Help Prevent Park Vandalism

The Park and Recreation Department requests the help of Scripps Ranch residents living in the neighborhoods surrounding Spring Canyon Park. Many of you may be aware that we have a continuing issue with vandalism and graffiti. Your Park and Recreation staff and police at the Northeastern Division are devoting a lot of effort to correct this problem. In addition to repairing the damage and painting over the graffiti, we are placing fenced cages over entrances to the snack bar and increasing lighting.

Neighbors can help us by being our "eyes" in the community. Much of the damage the park suffers occurs at night. If you see vandalism occurring, graffiti being painted, or suspicious activity, please call the police non-emergency number at 619-531-2000 and report it.

If you see damaged equipment or graffiti, please call Park and Recreation staff at 538-8204. If you have questions or suggestions, please call me at 619-221-8910. Many of us have worked in Scripps Ranch for years and want to keep it the special place it is. Thank you,

Clay Bingham, Deputy Director, Community Parks I

Response for Graffiti Control

If you are a victim of graffiti, take these three steps:

  1. Take a picture of the graffiti. This helps identify the criminals responsible. A San Diego Police Department graffiti officer will follow-up with you to obtain the pictures.
  2. Call 619-531-2000 and make a vandalism report over the phone.
  3. Paint the graffiti out as soon as possible! The sooner graffiti is painted over the less likely the criminals will continue to paint it!

To report graffiti not on your property:

  1. SDPD Graffiti Unit: 619-531-2890.
  2. SDPD Northeastern Division: 538-8000.
  3. City of San Diego Park and Recreation, Enrique Duran: 538-8172.
  4. Try to take a picture of the graffiti.

For assistance with graffiti removal, try these numbers:

  • Scripps Ranch Graffiti Busters: 619-251-7989.
  • City Graffiti Control: 619-525-8522.

Litter and Loitering at the Information Center

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) discussed at its March meeting the issue of overnight loitering and littering at the Information Center. It is not unusual to find alcoholic beverage bottles and fast food bags in the parking lot and landscaping. Sometimes the bottles are broken and are a hazard.

My only alternative is to close the parking lot at night. Signs would provide warning that cars that remain in the lot between 11 pm to 5 am would be subject to citation and towing.

The MRNPC will discuss the issue at its meeting on Tuesday, May 6. The meeting will enable those who may be affected by the parking lot closure to join the discussion. The meeting begins at 7 pm at the Information Center.

Juan Baligad, Info. Center Manager

Life-Saving AED at the Information Center

The city of San Diego, along with Project Heartbeat, will provide the Information Center an automated external defibrillator (AED). An AED is an easy-to-use, automated device that delivers a life-saving electric shock to heart attack victims. AEDs are designed to be used by non-medical personnel. Information Center staff underwent training to use the AED. The hope is that by the time you read this, it will be in our lobby.

Juan Baligad, Info. Center Manager

Tragic Accident

On the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 27, Jack Kriz was driving home eastbound on Pomerado Road. As he got near Chabad Driveway, according to police, a four-door truck veered into Jack's path. The truck, driven by a 26-year-old man, struck Jack's car in an offset head-on manner causing both vehicles to spin 180 degrees. Paramedics were called and both men were taken to hospitals. Police closed Pomerado Road until about 10 pm to investigate the crash. The other driver was released from the hospital that night.

Jack suffered multiple broken bones, lacerations, and fractures; he remains in critical but stable condition. His wife, Kathy, is at his side every minute. Jack is truly a "fighter." Prior to the collision, Jack was fit and healthy. Anyone who knows Jack agrees that he has the wherewithal to make a comeback!

A blood drive was held in March in Loire Valley. Thank you to the more than 200 people who participated. To send get well wishes, go to the Loire Valley message board at [] or send a note to 10775-F Scripps Poway Pkwy., Ste. 142, San Diego, CA 92131. Updates will be posted online. Please keep Jack and his family in your prayers.

Bob Ilko, Bob Rubin, Larry Adams, Carol Boone, Diana Whitney, and Jerry Cannon


I want to report good news to you in regard to the article entitled "We Need Your Help" from the February Newsletter. The article was in reference to a Dec. 2, 2007, hit and run crash that took place in front of the Scripps Ranch Library.

Shortly after the article appeared, I received a phone call from the person driving the van described by the victim. His information has been forwarded to our detectives for investigation. Thank you to all who called and wrote to me.

Identity Theft Scam

Enough people skip out on jury duty that a new kind of fraud has surfaced. This information has been verified with the FBI. The caller claims to be a jury coordinator and says you missed your appearance for jury duty. When you protest that you never received a summons, the caller asks for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel an arrest warrant. If you give out this identity is stolen.

According to my research, this type of fraud has been reported in 11 states. For more information, check out the FBI website at [].

Car Burglary Statistics

Here are the 2007 and estimated 2008 statistics for car burglaries in Scripps Ranch--these are reported crimes:

  • February 2007--17
  • Year-To-Date 2007--35
  • February 2008--17
  • Year-To-Date 2008--28

The hot items recently are the vehicle navigation devices that attach to the dashboard. It's a good idea to take it in at night to avoid having it stolen.

