ago when he walked the streets of Scripps Ranch asking for a chance to represent our community. Two elections and two tragic fires later, Brian is known nationally, primarily for the 2003 "Project Phoenix" Local Assistance Center he established in our Community Park Recreation Center that FEMA adopted as a model for disaster recovery. Nobody, including Brian, could've possibly dreamed that he would have to deal with two of the worst fires in California's history within a four-year stint.

Throughout his eight years, Brian and his dedicated chief of staff, Lance Witmondt, have both consistently delivered a brand of customer service equal to top-of-the-line private sector service companies. For those who joined the SRCA Board on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at our "Farewell to Brian" evening, thanks for your presence. From all of us, one final thanks to Brian and Lance as our public servants, and we wish them both success in their future endeavors.

Speaking of Oct. 14--Karen Reimus Day!

Speaking of Brian's Oct. 14 thank you evening, were you aware that it also was coincidentally "Karen Reimus Day" throughout the city of San Diego that day? For those who don't know Karen, she truly epitomizes the post-fire Project Phoenix spirit. She has become a nationally recognized advocate for consumers obtaining fair representation and settlements from their home insurance agents and firms based on her experiences after the Cedar Fire. We are very lucky to have Karen as a Scripps Ranch resident!

Gordon Boerner, SRCA President

Meet Your District Rep

We continue to profile the district representatives in the Newsletter. When you see them around the community, please thank them for giving their time to help keep Scripps Ranch great!

District 15--Cathy Burciaga

If you live in the beautiful communities of Aspire, Encore, Cobble Creek, Prominence, Larkspur, or Triana--west of Scripps Creek Drive--then I'm your "go to" representative with the SRCA. District 15 also includes Dingeman Elementary School, Spring Canyon Park, and the site of the former E. B. Scripps Elementary School.

My name is Cathy Burciaga, and I was elected to the SRCA Board this year, but I'm not new to Scripps Ranch. My husband, Ernie, and I are original owners in Prominence and also work together as residential realtors. We also frequently play host to our two children, five grandchildren, and a big extended family.

I look forward to serving all the residents in District 15 to the best of my ability. I am backed up by my experience: 10 years in city government operations, 10 years in academic research, and 16 years in manufacturing operations and finance.

I am very active in the work of the American Association of University Women and the South Bay volunteer group Chula Vista Cares. Voters might recognize Ernie and me from the Dingeman Elementary School voting precinct where we've volunteered for 12 years of Election Days.

There is so much going on in Scripps Ranch and District 15 these days. Our community is thriving and I am delighted to be part of it. My plan is to eventually knock on every door in District 15 because I want to hear about any issues, questions about the neighborhood, good ideas, complaints, or suggestions you might have.

Meanwhile, if you have a pressing concern or question about happenings in District 15 or elsewhere in Scripps Ranch, please feel free to contact me at [[email protected]].

Cathy Burciaga, District 15 Rep.

District 17--Nemie Capacia

I'm Nemie Capacia and I represent District 17, the area around St. Gregory the Great Church and the new E. B. Scripps Elementary School. My husband, Ferdie, my two sons, Kevin and Kyle, and I moved to Scripps Ranch 10 years ago. Kevin is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School, and Kyle is a 7th grader at Marshall Middle School.

Prior to moving to San Diego, we lived in Guam, the Bay Area, and the Seattle area. We are glad to finally settle in San Diego and to call Scripps Ranch our home. We have enjoyed living in this wonderful community because of our friendly neighbors and all the activities the area has to offer.

I started volunteering when my kids attended Dingeman Elementary. I continue to be an active volunteer at SRHS, serving on the Music Booster Board and the 2009 Grad Night Committee.

I was recruited to serve on the SRCA Board about two years ago by an old neighbor, Jan Kane, but I was hesitant at first. Between raising two boys who are actively involved in many after-school activities and working full time as a math instructor at Grossmont College, I wasn't sure if I had the time and energy to commit to the SRCA. However, I am glad I did and I am grateful to be a part of such a hardworking group of volunteers.

I am truly amazed by the work that the SRCA does in ensuring that we continue to live in one of the best neighborhoods here in the county. Since joining the SRCA, I have been heavily involved with the Community Fair and the 4th of July Parade. If you dropped by the ice cream booth at the last July 4th festivities, you may have already met me since my whole family was out there handing out ice cream cups.

Volunteering in the community, whether it's at your child's school, your church, or the many activities the SRCA sponsors, is a very rewarding experience. Not only is it a good way to meet new people but it's also a way for you to make a difference in our community.

If you have any questions or concerns about District 17 or our community, please don't hesitate to email me at [[email protected]]. I'll see you around!

Nemie Capacia, District 17 Rep.

Newsletter Notes

2009 Submission Deadlines

The SRCA Newsletter appreciates all those who send in articles and pictures each month. To maintain our high quality, we have deadlines for editorial submissions. This allows the Newsletter staff to put together a top-notch product.

Please make note of the deadline dates above for 2009. The submission dates also are listed each month in the Calendar on page 4. To reach us, please email us at [[email protected]].

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