Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)


A Student's View

[Editor's note: Although she graduated in June, SRHS alum Becky Berg has continued to share her insights on what's going on at SRHS through the summer. As Becky heads to the University of Missouri, we wish her much success.]

The Back to School Kick-Off at Scripps Ranch High School, which takes place this year on Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 25 and 26, annually marks the impending arrival of a new school year. Students file into the quad to pick up class schedules, smile embarrassingly for school pictures, and check out textbooks. For freshmen entering SRHS, Kick-Off is the first of many new beginnings--of attempts to redefine oneself, to stand out, and to fit in. It's the onset of the growing pains of high school, of new experiences, and of a new level of both social and academic learning.

This year's Kick-Off, however, also will be a new beginning for the school itself. As SRHS grapples with the effects of budget cuts, a new schedule, and massive changes in staff and administration, the school will seek to take a cue from its teenage students and redefine itself--all under the direction of a new principal.

On July 1, much of the community was shocked when principal Donna Campbell left her post to assume a newly created position of school improvement officer for the San Diego Unified School District. Among other duties, Campbell's new title will require her to, as stated by the SDUSD, "assist with monitoring the performance of schools."

Yet the performance of SRHS in the coming year will be largely dependent not upon Campbell's new position, but rather upon the leadership of its new principal, Kurt Madden. Madden comes to us from Mann Middle School/Expedition, where he served as principal during a major restructuring of the school. While the efforts to improve Mann were difficult, Campbell lauded Madden in a letter to students and parents, calling him "experienced" and "eager to take on...challenges."

In Madden's first year as principal, there will be no shortage of challenges. Yet, unlike the freshmen who will file into SRHS, Madden's challenges will not involve navigating a new, larger school, avoiding malicious upper classmen, or choosing a perfect outfit for the first day of school. Rather, his awkward first moments will be born of budget crises, new teachers, and adjustments to a new schedule. But Madden will feel pressure to fit in--with the Scripps Ranch community, that is.

Here's to hoping SRHS's new principal survives his freshman year growing pains, successfully redefines our school, and makes the grade.

From SRHS's New Principal

The journey has begun. As of July 1, I began serving as principal at Scripps Ranch High School, and the welcome from students, staff, parents, and community members has been tremendous.

Participating in the 4th of July Parade was a fantastic experience. My wife, Kelly, and I gained a better appreciation for the extensive amount of community support in Scripps Ranch and how the schools are the focal point. Additionally, it was great to see politicians from throughout San Diego County show their support for this great community event.

I am grateful for the work of Donna Campbell and her administrative team, teachers, and support staff at SRHS. It is one of the finest schools in the district. The awards, accomplishments, and achievements that were earned in the past several years give us a good starting point to begin the 2008-2009 year.

It is an honor to be selected for this position, and one of my first objectives is to build strong relationships with all stakeholder groups. During August, I will continue to meet with community members, principals in surrounding schools, parents, and students. I have also planned regularly scheduled informal meetings so we can continue to collaborate to ensure all students experience a high level of academic success for the upcoming school year.

Please accept my invitation and join me for my next "Coffee with Kurt" meeting that will be held in the SRHS theater on Monday, Aug. 25, at 6 pm. If you are unable to attend this event and would like to schedule a time to meet, please contact me at 621-9020, ext. 1103, or [[email protected]].


Marshall Middle School (MMS)


MMS Calendar

  • Friday, Aug. 22--MMS school office opens;
  • Friday, Aug. 22, and Monday, Aug. 25--New student registration, 8-11 am;
  • Friday, Aug. 29--New student orientation: 8-9:30 am, 6th grade orientation; and, 10-11:30 am, 7th and 8th grade orientation;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2--First day of school;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 16--6th grade Back to School Night;
  • Wednesday, Sept. 17--7th grade Back to School Night; and,
  • Thursday, Sept. 18--8th grade Back to School Night.

From the Principal

Dear Scripps Ranch Community,

I hope you have enjoyed the summer months with family and friends! We are looking forward to a new school year!

