Summer in Scripps Ranch--Time To...

Summer in Scripps Ranch means time to have fun! Of course, summer brings our community's biggest event of the year, the 4th of July Parade and Festivities. This year, the theme is "Scripps Ranch Rocks!" How could you not have fun with a theme like that?!

All the information you need about this fun-filled day is on pages 44 and 45. A map of the entire parade route is on page 5. So find a spot, get your chairs, umbrella, and lots of water, and get ready to have a rockin' great time. This is truly a Scripps Ranch "don't miss" event!

After the parade, head to Hoyt Park to continue the day's celebration. There, it will be time to eat, play, and enjoy the Baskin Robbins free ice cream social, cosponsored by Cabrillo Credit Union and the SRCA!

With the economy in such turmoil--let's not even talk about gas prices--there's some good economic news for Scripps Ranch. A Fortune 100 company is coming to our community, along with about 700 of the company's employees. Page 23 has the details.

Also on page 23 are details regarding the Information Center parking lot on Cypress Canyon Drive. There have been ongoing problems there during the night, so the lot is closing overnight.

This next story affected many in our community, and a sadness seemed to envelop Scripps Ranch. One of our families suffered a terrible tragedy. On page 15, a husband pays loving tribute to his angel--the wife he sadly lost. We thank Jim D'Aoust for sharing his thoughts with the community during this difficult time.

Residents have contacted the SRCA asking if there is any way to help the D'Aousts. Close friends of the family have specific suggestions. Look for that starting on page 15. We thank Julianne and Chris North, and all of the friends of the D'Aoust family, for their input. We know Scripps Ranch residents will reach out and help any way they can.

While summer in Scripps Ranch means time to hit the pools, please heed the warning on page 47 before you let your child near water. It comes from a Scripps Ranch mom who knows what can happen in seconds when children don't know what to do in the water. Erin Ferguson graciously shares a heartbreak in her life to try to ensure it does not happen to another family. Thank you, Erin, for your courage and kindness.

Summer for one incoming Scripps Ranch High School senior means time to get a head start on her Senior Exhibition. What she chose to do and why she chose to do it will touch your heart. And you can get involved. Just check out page 19. Way to go, Suki Hoffman!

For the latest on the Marshall Middle School parent-paid bus program for next school year, turn to page 29.

The SRCA puts all the money it collects in dues right back into our community--one reason that Scripps Ranch is so terrific. On page 7, find out how the SRCA has spent some funds in the past few months. Thank you, SRCA, for supporting Scripps Ranch!

Speaking of support, many local businesses sponsor our community, school, scout, and sports events. There are many lists of community sponsors throughout the Newsletter this month. Let's thank those businesses by using their services...and thanking them in person.

When I asked my 4th grader--I can't believe he's going into 4th grade!--what summer means to him, he said playing with friends, no school, and taking time to relax. I don't know where that "relaxing" came from. He's one of the most active kids I know!

I hope summer in Scripps Ranch means time with your family and friends, and--from my son--time to relax!

Gloria Tran, Editor