What's Happening


Hurrah, We Made It Again

The primary elections are over, the signs are coming down, and we do not have to listen to some very "interesting" campaign words--some of which may in part be true and come to fruition. We welcome the quiet. Incidentally, please recycle all the campaign literature you received.

It seems we cannot go through even a long, long, long election campaign without controversy, name calling, and castigation. Our nation seems to survive elections, however, we still have the presidential campaign and final elections in November. So relax for now for the coming deluge of "stuff"--it is the American way of doing things, yet still a prodigious waste of money.


City residents have reelected Mayor Jerry Sanders. We wish him success in his daunting tasks to bring the city around so we are truly "America's Finest City," not just the city with the best climate and the worst baseball team.

Carl DeMaio was elected as our new 5th District council member, so there is no need for continued campaigning. Carl has a challenging and demanding job ahead of him trying to accomplish at least in part what he plans in the face of some formidable odds and opposition. He will need our community's political support and assistance in the tasks set before us all to assist the city.

Everything we do to help Carl help the city will pay dividends for all of us. We hope to establish the close community/council office staff relationship we have enjoyed with such success under the fantastic management and coordination of Brian Maienschein. Together, we have accomplished much, and we owe him our deepest thanks and appreciation, as well as to all of the members of the 5th District council office who have labored unstintingly on our behalf through fires and crises. Thanks, folks.

School Bus System for MMS

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of your friends and neighbors and our wonderful Transportation Subcommittee co-chairs Sharon Greener and Jennifer Madsen, the planning for providing buses for Marshall Middle School for next year is proceeding well. If you have a child or children who can use and need this transportation, please see the article on page 29. Spread the word and sign up for a wonderful family assistance activity.


What a wonderful experience it is to graduate from the various levels of schools. I am sure we all remember graduations and the moment, but rarely remember what anyone said. Sometimes it's a relief--wow, I made it!--and sometimes it's with sadness that you leave friends and a known environment for new challenges. That is progress and the reminder always is that an education accomplishes critical things for you.

First, it develops your skills and abilities. Second, it changes and challenges you and enhances your ability and opportunities. Third, you make new friends all the time. And finally, I guess, it permits you to do and show your best and get the most out of the time spent. This is so important that you prepare for the future and the possibility of many different means of employment. It is the educated individual who has the most opportunities to succeed and prosper, so the payoff for hard work is meaningful. Do your best. Congratulations to all graduates from all schools.

It's Working--Brush Clearing Has Started

We reported that the city received a large funding grant for brush clearing around San Diego. Also that Scripps Ranch had been identified as an area to receive considerable clearing operations.

Andy Fields, open space and Park and Recreation Department deputy director, advised that brush clearing operations would commence in the area past Hoyt Park near Canyon Lake Drive, and this was accomplished last month. We will try to advise via the Newsletter when an area has been selected by the brush management schedule coordinator. We are keeping track using our approved official planning map.

MAD Actions

We have been quite active responding to requests to examine and trim or remove trees and other landscaping aspects. We also have contacted the county and secured spraying of standing water in Hoyt Park for mosquitoes.

We were asked to respond to swarming bees, but they were on private property and our contract is only for Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) property--sorry. If bees are in the open space and not on private property, we ask the bee people to remove them, not kill them, as bees are in short supply now. But we do not want the aggressive African bees around either.

A special effort was made to enhance the appearance of Hoyt Park in anticipation of the Symphony in the Park concerts and our 4th of July celebrations.

Change of Appearance

You will note that we are establishing an aeration system for the water in Evans Pond by the library and continue to work on establishing a steady supply of scarce water using the recycled water stored in the Business Park's lot #5. This is part of the SRCA program to expand the Landscape Maintenance Assessment District coverage to include the pond and environs. With all of the ongoing and planned construction in the vicinity, this will provide an enhanced recreational asset and area for library and other users.

Yes, the plastic covering the fence along Scripps Lake Drive and shielding the construction work being done to the Water Treatment Plant has been taken down. We had asked that it be placed on the fence to hold down the construction noise and dust and also improve appearances. Unfortunately, it interfered with the required security system so it was removed. We have asked that all measures previously considered be maintained to hold down noise, dust, and so forth from impacting nearby homes.

