What's Happening


Let's Celebrate in 2008

There is no better time to stop and count our blessings and say confidently we will "celebrate 2008" as a year of great progress and achievement. I say this in the face of massive numbers of home foreclosures and a reduced economy. We still live in the finest country in the world, bar none.

We are in the throes of our election system in which we peacefully elect our government officials. Despite the emotions involved and the sometimes heated rhetoric, we remain peaceful--if occasionally disagreeing sharply with one another. We do not resort to violence or punish our opponents. We are seeing vast sums of money spent pro and con, which could be better used for good works.

I hope all eligible read the issues and vote your choice. The final election is still to come, so brace yourself for many claims and counterclaims. Separate truth from fiction and manufactured stories, and then vote the best way you know how and America will survive.

Remember the Chargers got into the playoffs, the Torrey Pines Buick Open was a success despite the rain, and the underdog Giants won the Super Bowl.

Farewell to Rick Novak

What a wonderful, fun-filled retirement party held at the Hall of Champions for Rick Novak, the recently retired Marshall Middle School principal. Our outstanding and award winning educator departed in style and with our blessings.

We welcome Michelle Irwin, the new principal who was selected for our signature Marshall Middle School. Michelle comes very highly recommended from an assignment as principal of Pacific Beach Middle School. Michelle, we extend to you our support to continue the outstanding record of Marshall.

Boy, Am I Proud of Scripps Ranch School Children

We asked for the children to share some of their school supplies with the children of four elementary and middle schools in Baghdad, sponsored by the 101st Airborne Division in their nation-building program. In one short week we collected a truly fantastic amount of school supplies of all types, which overflowed our guest bedrooms.

We separated the items and mailed 27 boxes weighing about 25 pounds each. As of early February, 24 of the boxes had already arrived and the content is being safely distributed. We tried to include in each box a sample of all the "goodies" so they would be easy to deliver to individual schools. In some cases we packed notebooks and loose-leaf binders complete with added paper so they were immediately usable.

We have been promised pictures of the distribution of the boxes, and we will in turn let all share in the pleasure of supporting our troops and the children. Scripps Ranch at its finest. Thanks, kids--you are the best!

SRCA Membership

This is the time of year when we ask all residents to join the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). You can find a membership form on page 5, or join online at [www.scrippsranch.org]. For residents new to the Ranch or who have not yet joined, it is very reasonable to become part of the action and join now!

If you do not know about what we do, please ask and we will be happy to tell you and your friends and neighbors about what we do and what we have done in the past. Our record of past accomplishments and continuing support of what makes Scripps Ranch so special are without equal. Speaking from more than 30 years of working for and with the SRCA, we take great pride in what we collectively have been able to do.

With all of your help, we can and will continue to present a solid, well- informed, and politically powerful force for ourselves in the fields of government. We make sure we secure our "fair share" of support and action always. It is your SRCA. Join us as we work for the best for Scripps Ranch. Remember, we are all volunteers and all the membership dues are reallocated back into community support activities.

Recognition of Volunteer Service--Tuesday, Mar. 11

The hallmark of Scripps Ranch is the quality and quantity of able and dedicated volunteers who make everything run for us. Once a year we have the opportunity to publicly thank them for their invaluable services at our annual Recognition Night. This year, it is on Tuesday, Mar. 11, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library's community room.

Come and say "thank you" to the splendid people who help make Scripps Ranch such a special place. Our super volunteer and Recognition Night chair, Dorothy Mildice, again will do the honors. You will love the good feelings generated by this event.

Spring Has Sprung

With the wonderful rains we had, everything is now turning green, growing, and looking great. This means we all need to look at our plantings along the street and trim them back so they do not block vision or the sidewalk. Bundle up your cuttings in small, easy-to-handle packets or place them in your plastic container for the bimonthly pick up of greenery items for mulching in the landfill.

Garage Sale and Clean-Up Day

The Community Garage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 26. Coldwell Banker again will sponsor this event. Call 578-5510 to register, or come into the office at 12036 Scripps Highland Drive, by Nugent's Fishgrille restaurant. As our sponsor, Coldwell Banker will prepare the maps for the sale locations.

Our Spring Clean-Up Day is the following Saturday, May 3. The Scripps-Mesa Kiwanis Club again will sponsor our Ranch Clean-Up Day from 8 am until noon. We will have the dumpsters at the usual two pick-up locations: the Business Park opposite the high school, and the Information Center on Cypress Canyon Road. Take your discards there.

