Disturbing Park Activities

I received an email and photo attachments regarding some very disturbing activity at Lakeview Park. Apparently some people have begun shooting rabbits and other small animals with a BB gun and leaving the remains in the park area. There is also evidence of drinking and smoking taking place on the main trail leading down to the lake.

Now that summer is here, please talk with your teenagers about appropriate behavior. There were several serious crimes committed here that could land someone in jail or juvenile hall. If you happen to witness any increased activity at Lakeview Park, please do not hesitate to contact the police.

Parking Information

The parking lot for the Scripps Ranch Information Center, located at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, is now closed to overnight parking. We have begun issuing citations to vehicles violating the posted signs. Starting in August, we will tow vehicles as well as issue citations.

The center manager, Juan Baligad, has tried a number of ways to reduce the loitering and vandalism caused by people using the parking lot for other than what it was intended. This was the last resort. It is sad to see yet another location closed because of the problems caused by a few.

Car Burglary Statistics

The following are the official 2007 and estimated 2008 reported crimes for car burglaries in Scripps Ranch:

  • June 2007: 34
  • Year-to-date 2007: 147
  • June 2008: 14
  • Year-to-date 2008: 75

The first six months of 2008 have shown a significant drop in vehicle burglaries--almost 50%--however, the summer months have historically led to a rise in crimes of this type. For June 2008 there was no primary focus area, as the crimes were spread evenly throughout the area.

The targets continue to be purses and electronics, especially GPS and Bluetooth earpieces, left visible in the vehicle. If your neighborhood was not on our list to receive a flyer, I would be happy to email it to you if you drop me a note at [[email protected]].

Let's continue to work hard to keep this crime to a minimum!

Sgt. Jeffrey Peterson, SDPD Northeastern Division


Create a Fire Safe Community

We urge you to watch the video at []. Although this video is about the San Bernardino conifer forests, it applies directly to the Scripps Ranch eucalyptus woodlands. The steps required to make your home and your neighborhood fire safe are depicted.

The Wildland Fuel Reduction Zone in the video is referred to as Zone 2 in the city of San Diego Brush Management Code. This video describes the Zone 2 fuel reduction treatment conducted by the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council (SRFSC). Since the Cedar Fire, 20 Scripps Ranch neighborhoods have taken the initiative to have wildfire fuel removed from their fire break zones.*

*Note: Stuff grows. Maintenance is an annual or bi-annual task, but the safety and peace of mind it provides is well worth the price.

Do you have a shake shingle roof? Be aware that flying ember ignition of wood roofs during a wildfire not only puts your home at a very high risk of destruction, but, due to the domino effect, the homes of your neighbors as well.

If you would like more information about making your neighborhood fire safe, please call the SRFSC at 945-6303.

The Lerp is Back

Several of our trees again have been infected with the lerp, a serious pest for eucalyptus trees. You may remember that four years ago we had to remove more than 600 trees that were susceptible to the lerp and take them for disposal to the landfill. We tried introducing a special wasp from Australia, with only modest success. Many areas in California also were affected.

We reported our recent outbreak to city officials and they, in turn, to the County Agriculture Department for advice on a city-wide reaction to the threat. We are keeping the area, such as near Jerabek Park, under surveillance and may remove some trees--an expensive project. We hope the trees will be able to "shrug" off the lerp and survive. I want to thank the concerned residents who alerted us to this danger. Let's hope the problem is not what it was last time.

Bob Dingeman

A Swinging Summer for the Symphony in the Park

The Shockwaves and Midnight Ramblers rocked the park in July with some good old-fashioned rock `n roll and some classic Rolling Stones tunes. It was a great turnout, and Mick Jagger would have been proud! A special thank you goes to Coldwell Banker who hosted the July concert. Thank you for the support!

With only a few concerts left this season, I can hardly believe where the year has gone. Y3K will play at Hoyt Park on Sunday, Aug. 10, with the concert hosted by Cymer. Y3K means "Year 3000," a modern band playing familiar and fun dance hits.

If you haven't been to a concert yet this year, you should definitely try to make this one. There are only three more left this year! Save a place early in the day with a blanket and chair and get there early for a picnic and fun!

Concert schedule for 2008:

  • Sunday, Sept. 7--Rockola, hosted by Marrokal Construction; and,
  • Sunday, Dec. 7, Holiday Concert, hosted by Canyon Springs Church.

If you have new neighbors in your area, this would be a great time to introduce them to a Scripps Ranch summer tradition! It's a great chance to spend fun time with your family and friends and support the Symphony in the Park Committee. So come along on Sunday, Aug. 10, relax, and enjoy the music!

Kate Northcote

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SR Farmers Market

For those of you who are wondering what is going to happen to the Farmers Market when the new Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School (EBS) opens, we just signed a contract with the school district to remain at the old EBS site through August. The Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) at EBS is working to secure a fantastic site for us. As soon as we know, you will know.

In the meantime, we are concerned that some people in Scripps Ranch forget we're here. We are one of the largest open air markets in San Diego, and with your help we will continue to grow.

We are working hard to bring in as many local farmers as we can. Much of the food in grocery stores has traveled thousands of miles to get to us. Energy costs are reduced by buying foods grown in San Diego County. Also, the food is fresher and healthier.

In case you weren't aware, the Farmers Market is a fundraiser for the children at EBS. If you would like more information, contact me at [[email protected]] or 586-7933, and visit []. See you at the market!

Bev Cassity, Market Manager