Feel the Energy in Scripps Ranch!

If you're feeling lazy this month, you have a great excuse. Other than the fact that it's summer and you're supposed to relax, Sunday, Aug. 10, is National Lazy Day! I think I have a new favorite day! I also think we should observe this "holiday" because our community is anything but lazy. In fact, can't you just feel the energy in Scripps Ranch?!

While we are deep into the weeks of summer, events are hopping at our schools. Congratulations to former Scripps Ranch High School principal Donna Campbell who has been promoted, and welcome to new SRHS principal, Kurt Madden.

Kurt has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He has already met with parents, participated in the 4th of July parade, and is busy preparing for the school year. Find out more about Kurt and when you can meet him on pages 29 and 33. Welcome to Scripps Ranch, Kurt!

There is also a transition going on at Jerabek Elementary School. Their longtime principal, Tom Liberto, will now be a middle school principal. Congratulations and best wishes, Tom! Read his message to the community on page 37.

And a lot of work is going on at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School's (EBS) new campus. The school opens in four weeks, and the final touches are being applied to the site. On pages 44-45, check out what EBS students can expect at their beautiful new school. Also, there is a schedule for an All-Student Orientation, Ribbon Cutting, and Community Open House. A lot of exciting events are coming up there!

Talk about the energy in Scripps Ranch--how about that 4th of July Parade and the activities that followed? A record-breaking crowd attended our parade, which is a community tradition! Check out pages 7 and 9 for a list of parade winners and photos of the day.

It takes a lot of time and energy to put on such an amazing event. Thanks to 4th of July Committee chair, Bill Crooks, and all the people who worked so hard to put on the day's events. Starting on page 5, you'll find a list of all the folks who helped. If you see them around, please thank them for a phenomenal day!

A lady who has given so much to our community is retiring. Sadly, this month we say goodbye to our longtime librarian, Nancy Corbin Assaf. Page 67 has details about a special event honoring her. Nancy, you are an icon in our community and we thank you for the energy you spent making our library one of the best in the city!

A couple of important reminders:

  • We received word that deer have been spotted in the Pomerado area. Please drive carefully around that area, especially at night when it's harder to see the animals.
  • San Diego police asked us to remind you to report all criminal activity, now matter how small. That way they can resolve the issues before they turn into larger problems. The police non-emergency numbers are in the Directory on page 85.

We are lucky to have extremely involved and energetic police at the Northeastern Division, which covers Scripps Ranch. Our thanks to Sgt. Jeff Peterson, who addresses community concerns immediately, and takes time to write Newsletter articles each month to keep all of us informed. Thanks also to Lt. Rick O'Hanlon who is very supportive of "community policing," and has made himself available to resolve any issues that come up. Thanks, Rick and Jeff!

Sunday, Aug. 10, is the date of our next hugely popular Symphony in the Park concert. Page 19 has details. Since it's also National Lazy Day, why not spend the day being lazy, then head to Hoyt Park to expend that energy you saved up all day to dance to the music!

Gloria Tran, Editor