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The Power of the Press: Graffiti Removal

In the March SRCA Newsletter I asked for volunteers to take over for me graffiti removal and coordination. I had many families respond, for which I am very grateful. We met in March to go over the duties and create a point of contact for you. Please see page 23 for our Graffiti Busters new phone number.

We have had an aggressive and successful graffiti removal program for many years, working closely with Mira Mesa. Both of our groups remove or paint over graffiti as soon as it is reported. This will continue to keep us relatively free of the expressions of taggers." Sorry to say, we have yet to catch a tagger in the act, but our rapid removal keeps them from getting any publicity for their so-called "artwork."

Scripps Ranch Schools

In March all Scripps Ranch public schools were given the bad news of the impending drastic cuts in services occasioned by the budget crisis and shortfalls in the state funds. We in Scripps Ranch always have taken a keen interest in and supported our schools wholeheartedly, even in the face of budget problems.

The proposed cuts will test our ability to help our children where it counts most--in the schools. Join your friends and neighbors in a chorus of messages demanding the retention of the educational measures that have made us so successful. Contact your state legislators and urge them to fund education. Then be willing to step forward and offer your assistance in the Scripps Ranch manner.

We all know that without funds, cuts must be made. However, cuts should be the result of due diligence and coordination as much as possible with the principals charged with educating our youth.

SR High School at Its Best

Imagine my delight to find four students from Scripps Ranch High School's Associated Student Body (ASB) at my front door. They were loaded down with school supplies for our sister schools in Iraq. They had 21 cardboard boxes full! What a surprise! Thank you to Matthew Ressmeyer, Justin Burr, Rachael Raimandi, and Alissa Alker.

These came the same day as the 10lst Airborne Division sent me pictures of the distribution of our other supplies using the local Iraqi army to make the distributions to the students. The 101st provided security for the action, which went well and without incident. The delight in the eyes of the students is priceless.

Thanks to you wonderful young people for your help and donations, making "Operation School Spirit" a real success!

Scripps Ranch Scouts at Work

Did you notice the fantastic new appearance of our community "entrance wall" on Scripps Ranch Boulevard? This is the Eagle Scout project of Joe Mangan, who got help from his Troop 664 scouts. The project entailed cleaning the wall, then resealing the adobe with two coats of a special sealer. This wall is made of adobe bricks from the old E. W. Scripps mansion. The bricks need to be protected from the rain or they wash away.

This helps preserve a wonderful part of our heritage for the future and is a worthwhile project for our young scouts contributing to their community. Thanks, Joe, it is greatly appreciated. And thanks, Julian Parrish, for your assistance again.

Middle School Bus Program

A well-attended Transportation Subcommittee planning meeting was held in March at Marshall Middle School (MMS) to initiate discussions and planning for the continuation of the bus system for MMS for the coming year. We welcomed new co-chairs Jennifer Madsen and Sharon Greener.

Last year Scripps Ranch organized a pioneering bus system serving approximately 384 children and ran three buses through our Ranch in the morning and afternoon. It was decided that a survey would go out to all incoming 6th graders, as well as current MMS students, once data is compiled. If you would like to be part of the action, the next meeting is on Monday, Apr. 7, at 4:30 pm in the MMS community room. See you there.

City Infrastructure Needs

As we reported we are accumulating a list of places where the streets need to be resurfaced, potholes filled, sidewalks repaired, and lights replaced. Please take a minute to send me a note via email at [[email protected]] with the location, which I can check and then add to our list. We may not get all of them done, but without specifics we go to the bottom of the list for services it seems. Thanks.

Join the SRCA

I received many indications this past month as to just how much the SRCA does--and has done--for Scripps Ranch. It is worth joining and becoming part of the solutions. Your membership and your voice added to that of your neighbors is becoming increasingly important in terms of city, state, and school actions. Join online at [www.scrippsranch.org].

West Point Superintendent Visits San Diego

Lt. General Franklin Hagenback, 57th superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, visited San Diego in March. He was the speaker for the 206th anniversary of the founding of West Point held at the Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe. This traditional "Founder's Day" is held wherever West Point graduates can gather.

General Hagenback was born into a Navy family serving in Morocco and has a distinguished record of commanding units. He served in Afghanistan, as well as deputy chief of staff personnel for the U.S. Army. It has been my privilege and honor to serve as the master of ceremonies for Founder's Day celebrations. This was my 53rd time as emcee.

Bob Dingeman