Are You Prepared?

The Office of Emergency Preparedness asks that all of you review and check the contents of your emergency earthquake and disaster supplies, as well as your three-day supply of food and water. Also, be sure you have a radio and batteries. You may want to recycle your water and replace the batteries in your radios and flashlights.

Also, have you completed your family evacuation plan in the event of a major fire again or an earthquake? If not, prepare your plan and make sure all occupants know what will happen and where they will go. The life you save might be your own or your neighbor's.

As to fires, we are approaching our high danger period of potential fires. Make sure you have cleared away the dried brush and debris from around any fences and your backyard and you have done your part to reduce fire potential. Also be alert and report to 911 any fires you see immediately.

Earthquake Measures

A very interesting article on saving yourself in an earthquake, called Triangle of Life, came out over the Internet from a very experienced earthquake rescue team leader. He made the point that for any earthquake, you are safer when you lie on the floor beside a sofa or any strong object. Do not crawl under, say, a desk. The sofa or other type of object creates a safer void space, and, although it will compress, it will leave you alive.

Increase your chances by assuming the legs tucked up in the "fetal" position. Avoid doorways and stairs and keep close to the outer wall of the building when using the "triangle of life," which is the void created by a sturdy object. If you are in your car and a bridge collapses, get out of the car and lie beside it. The crushed car could save your life.

Speeding on Streets

Yes, it is summer vacation time and perhaps you have a little more free time to spend outdoors. We are still experiencing a lot of speeding on our streets, including reports of being tailgated while driving the speed limit.

As the price of gas soars, it is just common sense to slow down and get the best possible mileage you can from your car. Of course, watch for others and comply with our speed laws.


To all of you who contribute so much to the success of our recycling program by your personal efforts, the city owes you a big thank you. Not only does it help our environment but it also meets the federal government stipulations that the city must meet or get fined.

If your container has broken down, remember the containers are assigned by number to your house and you can call and get a replacement--although you will have to pay for it. Keep it up!

Water Conservation

As most people know we are suffering from lack of rain in our state and other areas where we secure water. Therefore, everyone has been asked to conserve water. In the Newsletter we will offer some reasonable and attainable ways to reduce your amount of water.

  • By turning off the water while you brush your teeth, shave, or wash your face, can save up to four gallons a minute.
  • Take short showers.
  • While you are running water to heat up for a shower, let it run in a bucket and use to water plants.
  • Do not overwater plants or yards.
  • Do not let water run in the street, and use a broom for clean up.
  • Wash your car sparingly.
  • Develop your own family plan to conserve, with awards for good performance--it works.

Appearance of the Ranch

We have received a number of complaints recently about the lack of attention some residents are paying to the appearance of their property in terms of scattered debris, inoperative cars, lack of vegetation, and so forth. We have gone to these individuals and asked for their support of the appearance of the Ranch, which directly relates to our community pride and our investment in our homes.

One poorly maintained home on a block tends to pull the appearance and value of all the homes down and is certainly not what we have seen over the years. The answer is simply to take pride in your home's appearance and take care of your property and all benefit. Thanks.

Cut Back Vegetation

Just a reminder that this is a good time to trim any bushes or trees on your property that intrude onto or hang over the sidewalk. Bundle up the cuttings or place them in the container for normal pick-up.

Gentle Reminders

If you have not joined your Scripps Ranch Civic Association, please do so now at [www.scrippsranch.org].

Say thank you to the 4th of July Committee members for all of their hard work putting on the fabulous 4th of July Parade and Festivities.

Say a prayer for our armed forces as they do their assigned dangerous tasks.

Select an area of interest and need and volunteer your time and effort. You will love the experience.

Your personal efforts can and will bring about the changes sorely needed in San Diego and our nation. Do your part!

Thanks a Heap

Gaye and I had a wonderful 10 days on our vacation in Hawaii celebrating not our 62nd but our 63rd wedding anniversary. Thanks for all the nice words; we appreciate them tremendously. Of course, "Robert the Rainmaker" brought them much needed rain for two days, so we were welcome visitors. Sorry can't bring rain here!