What's Happening


Replacing Jerabek Park Flagpole

I have been most remiss in not following up more closely on the sections needed to replace the fiberglass flagpole that we erected in Jerabek Park when it was dedicated on October 26, l985. As you recall it snapped off last year in high winds. We had to remove the stump, and we are without a flagpole for the park.

The pole was contributed and erected by a neighborhood bank--Great American First Savings Bank--which is no longer in existence. So any bona fide or possible source of funds or donors to secure a replacement pole is most welcome and needed. Of course, we would dedicate the pole to the donor.

We have been advised that the metal flagpoles purchased by the school district are good from a cost standpoint, as well as durability. So this is a hint for some good resident to check this out for us and start our Jerabek Park Flagpole Project. Thanks. If you can help with this, please contact me at [[email protected]].

Repainting Fire Plugs

If you note many of our fireplugs are no longer a nice bright yellow and some need a good coat of paint. I contacted the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department's Chief Tracy Jarman for assistance, and the department immediately delivered a second batch of the durable yellow paint needed for repainting the plugs.

We are asking the members of our Graffiti Busters to take on painting about four of the fireplugs in their immediate area and then paint some in the larger street areas like Spring Canyon Road. Making like Tom Sawyer is good for our community appearance and fun too. Thanks to Chief Jarman for the paint. Now it's another self-help project for Scripps Ranch.

Brush Clearance Assistance

I hope you read in last month's Newsletter where the mayor announced that the city had received a substantial fund grant--a major and much needed brush clearing effort in accord with an approved map. I was concerned as to whether we had been included and immediately asked for and got a copy of the plan. Happy to say that Scripps Ranch has been included for a major brush clearing assist.

Thanks to Eileen Rodriguez, our Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) manager, for the good news and the map. Nice to see that we as a community are included and will benefit by the enhanced fire safety measures. With the welcome rain, we had a surge in grass growth, so it is needed.

Controlled Burns at MCAS Miramar

Be advised that when weather conditions are suitable, controlled burns of the accumulated grass and debris on the grounds of MCAS Miramar adjacent to Scripps Ranch will be conducted. This action takes place as a safety measure and is done by the Fire and Environment Services Department of MCAS Miramar.

Incidentally, the MCAS fire detachment is also a backup to our fire protection equipment here in Scripps Ranch. They helped us a great deal during the Cedar Fire and are an important part of our community. They also take part in our annual 4th of July Parade, so we can say a public "thank you."

MCAS Commander Appointed to Airport Commission

Good news for all of you wonderful residents who have worked so hard over the years to retain our military at MCAS Miramar as a prime training base for the Marines and the Navy and to defeat various propositions to evict the military and establish a proposed civilian airport in our restricted space. Please be advised that the Secretary of the Navy was asked to, and did, appoint a military member to the Airport Commission. MCAS Miramar commander Colonel Christopher O'Connor now will represent the Navy and Marines on the commission.

We welcome this appointment and have worked constructively with all commanders of Miramar to date and with Colonel O'Connor in particular in our Miramar Technical Advisory Committee and community forums.

Politics Not as Usual

As of press time, the mayor and his staff were to hold a community meeting in late April to discuss with Scripps Ranch residents inputs to the draft city budget for the coming year. I hope you attended and expressed your views as to what is needed by the city. It is operating with limited funds and needs to accomplish major repairs and other works just to maintain our infrastructure at status quo, and there is more to do.

I attended the Rancho Bernardo Political Candidates Forum to record the points made, and I found it quite interesting and similar to our forums. We all listened to the council candidates, as well as the mayoral candidates. All speakers answered questions from the floor as we do and gave short remarks of their views.

Mayoral candidates Jerry Sanders and Steve Francis exchanged a number of comments in disagreement. They covered the range from addressing the pension plan fiasco to dealing with loans and hiring practices. The difference between the candidates is substantial in approach and manner.

Promises of "cleaning out City Hall" of interest groups and their influence always is made. Yet our democracy seems to function always with some, if not all of us, as a part of an interest group striving to secure what we want, whether it is school buses, libraries, you name it.