This is our traditional day to make our Ranch shine, so spend time picking up and cleaning up and go into the open spaces to do your thing as well. We will have a truck go around for curbside pick up, but remember to bring your items to the dumpsters and load to the rear please. The Ranch you clean up is our home and this shows our pride in its immaculate appearance. When you have discarded computers or electrical devices, paint, rocks, and stones, you must take them to the landfill for recycling. Sorry, we cannot accept them at Clean-Up Day.

Appearance of Certain Streets

We have mentioned many times the problem of individuals in essence "storing" their RV and boat trailers on residential streets in longtime parking violations. The San Diego Police Department reported receiving more than 26,000 complaints about this, and I am sure our request for action was included in the total.

Of course, little to no enforcement action has been taken. So the City Council has asked the mayor and the city staff to look into the problem and have something back in 60 days. Let's see what emerges and is enforceable. If it does not solve the problem, hopefully it will at least reduce its impact.

Quality of Life Items

Scripps Ranch residents are well known in the city for our actions to preserve and enhance our community quality of life. This shows in our Recognition Night for volunteers and our many activities with the city to improve and correct problems reported. The point is made, however, that you must report these and make suggestions for improvement to facilitate city action. Councilmember Brian Maienschein and his Scripps Ranch representative, Megan Ekard, will help in every way possible but we must be their eyes, ears, and reporters. So take the time to help and it will pay off. Here are some areas to communicate back to me and we can see what can be done.

a. Street repairs: the city has a limited budget for slurry coating, and we have submitted several lists. We need to submit a revised one for the current budget year. Also, holes in streets need to be reported as to location--for example, opposite house number ___.

b. Dangerous trees in open space: you should contact the Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) manager, Eileen Rodriguez, at [[email protected]].

c. If you notice graffiti, contact me at [[email protected]]. Please note the next article: we need help with our Graffiti Busters program.

d. Traffic issues: contact the council office at 619-236-6655, the San Diego Police Department's Northeastern Division at 538-8000, or the police storefront at 538-8120.

e. Streetlights out: report the number stenciled on the base of the light pole and opposite a house by number and it gets checked faster.

Remember if you do not ask and report the problem, it never will get on the list for actions, be budgeted for, and get done. So take a chance, and we will do our best to get results.

Graffiti Busters Needed

Are you artistic? Do you like to paint? Are you an artist with spray paint? Do you hate obscene graffiti on public structures? Then taking over the "Graffiti Busters" task for Scripps Ranch is just your thing! We have lost our Graffiti Busters chair again, and we need someone to take over the chore and the paint and be available as needed. Please contact me at [[email protected]].

I hate to finally admit it, but at age 85, some of my old injuries are catching up with me and I am unable to do the occasional jobs needed. It can be a great deal of satisfaction to maintain our graffiti-free community. It only is accomplished with our vigilance and immediately removing any that occurs.

Postal Service Available

As you may recall, we had the unfortunate experience of having both our branch post offices--located in separate shopping centers--close the same year. This deprived residents of this service. Although there was talk of purchasing land in the Business Park and building our own substation, it never happened.

We, however, are fortunate in being able to secure another contract Postal Annex. It is in the Windmill Shopping Center--with Chuck E. Cheese's and Yummy Yogurt. We are pleased to welcome this addition to our Ranch. Just last month they processed our 27 boxes of school supplies to Iraqi schools. Please use it as it is convenient, and your patronage ensures it remains for our use.

Community RSVP

Thirteen years ago a group of Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa activists formed the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) and immediately recruited 54 members to assist the San Diego Police Department. All the volunteers were trained and operated the patrol vehicles throughout our two areas. They concentrated on surveillance of schools, banks, and libraries, as well as visiting shut-ins.

Thousands of hours of work have been accomplished and the need for the RSVP continues. If you are 50 years of age or older, have a drivers license, and would like to become a member, please contact the police storefront at 538-8120 or call me at 566-6083. We will provide you the information needed to join a wonderful organization that does a fantastic job for the two communities.

Animal Controls

It is a real pleasure to see so many residents walk their pets on leashes as required, and pick up after them as well. Thanks. Remember, it is our community and our neighborhood. Please respect the property of others. Also, you cannot let your dog run loose in parks, open space, or schools grounds. Sorry. It is against the law and tends to scare the kids.