There will be several new and reinforced expectations in our dress code policy. We believe that our students' focus should be on academics. Proper attire significantly contributes to an atmosphere of positive learning. An educational setting is a professional place, preparing young people for a successful future. Therefore, our dress code will:

  • Maintain a positive educational environment, free from distraction;
  • Protect the health and safety of our students;
  • Require pants and shorts to fit neatly at the waist without "sagging" or having an excessively tight fit;
  • Require that clothes appropriately cover the body; therefore, no bare midriffs, no backless shirts, no T-backed tops, no low V-neck or scoop shirts, no short shorts, no high side seam cut shorts or skirts, and undergarments must not be visible;
  • Not allow tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts;
  • Require that shorts and skirts must be worn at the mid-thigh and can pass the "fingertip" rule;
  • Require that shoes have a back heel or back strap, no flip flops or open-toed shoes allowed;
  • Require clothing to be free of any advertisement or promotion of any alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or vulgarity;
  • Be free of any depiction or illustration that demeans or negatively represents any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation

We appreciate your support to maintain a safe and positive school environment.

During the summer, we had our surveillance system installed throughout our campus. We want to thank the MMS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the SRCA for their significant donations to this project. Our surveillance system will be able to monitor all activity on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The San Diego Unified School District's police department will be able to monitor activity from headquarters, and the MMS administration will be able to monitor from the main office. The surveillance system will help us keep our school safe for our students.

The first day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 2, and we are preparing for the 2008-2009 school year. On Friday, Aug. 29, we will hold student orientations for all new MMS students. We will share important information with students and parents. We will have two new student orientation meetings on Friday, Aug. 29:

  • 6th grade orientation from 8-9:30 am; and,
  • 7th and 8th grade orientation from 10-11:30 am.

We encourage all new students and parents to attend. Alliant International University has graciously offered their parking lot to allow for overflow parking. In order to access Alliant's parking lot, please drive into the MMS parking lot and head toward the upper lot. There will be personnel directing traffic.

Our faculty will be back on our campus in late August. Upon return, we will work collaboratively as a staff to learn about our students and begin planning our lessons to meet the needs of our students in a rigorous but nurturing environment. At Marshall our goal is to provide educational opportunities to meet the demands of today's world.

As we near the end of summer, I hope you had an opportunity to see new places, learn a new talent, or take time to spend with friends and family. I wish you a restful and safe month. Sincerely,

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Books will be available to purchase at Marshall in September! This fundraiser helps purchase extra textbooks for students. It also pays for equipment and supplies when the school district funds are depleted. Contact the Marshall PTSA at 549-5400 to start saving money now!

Just one look and you'll be hooked! Don't miss out on your chance to save!

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary


Crestview Boundary Update

Thanks to the efforts of many Dingeman parents, the homes in the Crestview neighborhood will remain within the Dingeman boundary. The school board voted unanimously in July in favor of Crestview continuing to be part of the Dingeman family. To those throughout Scripps Ranch who wrote letters, sent emails, attended meetings, and spoke at the school board hearings, please know that your contributions were instrumental in helping us achieve our goal.

An extra special thank you goes out to Lorayne Burley and Shellie Kalinsky. It was their unwavering passion for our cause that kept us all going. Without their planning and dedication, we may not have seen such a positive result. We are all thrilled to know that our Crestview families will still be with us.

Parent Leaves His Mark

Steve Dern (above) concluded his last year as a Dingeman parent this year as his daughter Jenna graduated from 5th grade. Steve has lent his talents in many different ways to our school over the years, particularly in the Art Corp program. He assisted with the annual Art Corps Matting Workshop each April, the Student Art Show each May, and he has taught art lessons in the classroom for the past nine years. He leaves us with his fabulous contribution of the Tiger mural that we'll get to share for many years!

Box Tops Reminder

Keep collecting Box Tops all summer long! Chances are you're still buying the same Box Top products you use during the school year, so keep collecting and you can turn in a bundle next fall! Our next contest is in September. For summer collecting tips, visit "News" in the "All About Box Tops" section at [].

A Fond Farewell

After 25 years in the teaching profession, Mrs. Norma Wetzel announced her retirement at the end of the 2007-2008 school year. During her 12 years of teaching 2nd grade at Dingeman, Mrs. Wetzel made a positive difference in the lives of so many students. The Dingeman community is very fortunate to have had such a dedicated and caring teacher.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all she has given for our school and all she has done for our students and families throughout the years. We wish her much success and happiness in her retirement!

Special Art Show Visitor

Our school's namesake, Colonel Bob Dingeman, is pictured below with 2nd grader Ryan Hobbib at Dingeman's 10th Annual Art Show in May. Col. Dingeman was very impressed by the talent on display in our multipurpose room. We are so proud of our Dingeman artists!

School Starts Soon!

It's hard to believe that summer will soon be over! Start shopping for those back to school clothes and supplies so you can beat the rush. See you on Tuesday, Sept. 2, for the first day of school.

