Our Community Treasures

What a amazing community in which we live! We have the unique Scripps Ranch Community Center that is used for so many group meetings. It truly is a community treasure. But did you know that without volunteers from the Scripps Ranch Civic Association--the SRCA--that building would have been shuttered and not available to us?

The history of the Scripps Ranch Community Center--formerly the Information Center--is quite an interesting story. That's why we made it our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch this month. Check out page 43 and learn about how the building was once divided into three pieces and shipped down Scripps Poway Parkway to its current location.

Included in our community treasures are our precious parks. Unfortunately, there are people who like to spend their time vandalizing and destroying property in our parks. You've got to see what happened to one tree in Jerabek Park. The story and pictures are on page 13.

Do you have a Tiki Torch tree in your yard? To see what they are and their potential danger, see page 13.

Criminal activity picks up around the holidays. One way to protect you and your family is simple--close your garage door. Also, park your car in your garage. Don't allow yourself to be an easy target. See page 13 for tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Some of our most treasured residents, our seniors, are having a Fall Festival on Sunday, Nov. 15. The details are in our SR Elder Care Alliance section on page 7. This event is for the entire family!

At Thanksgiving there's no doubt we're all grateful for our servicemen and women, true American treasures. We know that thousands of them will spend the holidays away from their loved ones. One Scripps Ranch Girl Scout troop wants to help make the holidays a bit nicer for our troops. They are adopting sailors and invite you to do so as well! Check out page 47 for information.

To honor our veterans, Scripps Ranch holds its traditional Veterans Day Concert this month. Page 15 has the specifics for this heartwarming event.

A different kind of entertainment can be found at another of our community treasures: the Scripps Ranch Theatre. The play, Holiday Memories, opens this month. It's a treat for the whole family! Details are on page 61.

Also, the theatre is looking for a volunteer with senior leadership experience. Now is your chance to join in the fun of volunteering with a top-notch community theatre. Information on that is also on page 61.

For many, our young athletes are treasures. How many of you spend your weekends on the fields or in the gyms?! A group of SR Little League players went to Cooperstown--for non-sports folks, that's where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. These boys played in a tournament during a trip they will never forget. Read about it on page 55.

We want to tell you about all the wonderful events coming up this month but sometimes space is tight. So check out the short article we titled, "Don't Miss" Events. They're just that! See page 17.

Now we have an apology to one of our community treasures and an amazing volunteer, Peggy Dalby. You may recall she was highlighted in last month's Spotlight on Scripps Ranch. Peggy is our 87-year-old Newsletter distributor, who we hold in high esteem. We misspelled her name in the story and in my editorial. Peggy, we're so sorry. Please know how much we appreciate you and your spirit!

As we start the holiday season and celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you take the time to tell those you love--the people who are treasures in your life--how special they are to you!

Gloria Tran, Editor