Scripps Ranch is "Gellin'"

We thank Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council member Kevin Lee for his research on the use of the fire blocking gel, aptly named Barricade. He communicated his findings in a December 2007 SRCA Newsletter article. He then followed up with those who showed an interest in the product for the preservation of our homes in case another wildfire sweeps down on us.

He ordered the product for us, delivered it to our homes, and even gave us a hands-on experience spraying the gel-like fire blocker against a wooden fence. There could not be a simpler way for homeowners to protect their homes from flying embers during a wildfire.

Four one-gallon containers and an applicator to be connected to the garden hose and outside faucet is all that's needed to spray the gel--it's biodegradable and eco-friendly--onto the critical areas of your house. You would spray it on wooden eaves, attic vent slats, windows to protect the interior from radiant heat, shrubs that are close to walls, propane tanks, and your car in the driveway.

For more information, visit [www.BarricadeGel.com] or email Kevin Lee at [[email protected]].

I believe every home should have a gel Barricade ready for use during the fire seasons.

Wolf Bunten, Scripps Ranch Resident