Life Lessons

June brings graduations, the end of school for many children, and Father's Day. That's a lot of celebrating! But some moments are bittersweet. While exciting new experiences await, it also means the end of familiar routines.

A perfect example is high school graduation. Our Scripps Ranch High School writer, Becky Berg, shares the bittersweet rite of graduation and what it means for those about to go through it--and not just the seniors. Think about all the life lessons learned in those years. Don't miss Becky's article on page 31.

The San Diego Unified School Board decided the new boundaries for Scripps Ranch elementary schools for next year. All the details are on page 29. Thank you to Scripps Ranch Schools Committee co-chair Lynn Todd for spelling out the specifics.

Safety at our schools is a top priority. Thanks to a number of folks, our kids are safer now. One Scripps Ranch family turned the tragic death of a loved one into a campaign for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be readily available, including at all our schools. Their remarkable story is on page 47.

On the topic of schools and safety, please pay extra attention--and slow down!--when you drive near our schools. Children can be unpredictable and dart into traffic. Also, if you drop-off or pick-up children at school, keep the traffic moving so we don't encounter massive "parking lots" on our streets.

As has been my tradition for June since editing this Newsletter, I get the privilege of thanking the amazing teachers we have here on the Ranch. They help guide our kids through the life lessons of childhood. Our teachers are a huge reason why Scripps Ranch schools are so well-respected.

That leads to two exemplary teachers. Alicia Gelaro, it's hard to find the right words to express how special you are. You not only challenge your students academically, you dare them to soar as individuals. You cheer their triumphs and take to heart their sorrows, as you help them through life lessons. If cloning ever became a reality, you'd be at the top of my list. Thank you, Alicia!

And now kindergarten teacher Erin Keegan. You know kids love their teacher when they call mom by her name. Well, I've been "Mrs. Keegan" for quite awhile now! It's not easy being in a classroom full of young children all day. But you make learning fun, which teaches kids to love learning. Thank you to our beloved Kahuna!

If there's a special Scripps Ranch teacher you want mentioned, just email me at [[email protected]].

Get your friends and neighbors together and enter a float in the Scripps Ranch 4th of July Parade. How fun! The entry form is on page 7.

Great news when it comes to funding for brush management. Check out the article on page 17.

It's time to register for soccer. Hundreds of children play each season; don't let your child miss out. See page 59.

Can you help sponsor a Scripps Ranch sports league? Sports are great for physical exercise...but they also teach kids life lessons. The Sports section starts on page 59. Hope you can help!

Imagine what friends of mine saw on a Scripps Ranch street recently: a driver talking on a cell phone with one hand, while texting with the other. Scary!

Starting July 1, you won't be able to talk on your handheld cell phone while driving, and teens can't even use hands-free devices. The CHP answers some frequently asked questions on page 17.

As we approach Father's Day, thanks to all the dads who guide kids through life lessons. Happy Father's Day to my sweetie and to all Scripps Ranch dads!

Gloria Tran, Editor