President's Report

A Fond Farewell and Thanks

Please join me in bidding a fond farewell to longtime Scripps Ranch librarian Nancy Assaf. Nancy has diligently served our community for nearly 22 years, assisting adults and children as well as working on many special projects. Read the Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 47 that has more about Nancy. Also, join the community for a reception to say goodbye on Saturday, Sept. 13, at 3 pm at the library. Nancy will be missed.

MMS Bus Returns

Thanks to great work by Transportation Subcommittee co-chairs Sharon Greener and Jennifer Madsen, the historic Marshall Middle School Parent-Paid Bus Program will stay intact for the second year. It represents a continuation of the traffic reduction on Pomerado Road and surrounding streets when school reopens in September.

Please join me in personally thanking Sharon and Jennifer for their diligent work on this traffic reduction project. It will place 25% of the entire school's student population on school district buses versus individual vehicles.

MCAS Trespassing Danger

Please make certain to read Dorothy Mildice's friendly warning and reminder regarding the danger, as well as penalties, associated with trespassing onto the MCAS Miramar grounds. Page 13 of this Newsletter has details.

Happy Birthday to Scripps Ranch's Second School

Please see page 43 for details about a happy 30th birthday celebration of Scripps Ranch's second school, Jerabek Elementary School.

Gordon Boerner, SRCA President

Help Make Decisions for Scripps Ranch

The SRCA Board is looking for residents to represent two of our community's 20 designated neighborhood districts. We need representatives for:

  • District 11: includes the Renaissance, northern Sunset Ridge, Lakeview, and Galleria neighborhoods;
  • District 19: includes Legacy and the area surrounding Cypress Canyon Park.

To see in which district you live, please check the map on the SRCA website at []. For a "job description," please call SRCA executive vice president Jan Kane at 577-0014.

Meet Your District Rep

In order to put a face to the SRCA, we continue to profile the district representatives in the Newsletter. When you see them, please be sure to thank them for giving their time to help our community.

District 5--Jim Paterniti

You might call me a carpetbagger. I'm Jim Paterniti and I represent District 5, bounded by Avenida Magnifica and Scripps Trail on the west, Pomerado Road on the south and east, and Semillon Boulevard on the north--but I don't live there. My wife, Mary Drummond, represents our home district--District 9, Whispering Ridge. When I was invited to join the SRCA Board, there were districts that needed representatives, so I went where the work was.

We have lived in the Ranch since coming to San Diego in 1995, and rebuilt after surviving the Cedar Fire in 2003. In the fire aftermath, the work of Project Phoenix cemented our commitment to the Ranch as a truly special place.

My initial involvement in the community was through serving on the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG), and nine years later, I am still at it. The SRPG has confronted tough land-use issues from the Business Park to a YMCA site to Rancho Encantada to Chabad Academy. As stewards of the Community Plan, we strive to make land-use recommendations that preserve our wonderful Scripps Ranch quality of life.

I also tag team with Dorothy Mildice as community liaison to MCAS Miramar. The impact of the air station on Scripps Ranch goes far beyond aircraft noise. A continuing dialogue is key to addressing the trade-offs that arise when your community borders a major military base.

For me, serving as an SRCA district rep is a great opportunity to leverage experience with land-use issues to address our community's broader concerns. Initially, I will focus on understanding the mission and scope of the SRCA as a member of the Longterm Planning Committee. We welcome your thoughts on how the SRCA can move forward in its civic leadership.

In District 5 we are all aware of the traffic issues generated by Jerabek Elementary School and Jerabek Park, as well as speeding on Avenida Magnifica. We need fresh ideas to confront these challenges. As a closing thought: please join the SRCA as a dues-paying member. Besides supporting a wide range of programs, you will make a statement that you believe in the future of Scripps Ranch. Thank you.

Jim Paterniti, District 5 Rep.

Newsletter Notes

Area Distributor Needed

We need a volunteer to deliver 12 boxes of Newsletters to the "north of the lake" area each month. Any large car, minivan, SUV, or truck can handle it.

It takes only about an hour of your time each month, and consists of distributing Newsletters to about 16 stops. If you can help, please contact the SRCA at [[email protected]] or 578-0430. Thank you to all the distributors for doing a great job each month!