Even police and fire are interest groups, with their supporters. Trying to determine which interest group is "evil or democratic" remains the big problem. We do not want to stifle democracy and citizen involvement in local government that is so important to get things done. Do your research, then be sure to vote.

Community Service Scholarship

The SRCA Bob Dingeman Community Service Scholarship applications are available at the Scripps Ranch High School counselor's office. The requirements are simple in that the scholarships go to graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by community service during their high school years. By all means, check into applying for it if you feel you have completed a number of community projects or helped the community.

Reboundary Action Delayed

The school board has delayed its decision on the scenario that will be followed by the district to change the boundaries of the Scripps Ranch elementary schools. This is being done to accommodate the move of Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School to the old Marshall Middle School site. The conversion construction is on track and continuing.

The board has been wrestling with some major decisions needed to meet the mandated budget cuts and reduction in state allocated revenues. In many cases these are draconian, and we can lose valuable staff and faculty. It could affect class size, retaining any vice principals, librarians, nurses, and so much more.

Because of the critical financial decisions being required to be made to the school budget, the board has postponed its decision on the reboundary action. As of press time, the reboundary action staff recommendation was scheduled to be presented to the board at the Tuesday, May 13, meeting.

Middle School Bus Program

We are meeting to discuss making arrangements to continue the bus program for students to Marshal Middle School for the coming school year. Our two new Transportation Subcommittee chairs, Sharon Greener and Jennifer Madsen, are busy accumulating the required data and statistics to support a viable and effective repeat of the program. Stay tuned and by all means complete the surveys when asked. We rely on them to determine equipment, routes, times, and coordinated best use. Thanks.

Conserving Water--We Are Doing It!

Thanks to all of you, the city's goal to conserve potable water is working well. We collectively are meeting the goals set to start the program. With all of your help and continuing cooperation, we can make a serious dent in the scarce water we all use. Just following simple conservation measures makes a big difference.

RV Parking on City Streets

Thanks for the calls on RVs, boats, and trailers parking for extended periods of time on busy streets. We report them to the police and the council office as they are observed. Frankly some of the owners simply play games and move them 10 feet and leave them for weeks at a time. I guess we and they are very fortunate that we live in such a "nice" community that they are not instantly and extensively vandalized as in other areas.

Of course, placing these very valuable possessions in secure storage is the recommended way to preserve the property and our community appearance. The city survey of the problem has not yet resulted in the specific review of the practice and what actions can and should be taken. Stay tuned, it is on the way but was slated to take 60 days and may only address part of the problem.

Display of Banners

Just an alert to commercial businesses who erect banners at our authorized locations: they should be taken down if they are not specifically for community support. No commercial concerns banners are permitted. Thanks for your cooperation with our regulations.

Please do not jeopardize your valuable banner by displaying it improperly and having it removed. If you are at all in doubt as to your community charity status, please be sure to send me an email at [[email protected]] before you post. Thanks.

Loss of Good Friend, Verne Goodwin

Master Sergeant Verne Goodwin, retired, died at the age of 90. A volunteer icon is gone from the scene. Verne was a Mira Mesa Citizen of the Year and worked closely with us in Scripps Ranch, and particularly me, on many joint community projects since l976. The projects included: planning group organization; schools development; traffic control; town councils; planning the Penasquitos Preserve; building and operating the Senior Center; and, many others.

Verne was always there helping others and providing a calm sense of "doing it right the first time." He was an outstanding citizen. Mira Mesa and our city will miss him, while we remember his many fine deeds and accomplishments. Go in peace, good friend. Well done!

Kind Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised and honored when a Scripps Ranch family, including their high school freshman son, asked to come talk to me about WWII, wartime service, and the reactions of the country to the stresses of war. It was a truly wonderful experience to relate the magnificent actions of so many Americans from "America's Greatest Generation," and how working together we forged victory and then prosperity. Certainly a review of our country in action then would serve us all well, including our political system today in setting appropriate goals and actions to consider and adopt with public support.

Passage of Time

When you are young there are periods when you wonder if anything is going to get done and lament how slowly things are moving and you get impatient. As you grow older it seems time begins to accelerate, and there is not time for all you would like to do. Then when you get really old, you wonder how time flies. I guess the moral is to enjoy the time you have and make the best use of it. Do not waste this most precious asset.