Jerabek Elementary


Message from Our Principal

It's hard to believe that I have completed my seventh and final year as principal of Jerabek. After much thought and consideration I have accepted a new position as principal of Monroe Clark Middle School, which is part of the City Heights Educational Collaborative involving San Diego State University, Price Charities, the school district, and the San Diego Education Association.

In this new position I will work closely with SDSU's School of Education to not only improve academic achievement for the nearly 1,400 students at Clark but to also strengthen the coordination between all of the schools in City Heights, kindergarten through 12th grade. This new opportunity will provide the chance to further my professional goals in a community that faces different challenges than Scripps Ranch and will also support my longterm career goals of enhancing education on a greater scale. However, as I leave this community I reflect on my seven years here and realize I have developed a lifetime of memories.

I will always remember and cherish the accomplishments we achieved together, and I wish to thank those of you who supported me as I did my best to support all of your children. I will never forget the "ups and downs" while I was at Jerabek, nor those people whom I came to know.

I will also never forget the fires of both 2003 and 2007 that ravaged San Diego County and their affects on the Jerabek and Scripps Ranch neighborhoods. However, I will always remember most how those events gave us opportunities to reveal the great sense of spirit and resolve of this strong community. During those times, I was honored to be part of such a wonderful group of people, and as a result I developed many relationships that will never end.

I am proud of the strong academic work we accomplished in all of the schools. I am confident you will keep the progress going with all of your future educational leaders.

Finally, and most of all, I'd like to sincerely thank all of the students of Scripps Ranch for making the schools here among the very best in the entire city. It is you I will remember most of all, and I am sure our paths are bound to cross over the coming years. I look forward to hearing about your many successes--of which I know there will be many--and maybe even sharing in some of them in the future! I promise to keep in touch and I'm sure you will see me at various events in Scripps Ranch over the coming years. Sincerely,

New Principal Status

As of press time, Jerabek had just lost its newly appointed principal back to his school of origin. However, the district likely has found a replacement by now. Look for more information on Jerabek's website or in the September issue of the Newsletter.

More Goodbyes and Changes

This summer marks a major transition at Jerabek. In addition to our principal, there are many other staff changes in our school for the fall. We bid a sad farewell to beloved Mrs. Warren, who retires after 29 years at Jerabek! More staff who sadly are leaving us include: Mrs. Haskell and Meg Kaufman, our school counselor, both retiring this year; Mrs. Chalupsky, who is moving to Marshall Middle School; Mrs. Radogna, who is moving to Ross Elementary School; and, Mrs. Bartman, who is moving to Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School. This will result in some grade reassignments for the remaining teachers.

Budget cutbacks have contributed to the loss of other staff positions at Jerabek. These include Amy Patashnik from counseling, Stacey Bartling and Delron Nettles from the front office, and support staff Christine Mullane, Karen Nigor-Loftis, and Jessica Island. We wish all the staff well in their new ventures.

FFO President's Farewell

This year has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience--I hope. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to get to know and work with so many terrific people. I appreciate all of our parents, staff, and Family Faculty Organization (FFO) Board for their commitment to our children. We had many changes and challenges this year, but I am confident these changes will help us grow as a community and we will be stronger for it.

I want to thank my husband, Bill, and our children, Sara, Hayley, and Ryan, for their patience throughout this oftentimes trying year. Thank you for this opportunity; I will never forget it!

La Fiesta Era Muy Bueno

Record crowds came out for La Fiesta, an evening of cultural food, music, and dancing put on by the Spanish Department. The children especially enjoyed their paletas and watching churros being made from scratch. Thanks go to the Spanish team for hosting this event and to the FFO for financial support.


Pennies for Peace Success

The Pennies for Peace project was not complete at press time, but it raised more than $600--that's more than 43,000 in pennies--to help educate children in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is enough to pay the annual salary of a teacher there. Great job!

Thank you to the students, parents, and teachers who participated in this event--especially those who counted the pennies--and to the FFO and the Scripps Ranch Boulevard branch of WaMu for their help. Together we made a difference in the lives of many children with few educational opportunities. Please continue saving those pennies, as there is already talk of a repeat project next year.

Return to School and Class Postings

It's hard to believe that it's time already to mention returning to school! Didn't the school year just end? The new school year begins Tuesday, Sept. 2. The hours are the same as last year: 9:05 am until 3:35 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, with early dismissal at 12:50 pm on Thursdays.