Sgt. Jeffrey Peterson, SDPD Northeastern Division

RSVP Open House

Mira Mesa/Scripps Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) will hold an Open House on Tuesday, Apr. 8, from 2 to 4 pm. It will be at the police storefront at 8450 Mira Mesa Boulevard. Everyone is welcome! The RSVP is in need of volunteers. Qualifications are: over 50 years of age and a valid driver's license.

Great News!

The city of San Diego was awarded a $2.4 million FEMA grant for brush abatement. They will match these funds to raise the project to $4.8 million. The objective is to reduce the volatile vegetation from all the city open space that is within 100 feet of inhabited structures. It will be a two-year project, and the goal is to begin work on July 1. The city will utilize maps from the state that show fire hazard factors. They will use this scientifically derived information to prioritize the work. They will not use the "squeaky wheel" method. Please do not call these busy people.

Several areas in Scripps Ranch will be treated the first year. We will work with the project managers to obtain schedules and provide the information to you. This will be a huge step toward making our community more fire safe. Two notes:

(1) This does not include neighborhoods where the fire fuel is on private property, including areas owned by homeowners associations. More than half of the Scripps Ranch firebreak areas are on private property. The Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council (SRFSC) is ready to assist these neighborhoods in removing hazardous vegetation from their Wildland-Urban Interface areas.

(2) This project is a one-time event. To retain the defensible space it will provide us, the areas will have to be maintained every year or two. The good news is that once an area is treated, maintenance is relatively inexpensive--say, the cost of an additional month of gardener. The Scripps Ranch Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) Committee is exploring avenues for managing a communitywide firebreak maintenance program that would take advantage of economy-of-scale to keep prices low.

The "Play to Protect Golf Tournament": The second annual SRFSC golf tournament was finally played on Feb. 29--after being rescheduled twice. We had 64 golfers gather at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn for a fun-filled day of golf, lunch, and prizes. Two of our major sponsors, Alliant International University and MedImpact, sponsored six firefighters from Stations 37 and 44, and three police officers from our area. The master of ceremony duties were handled by Dave Mason from SignOnSanDiego news radio. Thank you to our 34 sponsors and 12 committee volunteers who made the day a success.

To contact the SRFSC, please email us at [[email protected]] or call 945-6303.

Scripps-Miramar MAD

Most of us moved to Scripps Ranch for the "Country Living in the City" culture our landscape portrays. As I reported previously, the current Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) budget was approved. However, the three-year projection shows a shortfall in 2011, unless we increase our funding assessment to either maintain or possibly increase our service levels.

What exactly does our MAD do for our community? It maintains more than 600 acres of open space, including the area along Pomerado Road and the landscaped medians in our streets. It takes care of Hoyt Park and our tot lots, as well as supplements the maintenance work in our parks that is critical with our high usage of these fields.

It maintains Hendrix and Evans ponds, as well as our trail system. It is also responsible for the maintenance of our trees that cover a lot of the open space and our water run-off culvert system. However, with the current assessment, a lot of needed maintenance must be deferred due to lack of funding.

The assessment is imbedded in our property tax bills, and is about $12 a month--much less than other city MADs of our size and landscaping makeup. To increase our assessment, the city must prepare a formal engineering report documenting the work, followed by a mail vote of property owners. Most resident homeowners have one vote.

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) will evaluate the MAD cost projections and the service levels needed to recommend a funding level. If you would like to participate in this process, email me at [[email protected]] or attend the SRPG meetings. Our community's aging tree population, infrastructure, and open space brush management needs will be key components of this review. Based on the initial review, it appears the projected increase recommendation would be in the $5-9 per month range, however, the SRPG has not made a final decision on this issue.

Marc Sorensen, SRMAD Cmte. Chair

First 2008 Symphony in the Park Concert

Much work is going on to plan the 2008 Symphony in the Park concert season. The 2008 concert dates have been confirmed and the bands are being finalized. The first concert is at the Community Park following the Community Fair on Sunday, May 18, and features the Mar Dels. All other concerts are at Hoyt Park.

Thank you to our concert hosts:

  • Sunday, May 18--Time Warner Cable;
  • Sunday, June 8--Marrokal Construction;
  • Sunday, July 13--Dave Henderson, Coldwell Banker;
  • Sunday, Aug. 10--open;
  • Sunday, Sept. 7--Marrokal Construction; and,
  • December--open.

We still have two spots open for concert hosts. If you're interested, please contact Jed at [[email protected]]. This event would not happen without support from the community. Our schedule of bands will be listed on our website at []. See you at the first concert in May!

Kate Northcote

SR Ranch Marketplace Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

Join the merchants at the Scripps Ranch Marketplace as they celebrate their 10th birthday on Saturday, May 3, from 12 to 4 pm. The event will kickoff at noon with a special performance by the Scripps Ranch High School jazz band, followed by greetings from community dignitaries. These civic representatives will help cut an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Free slices will be given out to the first 200 customers.

Be sure to stay for the many free family activities. Also enjoy free samples at many of the restaurants and eateries in the Marketplace. Other stores will offer drawings and raffles for great prizes.

Make plans to stop by the Scripps Ranch Marketplace on Saturday, May 3, and join in the many free festivities to celebrate the center's 10th birthday.