Summer Fun in Troop 301

In late June we held our Court of Honor, a quarterly ceremony where boy scouts are recognized in front of their families for all the merit badges and ranks they earned this past quarter. Many scouts were recognized at the Court of Honor for earning a new rank. Here they are, from the lowest to the highest rank:

  • Scout and Tenderfoot: Troy Aylwin, C.J. Bosworth, Evan Clarke, Colin Davis, J.Q. Goodrich, Jared Hettick, Mitchell Ingles, Andrew Izzo, Nathan Khuu, Duncan Klug, Nathan Kuypers, and Shane Mitchel;
  • Second Class: Michael Monahan and David Watson;
  • First Class: Ryan Madsen, Jake Todd, Dario Inzunza, Shane Stachwick, Michael Franke, Matt Ringel, Keith Aylwin, Brennan Cobb, Michael Monahan, and David Watson;
  • Star: Reid Barkell, Brandon Khuu, Christian Nagano, Reed Hallums, and Garrett Solberg; and,
  • Life: Sean Rowland and Jake Vildibill.

Our troop also had our yearly Laguna Mountain trip where the new scouts work on the requirements for Second Class rank, such as lighting a stove and learning how to use it properly. If they play their cards right, they can even get very close to earning Second Class in this one weekend alone. Some of the older boys also volunteered their time to help make this great opportunity possible. All in all, it turned out great and a number of new scouts have just earned Second Class.

Also, our boys who are den chiefs marched in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade with their packs! They had a great time and showed their patriotism!

Seventeen Troop 301 scouts went to Emerald Bay on Catalina Island in mid-July for a week of fun in the sun. Activities included swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, and boating a kayak, sailboat, rowboat, or canoe.

In August a number of the older Troop 301 scouts will spend five days hiking across beautiful Yosemite. The following week, the even older scouts will backpack through Yosemite for a week.

In order to prepare for these events we hiked 10 miles on a very hot day in Rancho Penasquitos, across the canyon and back. One highlight of going to that particular canyon is the wildlife. On this hike, we saw a snake and a deer, although on previous hikes we've seen many deer and even a rubber snake set up to scare hikers!

In the summer our troop meetings are held outdoors, and in the last half of the meeting we go out to play European handball. European handball is a lot like ultimate Frisbee but with a ball in place of the Frisbee. After half an hour of working on scout skills, everyone has a chance to exercise. It's great fun.

Jake Todd, Troop 301 Scribe

Honors for Scouts

In June Troop 616 held its Court of Honor. Scouts Chris Wimmer and Matthew Rasmussen were honored for advancing to the highest rank in scouting--Eagle Scout. The entire troop and crowd gave them a hearty round of applause for this outstanding accomplishment. Many of the other scouts were recognized with rank advancements, merit badges, and service hour awards. Many new scouts advanced to the rank of Scout and are prepared to work their way up in scouting. It got very cold and windy as the evening wore on, but everyone did a great job. Congratulations to all the scouts on their hard work.

Also in June, 15 scouts and three adults had a fantastic time at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. Activities included sailing, motorboating, snorkeling, scuba diving, hanging out at the beach, and much more. One of the highlights was an overnight war canoe trip. The scouts launched large canoes, each holding about seven people and their gear, and paddled to a distant cove for an overnight campout. This was really high adventure for the scouts and they enjoyed themselves very much!

Alex DeWitt, Troop 616 Scribe

Summer Camping and 4th of July Parading!

In June, 10 scouts from Troop 663 went to Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. Activities included swimming, lifesaving, wood carving, rowing, canoeing, and more. We went on an overnight "war canoe" trip where we spent the night on the beach. The next morning the waves were real choppy, but our canoe, the "super clipper," got us back to Emerald Bay safely, although a bit wet.

One evening we went on a seven-mile bike ride to Twin Harbors--civilization--then biked back to camp. Congratulations to Ben Meis for earning his BSA Lifeguard Certification and George Bushnell who became SCUBA certified, having dived to 60 feet where he swam with sharks!

As Dayne Barton, Drew Bushnell, Janon Dhayalan, and Zachary Keane were working on their Lifesaving merit badge, Brandon Paulus and I had fun rowing and splashing in the ocean. Everyone had fun petting Carl, the "pet" leopard shark in one of the oceanography tanks. On the last day of camp, Jacob Bieber and Spencer Shortill woke up at 3 am to go on a three-hour mountain hike to see the sunrise.

In July our new senior patrol leader, Joe Jatczak, took over his leadership responsibilities. Our troop marched in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade (pictured below) right behind the Marine Color Guard. We were the scouts carrying the historical U.S. flags. Adam Guzzardo led the procession caring the Betsy Ross flag.

Later in July more than 20 scouts went to the Lost Valley scout camp, which features the unforgettable 11-mile road into the camp. We took all kinds of merit badge classes, including horsemanship, forestry, fish and wildlife, and more.