Classroom assignments will be posted in the courtyard on Friday, Aug. 29. Kindergarten will be posted at 2 pm. Parents and kindergartners are invited to meet with the kindergarten teachers in their classrooms from 2 to 3 pm, but please leave siblings at home. Grades 1-5 will be posted at 5 pm. Postings will be displayed at the front gate through the weekend and into the first school week.

Back to School Night

Jerabek's Back To School Night is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 25. Mark your calendars now! As a reminder, this is a parents-only event.

Jerabek Celebrates 30 Years

The 2008-2009 school year marks Jerabek's 30th anniversary. A celebration is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 5. All former Jerabek students and staff, as well as the entire Scripps Ranch community, are welcome to this event. Look in next month's SRCA Newsletter and on the Jerabek website for more information on this event.

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)


Support Our School...Even in the Summer with EScrip

MRE receives thousands of dollars from the eScrip program, and there is no cost to people who sign up! This is a free program that helps support our local education. We need your help to be able to continue supporting our children and school in providing a quality education.

Please be a part of this program by registering your Vons club card number, Macy's card number, and other charge card numbers with eScrip. Once you sign up, your work is done. Then every time you shop at Vons, Macy's, or charge at other select stores, a percentage of your purchase amount is automatically donated to the Family Faculty Association (FFA)! The more people who sign up, the more money we receive.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Lew at [[email protected]] or Lorelle Mudd at [[email protected]].


Don't forget to save those Box Tops for Education, your empty ink jet cartridges, old cell phones, plastic bags, and plastic bottles. Also, save your old batteries for the Boy Scouts. When school starts, drop off the items in the boxes in the lobby. What better way to think of tomorrow by saving today?

Kindergarten and New Student Registration

The office staff returns on Monday, Aug. 25, for the new school year. The office will remain open Monday through Friday from 7 am until 4 pm. New students may register in the main office beginning on Monday, Aug. 25, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Class Postings

Kindergarten welcome meetings are on Friday, Aug. 29. The school will be open from 9 to 11 am for tours. Children can meet their teachers from 8:30 to 9 am. Welcome, MRE class of 2014!

This also will be a great opportunity to buy your new MRE T-shirts for the 2008-2009 school year! Class lists for all other grades will be posted in the lunch arbor at 5 pm.

Halloween Carnival

It is not too early to think of the event of the school year! The Halloween Carnival Committee has openings available. The committee is hard at work during the summer diligently planning ahead. We still need to fill these valuable positions. If you are interested or would like to learn more about them, please contact Debbie Kutyla at [[email protected]].

These Summer Days

It is hard to believe that school starts in about a month. The relaxing days of summer are lessening quickly. There has been no formal word yet about how MRE will be affected by the state budget cuts. Together, we will find out as the days grow closer to our new school year.

Something to consider is how you, the individual, can help minimize the impact on our children. Please think about taking a proactive approach to supporting our school. It is not only the teachers or staff that needs us--it is our children!

Enough of the serious stuff! All I can hope is that I have planted a seed! Now go out and enjoy the rest of your summer! We will see you on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 7:50 am sharp! Don't forget to check the Miramar Ranch website at [] for details!

You may also check the San Diego Unified School District's website at [] for other important school-related information!

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)


EBS Calendar

  • Friday, Aug. 29--All-Student Orientation: Kindergarten/PEP, 9-10 am; 1st-3rd grades, 10:15-10:45 am; and, 4th-5th, 11-11:30 am.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 2--School starts;
  • Tuesday, Sept. 9--Character Education meeting, 5:30 pm; AFP meeting, 6:30 pm;
  • Thursday, Sept. 18--Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, 11 am; and, Community Open House, 12:30-5 pm.
  • Friday, Sept. 19--Picture day; and,
  • Thursday, Oct. 2--Back to School Night, 5:30 pm.

New EBS Set to Open

The finishing touches are being put on our new school, and the excitement builds as we prepare to open at our new site. Check out pages 44-45 for some of the special features of our new school.

Then join us on Thursday, Sept. 18, for our Community Open House. Come tour our new school and enjoy some refreshments. We hope to see you there!

AFP President's Message

Just one more month before school starts once again. I am so excited about this coming school year. The kindergartners starting this year will be the first class that gets to attend our new campus all through their elementary education.

