Raising the Bar

When people ask why Scripps Ranch is such a special place to live, the answer comes down to one simple word: volunteers. While there are many reasons our community remains one of the best, they all lead back to the work, research, and behind-the-scenes negotiations done by our volunteers. They have raised the bar as to what can and should be done to make an amazing community.

It was standing room only at the SRCA's Recognition Night in March. It was a night to honor our remarkable volunteers of 2007. We congratulate two extraordinary people who were named our Citizens of the Year: Rod Bolton and Bob Cavanagh. Both of them have raised the bar and made our community better! Congratulations, Rod and Bob!

Many, many other volunteers were honored at Recognition Night. Check out pages 9 through 17 to find out how all these awesome people have changed Scripps Ranch for the better. Please note: we do not have nearly enough space in the Newsletter to acknowledge all the great deeds done by our volunteers, so what you see are merely highlights. Don't forget to thank these folks when you see them around the Ranch!

Councilmember Brian Maienschein traditionally delivers the Citizen of the Year award, and this was his last time to give out this honor--Brian is term-limited out of office after this year. When Brian thanked the community for supporting him and working with him for the last eight years, he received a standing ovation from the packed crowd.

Thank you, Brian, for always being there for Scripps Ranch. Whether it was helping this community rebuild after the devastating Cedar Fire or solving a simple problem for a resident, you and your staff were always efficient and caring. You set the bar very high when it comes to City Council responsiveness, and now we will accept nothing less!

There has been a terrific response to last month's Newsletter cover story: we now have a dedicated new group of Graffiti Busters! The contact information is on page 23. You also will find details on what to do if you see graffiti. Let's keep Scripps Ranch beautiful!

Some life-saving devices have been added to central locations in our area. Check out pages 23 and 61 to see where automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, have been placed.

While on the theme of saving lives, a big step has been taken to get a second fire station for Scripps Ranch. Kudos to the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and chair Bob Ilko for pursuing this matter. Bob is always raising the bar when it comes to getting our community what we need! Details are on page 47.

One huge challenge facing our schools is the budget crisis. In typical Scripps Ranch style, the schools and parents did not take the cuts without speaking out. There is still time to tell our state legislators they cannot shortchange education and they must raise the bar. Page 31 has information on what you can do to fight for our children's future!

Our Scripps Ranch High School contributor, Becky Berg, is back, and this month she takes a look at Senior Exhibitions. I have heard about these for years...now I know what they are! Her article is on page 33.

In just five months, a new school opens in our community. Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School moves to the old middle school site. One decision has been made that affects the community: the new exterior paint color. The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee had input on the decision. Check out page 47 for the results.

Let's continue to raise the bar when it comes to goals we set for our community! Have a wonderful start to spring!

Gloria Tran, Editor