That Feel of Community

We start this month with disturbing news. The graffiti in our community is becoming more prevalent. My son practices baseball in the park where the cover photo was taken. Both my kids talk about how sad it is that people choose to mar our beautiful community.

One thing we have enjoyed in Scripps Ranch is a relatively graffiti-free area. Why? Because our "Graffiti Busters" immediately paint over any writing or drawing. The message has been clear to criminals: don't waste your time in our community because your malicious "art" won't last.

Unfortunately, we don't have any "Graffiti Busters" right now. Can you help? It won't take much time. You could do it as a family, or get together with neighbors and share the load. Check out page 13 and please help bring back that special feel to our community.

Better news here--last month we told you about an increase in the speed limit on a busy Scripps Ranch road. Now we are pleased to report that after protests by the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee, the speed limit will not be raised! Thank you to chairs Bob Ilko and David Berry for taking up this fight for our community. Page 23 has details.

We welcome our new Marshall Middle School principal, Michelle Irwin, to Scripps Ranch. Michelle comes with the highest recommendations. We look forward to working with her and introducing her to that unique feel of community we have here. Read Michelle's letter to Scripps Ranch on page 31.

What's it like to be a high school student today? Our new high school "reporter" Becky Berg will give us an inside look at life at Scripps Ranch High School. Her first article is on page 29, and it focuses on a change in the high school bell schedule. Welcome, Becky!

While we welcome some folks, we say goodbye to another. "Miss Ann," the children's librarian at the Scripps Ranch Library, is retiring. There will be an ice cream social to thank her for her dedication to our children. Take the kids to say thank you in person! Check out page 71.

Save the date--Tuesday, Mar. 11--then join us for a popular Scripps Ranch party! Recognition Night is when we honor the wonderful volunteers who make our community special. The company is terrific, the refreshments are delicious, and the feel of community is unsurpassed. Huge thanks to Dorothy Mildice for putting together this event year after year. See page 11 for details.

The date of a another popular Scripps Ranch's event is set. The Community Garage Sale is on Saturday, Apr. 26. We thank Coldwell Banker for again sponsoring it. Details are on page 11.

It's no easy task getting more than 11,000 Newsletters to all of you on the Ranch. Our distribution manager, Jim Caughey, and his extraordinary network of distributors carry out a truly one-of-a-kind operation each month. On page 47 find out how they bring that feel of community to your doorstep each month.

The SRCA is where that special feel of community begins. It's never too late to join the SRCA! Just fill out the membership form on page 5 and send it in.

Daylight Saving Time comes early this year--Sunday, Mar. 9. Don't forget to "spring ahead" one hour.

The end of March brings the start of my favorite season--spring! As I've whined to friends, I'm convinced I have SAD--seasonal affective disorder. I've been in a funk with all this gray. While I love an occasional rainstorm, I need sun. Hey, I'm a Southern California girl! I could never live in a place like Seattle (sorry, Kristi!). As spring begins, go out and enjoy the feel of community...and the warm feel of the sun on your face!

Gloria Tran, Editor