There's No Place Like Home

To borrow a phrase from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home," especially when home is Scripps Ranch. My family and I traveled to Chicago for a wedding. While I'm sure it's a wonderful city, we experienced horrible traffic--and I grew up in Los Angeles; this was so much worse!--and we got caught outside in the worst storm Chicago has experienced in decades!

During the unexpected storm, I heard strange sirens that I thought were emergency vehicles. Oh no! They were tornado warnings! I'm a California girl. Earthquakes I can deal with, but tornadoes?! No, thanks. So when our plane touched down in San Diego, I kept repeating, "There's no place like home," much to the annoyance of my soon-to-be 9-year-old--happy birthday, sweetie!

One of the reasons our Scripps Ranch "home" is so special is our schools. They receive the same funding--in many instances less because we receive no federal funds--as most San Diego schools. But parental and community support make our schools and students soar!

As the kids head back to class, all the schools are asking parents to help ease the effects of the district's budget crisis on students. Check out pages 44-45 to see some of what the schools' parent teacher groups fund and how you can help. You don't even have to have a student in our schools...anyone can help!

Scripps Ranch will be the new home of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Groundbreaking takes place this month on our community's newest school, scheduled to open in September 2009. Everyone is invited to the groundbreaking and celebration on Sunday, Sept. 7. For details, see page 17.

As one school prepares to open, another Scripps Ranch school celebrates its 30th year this month. Jerabek Elementary School will celebrate this milestone in style! The details of this community party are on page 43.

Just one more note about schools, then I promise to move on! One reason Scripps Ranch schools are so great is that we have amazing principals. We start this school year with three new principals at our public schools. Most of the changes were done without community input or knowledge, an unfortunate move since we work so closely with our principals. Check out pages 7 and 25 for more about this community concern.

Most of us know that our "home" is bordered by MCAS Miramar, and military bases can be dangerous places. Then why would anyone want to risk their life and trespass on military property? Please heed the warning on page 13 and stay off MCAS Miramar property.

If you want to be contacted during an emergency regarding evacuations or other important information, you can now register your cell phone and email address. Details about this great alert system from the county are on page 13.

On a sad note, our community says goodbye to someone who has called Scripps Ranch "home" for nearly 22 years--our branch librarian, Nancy Corbin Assaf. Join the community at a tea reception on Saturday, Sept. 13. More information is on page 47, as well as a Spotlight on Scripps Ranch that has more about Nancy's successful career.

End the summer on a rockin' note by enjoying the Symphony in the Park concert on Sunday, Sept. 7. Page 15 has all the information. This Scripps Ranch tradition is just another reason there's no place like home!

As the school year begins, let's be sure to show our appreciation to our hardworking teachers and school staff. And if problems arise, as they will, let's be part of the solution, not part of the problem. This will help make this school year the best ever in our Scripps Ranch "home"!

Gloria Tran, Editor