Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Spring Canyon Road Speed Limit Remains at 45

Representing the community, David Berry, Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee chair, and I as SRPG chair met with Councilmember Brian Maienschein's office, the director of engineering, traffic engineering staff, and Facilities Benefit Assessment personnel to keep the speed limit on Spring Canyon Road at 45 mph rather than raising it to 55 mph. The speed limit will remain at 45 mph for several reasons: safety concerns; anticipated changes in the Vehicle Code; lack of past and future radar enforcement; and, potential addition of signal lights on Spring Canyon.

The city agreed not to raise speed limits on classified roads citywide due to community concerns. The SRPG and MRNPC asked city staff to draft a scope of work for a traffic study to evaluate traffic from the StoneBridge Estates project. That way, the community can decide where to install traffic mitigation measures--signals, medians, sound walls, etc. The community negotiated the cost of the traffic study and three traffic signals with McMillin, and the funds have been deposited in a community account. The speed limit on Spring Canyon Road may change in the future based on speed surveys to be done after traffic mitigation measures are completed.

Pomerado Road Changes-Not!

The proposed changes to Pomerado Road to eliminate the right turn only lane at Legacy Road will not occur. Thank you to Councilmember Maienschein and Mayor Sanders for their assistance.

Second Scripps Ranch Fire Station Progress

The Scripps Ranch Joint First Response Fire Station "37b" is proceeding forward with getting final signatures from city departments. Once we have all the necessary signatures, the project can go to the City Council for approval.

To Comply or Not to Comply

Tamara Silverstein and I attended the city's Neighborhood Code Compliance seminar. The city uses trained volunteers to help monitor compliance issues. If you are interested in more information, contact me at [[email protected]].

Rose Creek Watershed

Clean Up

The SRPG gave its support to environmental efforts to clean up the Rose Creek Watershed. A portion of this large watershed includes Sycamore Canyon, which is along Pomerado Road and ends south of Davis Ranch at I-15.

New SRPG Member in 2026?

Congratulations to SRPG member Todd Phillips and his wife on the birth of their second child, Sutton Kane Phillips. Both mom and Sutton are doing well!

What's Next in March?

At the next SRPG meeting on Thursday, Mar. 6, the SRPG's agenda will likely include the following: Chabad Substantial Conformance Review; Scripps Cypress Pointe, formerly the Renzulli property; and, Ward Beeler Creek Tentative Map. We will have board elections for 10 of the 20 seats on the SRPG. If you are interested, please contact me at [[email protected]]. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

Bob Ilko, SRPG Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

February Meeting

The regular meeting of the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC) was held in February at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. The MRNPC previously had voted to not hold a meeting in January 2008 since the scheduled meeting would have fallen on January 1. The February meeting was the first regular meeting of 2008.

Speed Limits on Spring Canyon Road

The city of San Diego had planned to raise speed limits along Spring Canyon Road. With the assistance of Councilmember Maienschein's office, the SRPG and MRNPC chairs met with the Traffic Department director and city traffic engineers to discuss the community's concern. It was determined that the city would not raise speed limits along Spring Canyon Road at this time.

The community groups will arrange with the city to conduct a traffic survey along Spring Canyon Road to determine if any traffic lights or medians are warranted. The study and any traffic improvements will be paid out of the account set up by the "Big 5" group as the settlement with McMillin regarding the StoneBridge Estates development. A portion of the money deposited by McMillin is designated specifically for traffic lights and medians to be constructed along Spring Canyon Road.

MTS Termination of DART Service

The SRPG Transportation Committee presented information regarding the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) plan to eliminate DART transit service in Scripps Ranch. Without this transit link to the MTS, it would leave Scripps Ranch essentially without any mass transit connections. Over the last few years MTS has eliminated and downsized bus routes in our community.

The MRNPC voted to join in a letter of opposition to the termination of DART service to our area. This letter will be signed by the chairs of the SRPG, SRCA, and MRNPC. It will be presented to the MTS Board of Directors.

Quick update, Councilmember Maienschein had a discussion with Paul Jablonski, CEO of MTS, on late Friday, Feb. 8. Paul has agreed to take the DART discussion off the Feb. 21 agenda. The item will not be discussed until April. The April MTS board meeting is on Thursday, Apr. 10, on the 10th floor of MTS headquarters at 1255 Imperial Avenue--12th and Imperial trolley station.

That meeting is a joint board meeting and finance workshop. The finance workshop begins at 8 am, and the board meeting/public hearing begins at 9 am. For those who want to provide comment, they should arrive at the meeting by 9 am. According to MTS staff Brent Boyd, if the board votes to discontinue DART, it would likely still be effective in June. However, it is possible that the board will push back the implementation.

SR Information Center

The late night loitering and littering problem at the Information Center parking lot has continued despite a request for more police enforcement. Several times each week, unknown persons are congregating in the lot at night and leaving debris behind, including beer bottles. Juan Baligad, the center manager, is concerned with the continuing problem. Juan has proposed either locking the parking lot at night or prohibiting any parking in the lot between certain hours. Juan will bring a proposal to the next MRNPC meeting.

MAD Expansion of Service

With the potential reduction in service due to city budget cuts, there may be the need to find alternative funding for certain services in our community. Such potential cuts include elimination of gate open/close service at our parks. It may be possible to have this service included in the Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) budget.

The MAD also may begin to service the Fire Station 37 landscaping. In addition, if it is determined medians are to be built on Spring Canyon Road, the MAD Board will need to address whether any portion of MAD funds may be used to landscape and maintain these medians.


Gloria Tran, EBS Design Task Force chair, presented several color and texture schemes for use in the renovation and painting of the new Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School site on Cypress Canyon Road. No direction was given at the meeting, but the overall view of the MNRPC was toward the exterior colors that the school district, the school administration, and the EBS Design Task Force preferred. This item will be on the March MRNPC agenda.

Sudberry/MedImpact Development

The Sudberry Company presented samples of the stone-facing they plan to use on the six-story office building to be constructed at the MedImpact site. Several MRNPC members were not present and a final decision on the stone was not made. Members of the MRNPC will meet at an off-site location with Sudberry employees to review the stone-facings prior to the March meeting.

Regarding the proposed shopping center on the MedImpact site, east of I-15 and south of Scripps Poway Parkway, Sudberry now is proposing a possible right turn in and right turn out to be added onto Scripps Poway Parkway. They stated it will require adding a fourth traffic lane in the eastbound direction on the south side of the street. There is no definite traffic plan, and several concerns regarding traffic patterns and safety were raised by this proposal.

Elections in March

The next MRNPC meeting is on Tuesday, Mar. 4. March is the annual meeting in which board members are elected. There will be five openings on the MRNPC, each for a four-year term. Anyone interested in election to the MRNPC must attend the March meeting.

Several development projects that will have a substantial impact on our day-to-day life in Scripps Ranch are pending. I encourage all residents who are interested in the proposed development in our community to attend this meeting and get involved. It allows you the opportunity to see the plans and ask questions regarding these projects.

There is a strong need for community members to participate in the MRNPC to help ensure each project is built in a manner that keeps with the community's best interests. Any person who has an interest in the activities of our community is encouraged to join us for the meetings held at the Scripps Ranch Information Center on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm.

David Berry, MRNPC Chair