Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG)

Miramar Water Treatment Plant

For those of you who live near the Miramar Water Treatment Plant at Miramar Lake, you probably have heard the noise emanating from the site as the city of San Diego proceeds with demolition of the old sedimentation tanks. The jackhammer noise is expected to subside by early November.

Following this, city crews will move the dirt hill back to its original onsite location. The city has agreed to increase watering of Scripps Lake Drive to minimize airborne dust. The city also has agreed to work on possibly planting additional trees along the south side of Scripps Lake Drive to help mitigate the amount of noise and dust from the treatment center.

Reservoir Tank Shutdown, Draining, and Cleaning

The 30-year-old reservoir tank located on Spring Canyon Road between Riesling Drive and Caminito Arboles has some drainage design issues affecting surrounding slopes. This drainage issue will require the tank to be completely drained as an interim measure to allow city crews to address the slope erosion occurring north of Spring Canyon Road on and near the old Renzulli parcel.

Erosion damage is expected to be 100 cubic yards deep in the canyon on the side of the hill, which creates certain challenges for the city. The draining and small repairs are currently planned to begin within two to three months. The more permanent fix--post-environmental study--could take much longer and must be weighed against expense.

Brush Management Update

Outgoing/incoming fire chiefs Tracy Jarman/Javier Mainar have proposed changes to clarify existing city brush management regulations. These proposed changes would supplement the city's brush regulations and landscape standards, resulting in an exemption for "eucalyptus woodlands" areas that would save many mature eucalyptus trees in Scripps Ranch that previously had been targeted for removal. These changes were in direct response to the Scripps Ranch community's request for further clarification after obtaining a mayoral suspension of tree-cutting.

The SRPG, along with the SRCA, Save Our Scripps Ranch Trees, Scripps-Miramar Ranch Maintenance Assessment District, and the SR Fire Safe Council, are working with the mayor, council office, fire chief, and Park and Recreation Department to finalize a map. It can then be posted on the SRCA website to facilitate increased transparency on the chronological sequence of work once the city restarts the program.

Stop Sign Coming to Deerfoot Rd. and Creekside Ct.

SRPG members met with city planning and city traffic to review the city's findings that support a new stop sign at Deerfoot Road and Creekside Court. The potential stop sign scored zero points on four out of five categories evaluated by the city. However, a "line of sight" measurement resulted in a maximum "safe approach speed" of eight miles per hour, which singularly warranted an overriding safety approval. Therefore, the stop sign will be sited within 30-60 days.

SRPG Meeting

The SRPG meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library. The public is welcome.

D. Todd Philips, SRPG Chair

Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee (MRNPC)

The Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Watermark Project

Janay Kruger provided a brief update on the Sudberry/MedImpact/Watermark project, located at the southeast corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Interstate 15. She stated that due to city staff layoffs, the development process has slowed down and the scoping letter and related scoping meetings have been delayed. She is not sure as to when the next meeting will be held.

Sudberry wants to hold a community forum after that scoping meeting. As reported previously a General and Community Plan Amendment have been submitted to the city for review and comment. The plan continues to include two stand-alone office buildings and a commercial component with a third office building incorporated within the commercial portion.

The plan has two variations: one includes a 130-room hotel tucked back on the site near the freeway on the south side of the parking structure; and, the other includes a fashion anchor that would displace the hotel but would be located on the northern side of the parking structure. Both contain a movie theater that is planned to be about 40,000 square feet with a possibility of up to 12 screens depending on the configuration. The marquee area is limited with shops wrapped around it.

A public scoping meeting for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is required but due to delays a date has not been announced yet. It may take place in November. Check the SRCA website at [] to see if a date was set after the Newsletter deadline.

The developer would like to have a meeting after the EIR scoping meeting to provide them more community feedback on the configuration of the commercial component of the project. If you are interested in the types of businesses that will be part of this important development, participate in the upcoming meeting and at the regular MRNPC meetings.

Stoplight Request

A concerned citizen has requested a light at Affinity Court and Scripps Ranch Boulevard due to traffic safety concerns at that location. The item was originally supposed to be on the October agenda, but the chair inadvertently forgot to include it. The chair apologizes and will include it on the November agenda. Traffic safety continues to be an important issue for the committee and Scripps Ranch Boulevard is of major concern.

City Council Office Report

Councilmember Carl De Maio's Scripps Ranch representative Kelly Batten reported that the city has projected an almost $180 million budget deficit. In response Councilmember DeMaio is conducting several town hall meetings to discuss and present ideas to address the deficit, including his five-year plan.

The first meeting was held in October at the Scripps Ranch Library. Other meetings are planned at other locations including Rancho Bernardo. I urge all of you to attend these important meetings to voice your thoughts about seeking ways to get the city back on a fiscally responsible track.

City Planning Department

Tony Kempton indicated that issues are being raised regarding the Sudberry/MedImpact/Watermark project's Community Plan Amendment. Traffic being a big concern, the process should proceed over the next year.

Cypress Canyon Road Parking

A request was submitted to the MRNPC to support extending street parking 360 linear feet along both sides of Cypress Canyon Road from Alderhill Terrace to just in front of the Community Center. The primary reasons for the request were to provide parking for elderly patrons of the Community Center and to enhance safety for the children at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School by allowing parking for parents. Issues raised by the MRNPC include a need for signage to prohibit overnight parking and a plan to address Maintenance Assessment District vegetation next to the road on the west side.

YMCA Site Update

Claudia Tedford, chair of capital fundraising, and Cindi Phallen, director, provided the committee an update on the Scripps Ranch YMCA site, currently used for sports and camps. Claudia Tedford is chairing the capital campaign, expected to begin with donations in 2011, to raise the money needed to build a permanent facility. The YMCA conducted a market study in May of this year to help determine community interest and facility planning.

Upcoming Agenda Items

  • The Economy: "Where are we and where are we going?" Dan McAllister, San Diego County treasurer-tax collector, November meeting;
  • Request for traffic light at intersection of Affinity Court and Scripps Ranch Boulevard, resident Marcy Harris, November meeting; and,
  • Sudberry/MedImpact/Watermark update, Colton Sudberry, date to be determined.

MRNPC Meetings

If these topics are of interest to you or if you would like to make a difference in your community, we invite you to attend the monthly meetings of our volunteer organization. We provide input to the city of San Diego on a wide variety of "quality of life" issues affecting Scripps Ranch. We meet at 7 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the Community Center, located near the intersection of Scripps Poway Parkway and Cypress Canyon Road. For more information, please contact me at 653-3753 or [[email protected]].

Bill Crooks, MRNPC Chair