It's All About You!

There's so much going on this month, and it seems to be all about you: events you and your family can take part in; ways you can make a difference; and, people you can thank for making Scripps Ranch such a special community.

I'm starting with community events you won't want to miss. First the Community Fair. This has become one of the biggest parties in Scripps Ranch. Don't be left out! It's on Sunday, May 18. For all the details, check out page 5.

Right after the fair, the Symphony in the Park starts its 2008 season at the Community Park. The concert starts at 6 pm. Page 17 has all that information.

Our community has received $25,000 from Councilmember Brian Maienschein to renovate Jerabek Field. Details are on page 15. Thanks, Brian!

Scripps Ranch does not have regular bus service to our community. However, there is DART service that transports residents, and it may be terminated soon. Find out how you may be able to help save the service on page 23.

Did you get a Reverse 911 call during the fires last year? Well, SRCA members took part in a survey that asked about their experiences. The survey will be turned over to the police and fire departments to help make changes. To make a difference, all you have to do is join the SRCA. For details on the survey and how to join, see page 5.

The police department tells us home burglaries are up in the area. On page 15, Sgt. Jeff Peterson give us tips on how to protect our family and our homes.

A big issue in schools is bullying. Scripps Ranch High School had a special presentation to try to get the kids to realize all the negative affects of bullying. Our high school writer, Becky Berg, eloquently tells us about the assembly in our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 47.

We've heard about the disastrous budget cuts our schools face. A new website may be able to take a bit of the sting from those cuts by helping fund projects teachers need. And, for not so much money, you can be a philanthropist. Imagine how great that would make you feel. Check out details on page 17.

While this month's theme is "It's All About You," one person who always thinks of others is super-volunteer--and one of my favorite people in Scripps Ranch--Bryon Solberg. He was honored with a special award. See page 5.

There are hundreds of volunteers who give time each month to deliver your Newsletter. Each year, the SRCA says "thank you" to the distributors with a special night at the Scripps Ranch Theatre. If you are a distributor, check out the information on page 7, then RSVP. This night is all about you!

Speaking of the SR Theatre, a new production begins this month. Don't miss I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Details are on page 69.

The SR Theatre needs you...if you have experience in marketing. See page 19, then see if you can help.

Many kids have the attitude that "it's all about me." But one young baseball player has his priorities straight. Josh Rosen, who is on the MAPS White Sox team, broke his arm just as the season began. Instead of staying home since he couldn't play, he came to each practice and was on the bench for every game to cheer on his team! Way to go, Josh, and to parents Susan and Stephen, who are setting such a great example for kids!

This month it's all about you, Moms. As we celebrate Mother's Day, people wonder how moms can do all they do. It's thanks to wonderful friends and places such as "Camp McSweeny," "run" by a special mom. Happy Mother's Day to you, Adriana, as well as to all my loving mom friends and all the amazing Scripps Ranch moms!

Gloria Tran, Editor