Pack 613 "Zips" into the Outdoors

July was just for camping in Pack 613! As previously reported, second year Webelos packed up and headed for Mataguay Scout Reservation to attend the Wolves to Webelos resident camp. They earned Craftsman, Showman, and Forrester Webelos activity badges, which are needed to earn their Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting's highest award, as well as belt loops and pins in BB Shooting and Archery. The boys were recognized for keeping a neat camp upon morning inspections. They enjoyed sleeping out under the stars after an amazing astronomy program and eating gooey s'mores under the brilliant Mataguay starry sky. They earned their Rugged "O" Stargazer patches.

Thank you to Shelly Lofy, Sherry Sanchez, and Debbie Klingenberg for braving the bumpy dirt road into the camp, taking turns with Paula Trubitt and the boys, for making it possible! Parents make these kinds of experiences happen for boys by sharing responsibilities in the pack, in addition to everything else in their busy lives, and we need and appreciate them!

The camping equipment was barely cool when we loaded up again and headed for the year's highlight: the pack's Family Campout at Indian Hills in Jamul. Where else on earth can you have so much fun while getting so dirty?

The group was smaller this year and that afforded many wonderful opportunities for families, especially parents, to really get to know each other and get more turns on the zipline! Zipliners demonstrated fearlessness and style, as they flew across the zipline, in harnesses, 30 feet in the air! Thank you, John Ohanian, for your great photo album!

Dan Bossert must have "shopped `til he dropped" and cooked up mounds of delicious taco meat in preparation. Thank you to Joanna Netzke, as well, for planning and making arrangements that made this wonderful pack experience possible. This year there were more brownies to munch, in between playing dusty baseball, BMX, whittling, crafts, and swimming. Scouts and siblings both loved creating Chris Benzie's "God's Eye" Indian yarn craft under the cool shade of the old oak trees. Saturday night was a highlight with Bridging, skits, and s'mores!

We welcomed new Tiger cub Donald Chang and Wolf Liam Lacson to their first Indian Hills camping experience. We hope this will be the first of many for them as our second year Webelos families experienced their last with the pack, many after eight consecutive years.

We leave with some very fond family memories, friendships, and some camping know-how. The Webelos leave with a love of camping, self reliance, and skills that they will take with them to Boy Scouts and beyond. Thank you to everyone in Pack 613!

Do you want to make memories, have new experiences, and join the fun? Watch for more information about our Fall Round-Up, or call Dan Bossert today at 549-4378 to find out more about Cub Scout Pack 613.

Pack 616 Camps Out

The summer has been busy for Pack 616 with the July 4th Parade, family hikes, and a variety of camping choices. Mataguay resident camp was held in July and allowed scouts to participate in canoeing, swimming, archery, BB guns, crafts, and games. Lifelong memories are made as scouts bunk with friends in the great outdoors, interspersing the excitement of BB guns and shooting arrows with lazy canoe rides through sparkling green waters.

The Webelos-only Camp Balboa campout was later that month, with scouts participating in archery, BB guns, knots, compass, campfire, swimming, and hiking. Family movie night was in August, as was Twilight Camp, which was held at Breen Park in Mira Mesa.

The new pack year starts in earnest this September with the Pack 616 Round-Up at Dingeman Elementary School's multipurpose room on Thursday, Sept. 18, at 6:30 pm for new scouts or those interested in cub scouts.

Boys of Lost Valley

We had 46 boys attend a weeklong camp called Lost Valley. It's an awesome summer camp located in Warner Springs, and you have to bounce over 10 miles of dirt road to reach it. Lost Valley is a great place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and earn awards and merit badges. One of the things I always love about Lost Valley is that you can see so many more stars in the sky than you can back home in Scripps Ranch.

Our scouts earned 152 merit badges, dominated the Aquacade--a water sports and swimming competition--and our relay team came in first in the triathlon and other competitions. Many scouts also participated in: Polar Bear, jumping in a cold pool first thing in the morning and singing Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear; the Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) program; and, various nature hikes, scout skill programs, and star gazing.

Please also give a big round of applause to our three Honor Scouts: David Mosely, Jacob Zimmer, and Michael Franke. They were recognized for their outstanding Scoutsmanship over the course of the week. Great job, everyone. Many thanks to all the parents who stayed with us in camp or helped drive scouts to and from camp.