I'm also excited because I get the honor to work with a phenomenal, enthusiastic group of parent volunteers who make up this year's Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) Board. Please allow me to "introduce" them to you:

  • Anita Fraley, VP Administration
  • Tracy Leeper, VP Fundraising
  • Janice Seufert, VP Fundraising
  • Alex Mazloom, Treasurer
  • Sylvia Hernandez, Deposits Treasurer
  • Danielle Hale, Secretary
  • Tricia Barnes, Past President
  • Lisa Collins, VP Spirits and Events
  • Eric Brenk, Auditor
  • Sherri Mellos, Farmers Market Administrator
  • Tracey Hazeltine, Member at Large
  • Corie Straub, Member at Large

I thank you in advance for your time and talents. Come meet the board at the All-Student Orientation on Friday, Aug. 29.

We also have a terrific group of committee chairs. There are a couple of openings for some events. We will have details on that at the orientation on Friday, Aug. 29, as well as at the Welcome Back Breakfast on the first day of school. Drop off the kids and then come by the lunch arbor, meet other parents, and see what the AFP is all about.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing president, Kayla Seignious, for her dedication to our children over the past two years. Throughout her leadership, we focused on what was in the best interest of all the children. We plan to continue that emphasis this year. Thank you, Kayla, for your excellent leadership and your caring spirit.

Enjoy the rest of the summer with your kids. We are just about four weeks away from the start of school. If you have any questions about the new school or how you can get involved, just email me at [[email protected]].

Other Schools

Alliant International University


Fall Semester Begins

Monday, Aug. 25, marks the first day of instruction for the fall 2008 semester at Alliant International University. Our new student orientation takes place from Monday, Aug. 18, through Monday, Aug. 25. For more information, please visit our website at [].

Faculty Member to Present at United Nations Conference

Graduate School of Education faculty member Dr. Hassana Alidou has been asked to co-author the main policy paper on "Adult Education and Literacy in Africa." This is for an upcoming United Nations conference that guides governments on education and literacy matters. Her presentation will be part of the 6th UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education, which is held once every five years.


Students Get Hands-on Publishing Experience

Alliant's undergraduate Marketing Public Relations (MPR) program now offers a concentration in publishing. It gives students hands-on experience in all steps of the publishing process: from story pitches to final print.

Through the newly formed Envoy Publishing International (EPI), students will gain hands-on publishing experience by producing: books; The Envoy, Alliant's system-wide, student-produced magazine; and, Visiting San Diego, a trade magazine that will be placed in local tourist destinations. In addition, students who are completing the concentration in publishing will learn about web publishing through the EPI website.

The Envoy, Alliant's student newspaper, has for years served as the voice of the students. There are changes on the horizon for the student-produced publication, as it will switch to a magazine format. The magazine will feature sections and writers representing multiple Alliant campuses and be a system-wide outlet for students to voice their views.

The Envoy was started by students at United States International University (USIU) more than 20 years ago. The paper continued publishing student-written news after the university joined with the California School of Professional Psychology and formed Alliant in 2001. EPI looks forward to continuing the newspaper's legacy by representing Alliant's growing student body.


Famed E-Magazine Comes to Alliant

Recently the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management (MGSM) at Alliant, in partnership with Leadership Excellence, publishers of monthly business magazines Leadership Excellence and Personal Excellence, began publishing a monthly e-magazine specifically geared to the university community. The special edition of the nationally prominent Leadership Excellence magazine will feature articles contributed by a number of the school's internationally known "thought leaders," such as Roosevelt Thomas Jr. and Dave Ulrich. The monthly magazine also will include writings by various MGSM faculty and graduate students.

The magazine will be published in partnership with Ken Shelton, the magazine's co-founder. It will be electronically distributed and will be made available through the Alliant International University library.

Alliant's business school namesake, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, has been consulting editor for Leadership Excellence magazine for four years. He was highlighted in the October 2007 issue's Best in Leadership Development feature.

Alliant's Thought Leader Project began in August 2006 when Marshall Goldsmith invited 30 of the world's top thought leaders--consultants drawn from a various range of business disciplines--to participate in the school's intellectual development. They also helped position MGSM as an "idea leader" and presented a different kind of educational experience.

The project began on Alliant's San Diego campus, and in 2007 it expanded to include Alliant's Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Fresno campuses. Some prominent thought leaders have contributed in other ways. For instance, Dr. Paul Hersey, founder of Situational Leadership, has taught a course that is available to MGSM's business and organizational psychology graduate students.

Alliant and Leadership Excellence have made an initial commitment to publish the Alliant business-based monthly e-magazine for one year.