Warning To SR Parents: Protect our Children

There are many small pockets of undeveloped wooded areas in Scripps Ranch. They add to the charm of our community but sometimes contain hazards that we as parents must watch for vigilantly. Our daughter Melody was at an event in Hoyt Park in September. At one point a group of kids went to play on a rope swing off the southwest corner of the park. No adults went with them.

The rope was tied to a tree on the side of the slope to swing outward over an increasing height before swinging back to the tree. Melody lost her grip as she swung out, falling to the rocky path some 10 feet below. She badly broke her heel, ankle, and elbow on her right side. Melody is right-handed.

She spent three nights in Children's Hospital, requiring surgery with pins and wires to hold the bones together, and was in a wheelchair (pictured left) for six weeks. We can only be grateful that Melody did not hit her head or spine with the same force delivered to her limbs.

This is a warning to all responsible adults in Scripps Ranch to look and listen for any such hazards, and to remove them when you find them! If such a dangerous rope swing had been seen in a public park, surely someone would have taken it down right away. Let's please also be especially vigilant for hazards in our undeveloped areas!

Tom and Dorie Day, SR Residents