In early August our Boy Scout District held "Under the Big Top" Twilight Camp, a weeklong circus-themed camp for cub scouts. The younger scouts played fun games, learned new skills, and earned achievements and belt loops. A number of 301 scouts, including David Mosely, Jake Todd, Christian Nagano, Craig Bosworth, Michael Franke, Matt Ringel, Dan Lofy, and Mitchell Ingles, volunteered to help make this program a great success. Nice job!

We also had another six-mile prep hike at Iron Mountain for the upcoming Yosemite trips. We followed Ellie Lane and the Iron Mountain trail to a ridge and came back down wearing our day packs and backpacks. I'm sure everyone had a great time and is getting geared up for Yosemite. More on the actual Yosemite trips next month.

Jake Todd, Troop 301 Scribe

Troop 616 Scouts Enjoy Summer Camping

In mid-July Mr. Ray Bussett led 11 scouts from Troop 616 on a backpacking trip to Havasupai near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The boys were joined by family members on a 10-mile trek down into the canyon to a campground next to the aqua colored waters of Havasu Creek. After the strenuous hike the group spent the week swimming, exploring the area, and just having fun in camp. The beautiful scenery made for some great picture taking and memories. Mr. Bussett really outdid himself, and the boys had a terrific time.

Later in the month, the following scouts went to Lost Valley Scout Reservation for a week: Alex DeWitt, Aseer Ali, Matt Bernard, Brian DeJesus, Patrick Ivison, Eric Lehman, John Payton, Frank Poole, Matthew Robinson, Kelton Tabor, Adam Teays, David Valley, Ryan Werdeman, and Theo and Hayden Wisniewski. Mr. Robert DeJesus and Mr. Andy Wisniewski led the campers who spent a busy week earning merit badges. Highlights of the week included swimming at the pool, playing cards around camp, and a wild triathlon. Thursday night the group enjoyed a campfire and performed skits, and on Friday the staff of the camp provided entertainment for the campers.

In August the troop held their meeting at La Jolla Shores Beach with a bonfire and singing by guest singer Bob Ballentine. The boys entertained themselves with skits, songs, and run-ons, and Eric Lehman played his electric guitar. It was a very exciting evening and everyone enjoyed being at the beach.

Alex DeWitt, Troop 616 Scribe

Saving a Rare Butterfly and More Camping!

This time Troop 663 went to a weeklong campout at Lost Valley--yay! Many 663 scouts got at least two merit badges, along with other awards such as the General Whiskers Award for doing free boating.

Speaking of sports, there was a triathlon in which 663's team came in second place! However, in the individual triathlon Ironman, members of our troop came in first and third! The Scorpion Patrol's Kyle Cushman tied for third while the Viking Squirrels' Kenneth Magro came in first again! He was first last year too! Kenneth even beat all the counselors.

My fingernails, which were judged to be the dirtiest, allowed our troop to eat first at one dinner. Our assistant scoutmaster, Mr. Shortill, demonstrated limited skills as a ballerina but gave it a good try! I guess they don't teach Marines how to ballet dance. Needless to say, we did not win that contest.

Going to Lost Valley was the first summer camp for our Scorpion Patrol: Kyle Cushman, Ryan Cushman, Kyle Fait, Trevor Scarfe, and Noah Villalobos. Bat Patrol participants included Collin Beaty, Stephen Bieber, Drew Bushnell, Janon Dhayalan, Zachary Keane, Joshua Master, Shea Polansky, Spencer Shortill, and Alex Weber. Viking Squirrel Patrol campers were Tyler Beaty, Jacob Bieber, Alex Biwald, Kenneth Magro, and Brian Mugg. Only one brave Falcon showed, Martin Magro!

Back in civilization, Chris Barnsley got our troop out the first Saturdays in August working on his Eagle project, the habitat restoration for the Wandering Skipper butterfly. About 20 scouts showed up to help clear out identified plants, put in a bridge, then replant desired plants by the San Diego River. This butterfly is on the endangered list and is rare in California.

Later in August, our troop went on the final camp of the summer--to Camp Chawanakee on Shaver Lake. But I'll have more about that exciting adventure next month.

Stephen Bieber, Troop 663 Scribe