Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC)

SRCA School Grants

The SRCA authorized an extremely generous grant of $30,000 to the six Scripps Ranch public schools and asked the Schools Committee to allocate the funds amongst the schools. Each school submitted an application and, after much debate, the SRSC determined the funds would be divided evenly. The schools are very appreciative of the SRCA's support and will use the funds as follows:

  • SRHS: Help update antiquated technology and purchase document cameras and projectors for classrooms;
  • MMS: Help pay for a campus security surveillance system;
  • Dingeman: Subsidize an after-school math program for struggling students;
  • EBS: Laptops for teachers to use in classrooms;
  • MRE: Help subsidize a part-time librarian/media aide so that the library and technology center is not shuttered completely next year; and,
  • Jerabek: Purchase a security system and a voice amplification system, and subsidize fees needed to obtain city permits for Ranch Round-Up.

Marshall Bus Program

The reconstituted Marshall Middle School (MMS) Transportation Subcommittee sprang back to life to ensure that MMS has a bus program for next school year. It is anticipated that the buses will run along the same routes with the same pick-up locations and times. If there is significant additional demand, we might be able to add another bus.

Once pricing is available--hopefully in mid to late May--MMS will start accepting applications and payments. Please watch the MMS website at [] for details about the parent-paid bus program.

Reboundarying Issue Update

Originally, the district scheduled the Scripps Ranch elementary school reboundarying issue for the Mar. 18 board meeting, which was during Jerabek Elementary School's spring break. At the request of many Jerabek parents, the school district and the interim superintendent postponed the date until Tuesday, May 13.

Roy MacPhail, the district's director of Instructional Facilities Planning Department, has compiled a report for the school board regarding the proposed changes. His report is on the SRCA website at [].

Next Meeting

The next SRSC meeting is on Tuesday, May 20, at 4:30 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library's seminar room.

Lynn Todd, SRSC Co-chair