Farewell to Alex Ellington who turned 18 and is off to UCSD this fall. We welcome Tim Rodenbaugh who just joined the troop and the Scorpions Patrol! Godspeed to Juan Lopez who moved back to Mexico and Arthur Bacon who is traveling the 50 states for the next year.

In August we will camp at Chawanakee, but we'll have more about that next month! Enjoy your summer!

Stephen Bieber, Troop 663 Scribe

Troop 664 Climbs Half Dome in Yosemite

In July a group of scouts climbed Half Dome, the giant of Yosemite. It was an experience that will not easily be forgotten. The final ascent of Half Dome proved to be a challenge. To get to the top, the use of two cables and a number of platforms spread out across the steep slope is necessary. Fortunately, all five scouts and four adults succeeded in the challenging climb.

When the scouts finally arrived at the peak, they found a massive, three football-long plateau with an amazing view of Yosemite Valley. In the four days of hiking in Yosemite, the scouts saw Glacier Point--which turned out to be a bus stop--Nevada Falls, Yosemite Falls, Misty Trails, and Half Dome.

Also in July Troop 664 scouts helped the Scripps Ranch Library by tightening eight bolts on 400 chairs. "It was hard at first," said Mackenzie Cottle, "but it got easier as we worked."

In other news, Steven Jones recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting. Eagle Scout requires at least 21 merit badges, many months of leadership, community service, and a 125+ hour Eagle Scout service project. Steven Jones is 16 and will be a senior this fall at Francis Parker High School. Way to go, Steven!

Kevin Stock, Troop 664 Scribe

Pack 613 is Patriotic on the 4th

Twenty cub scouts from Pack 613 marched in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade. This was the first pack event for our new Tiger Cubs: Tanner Florio, Luke Lima, and Donald Chang. Donald proudly carried the Pack 613 flag.

Also marching were: Liam Lacson, Jonathan Banh, Ryan DeRienzo, Graiden Kreger, Nathan Zimmer, Michael McMillan, Robbie Netzke, Micah Ohanian, Evan Rayder, Shaun Bossert, Jake Flynn, Colten Musgrave, Bryan Peters, Erik Klingenberg, Stephen Lofy, Adam Trubitt, and Aaron Wapner. Great job, boys, showing your patriotism!

Pack 613 scouts then headed to Mataguay Scout Reservation for Wolves to Webelos Resident Camp. Stephen Lofy, Sebastian Sanchez, and Adam Trubitt earned three activity badges and had an unexpected close encounter with a baby rattlesnake. They completed the Rugged "O" by trekking and then sleeping out under the stars tent-less.

In June scouts Shaun Bossert, Jake Flynn, Stephen Lofy, and Bryan Peters proudly represented Pack 613 by conducting the flag ceremony at the Scripps Ranch Little League World Series day. They did a great job.

If you are interested in joining the Pack 613 scouts, or if you would like to find out more information about Cub Scouts, please call our cubmaster, Dan Bossert, at 549-4378.

Pack 614 Stays Active

in the Summer

Pack 614 cub scouts have been busy doing their fun summertime activities. In late June our scouts camped out at the Boy Scout Camp in Balboa Park during a warm summer weekend. They participated in numerous activities including ARC activities, hiking, swimming, target shooting, and archery. The pack also enjoyed a Saturday night family dinner and campfire. It was a wonderful camping weekend for all.

Pack 614 cub scouts proudly participated in the recent Scripps Ranch 4th of July parade. Decked out wearing Uncle Sam hats, a few Pack 614 parents led our group by carrying our pack's banner in front of a pickup truck proudly decorated with numerous U.S.A. flags and bunting. Wearing star spangled hats, our cub scouts followed by playing inflatable guitars and saxophones as they walked the parade route. Prior to the start of the parade, our Pack 614 cub scouts and den leaders had the honor and privilege of being photographed with San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders!

During this summer, our cub scouts will rock climb at the Solid Rock Gym and tour the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. We welcome your son to enjoy the fun of scouting and join Pack 614. Email our cubmaster, Dave Audick, at [[email protected]].

Troop 8178 Helps the Community

Our first year as Juniors was a busy one! The year started with fun activity badges, such as Art to Wear, and ended on a high note with the Swim badge and an year-end pool party.

We made a total of 48 activity bags for Rady Children's Hospital. The bags are for the patients--and siblings--to keep themselves busy in the waiting room while they wait to see the doctor for their procedure. The troop discussed and voted what would go into the bags, gathered the items, and decorated and assembled the bags. The activity bags have age and gender appropriate activities for patients between 3-12 years old. The girls also were busy with other community service activities. They worked 2 hours sorting food at the San Diego Food Bank. They made 114 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for low-income families and homeless people at the Interfaith Community Services.

Our troop leaders are Geri Mu and Denise Settles. Thanks to the parents in our troop who took turns hosting meetings and driving on camping trips!

Colleen Chavez, Troop 8178's Cookie Mom