Holidays From Home--Adopt a Sailor

Help us bring the holidays to the sailors aboard the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard. In past years our troop participated in Operation Santa. This year the father of a girl in our troop, Erin, is aboard the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard, and we decided as a troop to bring the holidays to the sailors.

We are Girl Scout Troop 8041, and we are working on our Community Service Award. Our troop is adopting some sailors, and we want you to adopt sailors too. Here is how you can participate:

  • Choose how many sailors you or your troop would like to adopt;
  • Make a stocking for each sailor--we have the pattern;
  • Choose things from a predetermined list to put in each stocking; and,
  • Send out packages no later than Tuesday, Dec. 1.

If you would like to adopt a sailor, please contact Kaylie Grundmeyer at [[email protected]] or 566-2306.

Girls Earn Silver Award

In September two girls from Troop 8307 completed their requirements for the second highest award in Girl Scouts, the Silver Award. Molly Merkin and Kara Jones worked with the Hidden Valley House, a shelter for families involved in domestic violence. The house offers families a safe place to go while they are trying to rebuild their life.

Molly and Kara completed more than 40 hours of work on their project by refurbishing the shelter's redwood swing set and outside playhouse. The girls stripped, sanded, and then repainted and restained each structure. They also added flower boxes and refurbished the child-size furniture in the playhouse.

Finally, they put together more than 60 "Welcome Bags" and organized art sets that will be presented to children who stay at the shelter in the coming months. This project helped Hidden Valley House replace things that have been sacrificed due to recent budget cuts. The "Welcome Bags" and art sets allow each child a little something that will help them transition to a more normal life during a time when their families are rebuilding their future. The girls did a great job and learned lots about project planning and execution!

Jane Rabun, Troop Leader, and Suzanne Jones, Co-leader

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Trader Joe's gave Daisy Troop 8686 an "over the top" store tour at their newest location here in Scripps Ranch (pictured below). In June our Daisy troop was the first Girl Scout troop to get a tour of that store. They rolled out the red carpet and gave us the inside scoop on their bread and dairy products, cheeses from around the world, fresh produce, and locally grown flowers and herbs.

Aside from all the food sampling from almost every department, the girls were treated to a sumptuous breakfast. It was quite the culinary experience for our parents and the girls who attended. Thank you, Trader Joe's, for an educational and engaging tour.

Locks of Love

Local girl scouts (below) donated their cut hair to the fourth annual Alopecia Areata Awareness Month Locks of Love Drive. The girls were Alexa Joy Fernandez and Alia Bernabe from Brownie Troop 8668 and Nikki Bernabe from Daisy Troop 8686. Alopecia areata is a disease that results in hair loss all over the body. More than four million people are affected nationwide each year. This is Alexa's and Nikki's first hair donation; it is Alia's second donation to the organization. What a great way to think of others in need!

Brownie Troop 8086 Goes "Try-It" Happy

Troop 8086 is trying to earn as many "Try-Its" as possible in our last year of Brownies. In early September we earned the "People of the World" Try-It, tasting candies from around the world including Japan, Italy, Canada, and Indonesia. Everyone loved the Canadian yogurt candy, but we only had one person who liked Indonesian ginger candy! We also played a Norwegian game, placed flags on world maps, and colored pictures of costumes from around the world.

Later in September we went to Bounce California in Rancho Bernardo to earn our "Sports and Games" Try-It. We had fun on the trampolines and doing gymnastics, and marveled at the junior elite athletes doing spectacular routines.

In October we earned our "Stitch It Together" Try-It and visited the pumpkin patch. We love Scouting!

"Variety Pack" Activities for Troop 301

Troop 301 had a busy month with our quarterly Court of Honor, overnight campout on the U.S.S. Midway, and weekend activities. Congratulations to the following scouts who were recognized at our Court of Honor for achieving a new rank: Tenderfoot--Eric Klingenberg; Second Class--Spencer Ingles, Stephen Lofy, Brennan Straub, Dylan Graham, Adam Trubitt, and Eric Klingenberg; First Class--Adam Trubitt and Jonathan Parada; Star--Ryan Madsen, Mitchell Ingles, and Andrew Izzo; and, Life, the rank just below Eagle Scout, Scouting's highest honor--Kevin Graham, Reid Barkell, Daniel Peters, Shane Stachwick, Craig Bosworth, and Harrison Trubitt.

Troop 301 scouts took part in the "Midnight on the Midway Experience" on last month's campout. As part of the yellow squadron the scouts scrambled around the ship, explored the boilers and the flight deck, and watched the Naval Special Forces Leapfrogs--an elite paratrooper group--land. After those activities, the movie Top Gun was played with snacks and popcorn for everyone. Four brief hours later, after sleeping under the fighter jets--yawn!--the scouts left for home after a night of fun.

Troop 301 also had two weekend activities: a Miramar Lake bike ride and a Fiesta Island duathalon, a combination of biking and kayaking. While the Blue Angels thundered overhead at the Miramar Air Show, the Troop 301 scouts rode their bikes--though not quite as fast--around Miramar Lake. Each scout was given a title for how many miles they did ranging from "Lakers," for those who biked five miles, to "Marathoners," for those who did more than 26.2 miles.

At the Fiesta Island duathalon Troop 301 paddled parts of Mission Bay in rented kayaks mixed with intermittent periods of biking. Thanks to all the parents who attend these many activities and make it possible for the scouts to have these great experiences!

Jake Todd, Troop 301 Scribe

Troop 616 Starts the School Year with Fun!

Troop 616 started the school year with fun volunteer work. Scouts went to two Charger games early to hand out the Tailgate Times then watch the games! At the Ravens game we worked the main gate that the players and the team owner come through. Jamal Williams, Chargers #76, traded scout Cohl Tabor a Chargers shirt for a Tailgate Times. The volunteering was a lot of fun, and the game was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, the Chargers lost but we still had a great time.

We also went on a 10-mile hike in Penasquitos Canyon. This was a training hike for the people going backpacking at Philmont next summer, but regular hikers went too. The hike was hard, but the scouts and parents enjoyed it. On the way back a deer came within 20 feet of the trail, and we could see his friends on the other side of the trees.

Troop 616 continued its journey along the 140-mile Sea to Sea Trail, which runs from the Pacific Ocean to the Salton Sea. Andy Smetana, Theo Wisniewski, Hayden Wisniewski, Alex DeWitt, Paul Honeycutt, Andy Wisniewski, Brian DeWitt, and Jim McGinn backpacked along the trail where the 2003 Cedar Fire originated to the top of Cosmic Peak overlooking Lake Cuyamaca. With the trail's 3,000-foot elevation gain, it seemed like this is the only trail the troop has been on that did not have a downhill segment! Under the unrelenting sun, the crew hiked 10 miles the first day. The troop has now completed one-half of the Sea to Sea Trail.

Nick Pickett, Troop 616 Scribe

Troop 663 Stays Busy

September was an interesting month for Troop 663. Besides meetings and regular events, there were three major happenings. We did Jacob Bieber's Eagle project, an overnight stay on the U.S.S. Midway, and the Salty Rat.

Jacob Bieber's project was at the Lutheran Church in University City. We built a meditative labyrinth. A person using the maze would go through it with their eyes closed. In the project there were two major steps. The first one was to clear away a hill in order to make a flat area and put up a retaining wall. The next step was digging out a path and paving it with bricks and gravel. The project was planned and executed by Jacob.

The Salty Rat is a campout in Mission Bay that helps younger scouts learn how to canoe and is a test for older scouts who will go on the Colorado River trip this month. The scouts arrived on Friday night. The next morning they carried the canoes to the water and canoed for the rest of the day--the older scouts taught the younger ones how to canoe. Saturday night there was pizza and they spent another night on Mission Bay.

Troop 663 had an overnight stay on the Midway. Scouts brought their sleeping bags and enjoyed the wonders of the Midway. They learned about its history and were able to enjoy a flight simulator.

That is all, folks!

Drew Bushnell, Troop 663 Scribe

Wild Times at Pack 614

The theme for Pack 614's October pack meeting was "Jungle Safari," and it featured animals from Pacific Animal Productions (below). The presentation included a live alligator, tarantula, parrot, and more. Cub scouts learned about ways each of these animals help the earth. For example, the scouts learned how a capuchin monkey will spread undigested fruit seeds around the jungle, complete with "fertilizer." Scouts also had a chance to get up close and personal with "Monty" the python.

Our cub scouts have been busy selling popcorn in the Scripps Ranch community. America's Popcorn Sale is an annual Boy Scouts fundraising program. Pack 614 cub scouts would like to thank our Scripps Ranch neighbors for supporting the Boy Scouts of America through your popcorn purchases.

If you have a son in grades 1-5 and would like to learn more about the Scouting program, please email cubmaster Blan Cox at [[email protected]].

Pack 616 is on the Go!

It's already fall and summer was a blast! Did you see us at the 4th of July Parade? We made top three for Best Youth Group! Scouts cheered for our home team during Scout Padre Night and then cooled off for a pack swim at the Ned Baumer pool in August.

Webelos and other cub scouts also had an awesome time at Twilight Camp and Scout Mataguay resident camp. Here's what scouts and friends said about the four-day, three-night stay at Mataguay:


My favorite part was the leather part because I like engraving. This is my last time here as a cub scout. I just wish it would last longer.


My favorite part was fishing. I liked it a lot because I caught my first fish!


My favorite thing about camp is meeting Phillip because he is a good friend.


My favorite thing about camp is the BB gun shooting because I am so good at it.


What I like about resident camp was the BB guns; they were fun!


My favorite part is the pack show. The "rock guy" was so funny, we laughed so hard and it was the funniest part of the whole pack show!


I liked it all. I caught the biggest fish!


Pack 616 had our annual Fall Campout at Indian Hills in October. It was awesome! The scouts got to ride their bikes on a BMX track, shoot archery, make forts, goof around, chase wild turkeys, carve pumpkins, and eat s'mores!

Much thanks to our Popcorn "Kernel," Peter Killam, who lead us fearlessly selling almost all of that popcorn to our neighborhood Vons' customers. Great job to all our scouts who practiced great salesmanship with enthusiasm!

Please check out our new and exciting website at []. You can pay dues, order T-shirts, and pay for the next campout on our very own website! For more information and the password, please email Tim Francisco at [[email protected]].