Vandalism in Our Parks

Our parks have been the targets of many destructive acts of vandalism. The crimes range from graffiti to destroying trash cans to use as "jumps" for skateboards or bikes to destruction of sprinklers in Cypress Canyon Park. One of the worst acts of vandalism was the destruction of a tree in Jerabek Park. The tree (right) was totally destroyed, a new tree was planted, and within a week it was vandalized again. These incidents have been reported to the police and we asked for increased surveillance.

While we do not know who is committing these acts, it appears from the locations and times that they may be teenagers who live in our community. With the current state of the city's budget our maintenance funds are stretched to the limit. Each senseless acts puts further strain on our ability to do the necessary maintenance that our parks require.

Bob Dingeman

Car Burglaries

Many car burglaries occur to vehicles parked in residential areas, most of which are due to unlocked car doors and cars in a garage with the door left open and unattended. As you can see in the Crime Report on page 15, there have been numerous car burglaries in Scripps Ranch recently. The most common losses are usually women's purses, wallets, cell phones, and other visible items.

While on patrol in Scripps Ranch, I commonly see open garage doors that appear unattended for a period of time. I've often knocked on doors in the late evening or early morning to alert residents that a door has been left open.

I'd like to remind you to take precautions to prevent car burglaries and auto thefts. The following are simple steps to help you avoid becoming a victim:

  • Never leave your car running unattended.
  • Close windows and lock doors.
  • Remove all property from vehicles.
  • Use car alarms and security devices every time you leave your car.
  • Do not leave any money visible.
  • Close your garage door after parking your car inside.
  • Do not leave garage doors open and unattended for a long period of time.

If you notice that a neighbor's garage door is left open, give them a courtesy reminder to close it. Remember, if you see a crime in progress, do not intervene. Get a good description of the suspect(s), call 911, and provide as much information as you can. Let's work together to prevent car burglaries in our community!

Officer Scott Bartolomei, SDPD

Tiki Torch Trees

To say that our trees are controversial is an understatement. There are different views about whether eucalyptus trees are a fire hazard. However, there is agreement about the majestic Tiki Torches (right), tall palm trees laden with thousands of pounds of prime wildfire fuel.

These trees were planted at one time as decorative landscaping. Today, a large percentage of these palm trees in Scripps Ranch have been untended for years, even decades. The result is we have a hundred or more trees enclosed by dead dry palm fronds, threatening our homes and neighborhoods when the next wildfire fills the air with burning embers.

In my neighborhood following the Cedar Fire, I watched a man sit in his former yard, contemplating the destruction of his home. His and his neighbors. Between them were the remains of two palm trees that, days before, had long dry brown beards down to the trunks.

What now? Trim or remove them. This will not be cheap. But compared to the worth of the homes, the belongings, the families--the price is miniscule.

Good news next. Our city Maintenance Assessment District staff is working on a plan to renovate the Giant Grove area south of Pomerado Road. The plan will hopefully remove many, if not all, dead and dangerous trees from this once beautiful open space that was impacted by the Cedar Fire. The goal is to clean up the five-acre area so that its trail may re-open to bikers and hikers, and to reduce the fire threat to nearby neighborhoods.

To reach the SR Fire Safe Council, email [[email protected]] or call 945-6303. Also, visit our website at [].

Jerry Mitchell, SRFSC Director

Firefighting Resources

Fire season is upon us, but I don't need to tell that to Scripps Ranch. San Diego routinely suffers some of the worst wildfires in the state. So have more resources been deployed in our region?

Yes, but there's still a lot of work to do. In September the National University System Institute for Policy Research released a report detailing an increase in San Diego County's spending on fire protection. Also, CalFire has added personnel to all San Diego County stations.

However, fire officials agree that our region is underserved. Compared to Los Angeles and Orange counties, San Diego has much fewer resources. Also, there isn't adequate state funding to support local fire departments. Solving this problem should be a top priority for the state legislature. It is one I look forward to continuing work on with my colleagues.

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher

Check Out Our Library's Resources

At a recent Community Coffee I hosted in Scripps Ranch, we discussed the Scripps Ranch Library and its wealth of resources. I wanted to share some of these resources to help prepare our children for scholastic success. The library has a homework center--an area where children can access books focused on homework needs. Also, with your library card, you can use a wide range of free online services in the library or at home:

  • Live homework help that connects students with professional tutors.
  • An e-learning portal called School Rooms that provides students with top-quality media content and powerful search capabilities and is tailored to each grade level.
  • The Science Online database offers students in grades 6-12 resources.
  • Online courses and practice tests for college entrance exams. Also, students can find information on thousands of accredited colleges and scholarship sources.

To access these online resources, visit [www.sandiego.govpublic-library].

The next Community Coffee is on Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 6 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library's seminar room. If you are interested in attending or have an issue for me, contact me at 619-236-6655 or [[email protected]].

Councilmember Carl DeMaio

Veterans Day Concert

Don't miss the traditional Veterans Day concert on Thursday, Nov. 5, at Scripps Ranch High School at 6:30 pm. Students from Jerabek, Dingeman, E.B. Scripps, and Walker elementary schools, as well as Marshall and Wangenheim middle schools and SRHS will sing patriotic songs. Admission is free, but donations are requested.

Symphony Concerts Help Our Children

Symphony in the Park is not just about hosting fun concerts, we also are committed to supporting our future musicians. We do this through donations to music programs in our local schools. It is our way to give back to a community that has funded Symphony in the Park for 26 years through private donations.

So thanks, Scripps Ranch, for coming to the summer concerts. Our final Holiday Concert is on Sunday, Dec. 6, at Hoyt Park, hosted by Canyon Springs Church. This concert will be full of kids and songs and maybe a visit from Santa!

Symphony in the Park Committee

"Don't Miss" Events!

  • The Scripps Ranch Madrigal Singers and the Granada Recorder Consort's Winter Concert: Saturday, Dec. 5, 1:30 pm, Scripps Ranch Library.
  • Holiday Crafts and Swap Meet: Community Crafts and Swap Meet, Sunday, Dec. 6, 8 am, SportCenter at Alliant International University. There will be food, jumpers, arts and crafts for the kids, and an appearance by Santa. Rent a space for $15. All proceeds will be used for athletic scholarships for Scripps Ranch kids. For details, contact Lance Allison at 740-1026 or [[email protected]].
  • Free Electronics Recycling: Scripps Ranch High School, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7 and 8, 9 am-4 pm; proceeds go to SRHS's Associated Student Body. For details, contact Jane Petro at 621-9020, ext. 4501, or [[email protected]].

Grand Re-Opening of the SR Farmers Market

Help us celebrate our move back to our original location at 10380 Spring Canyon Road--the old EBS site. On Saturday, Nov. 21, from 9 am to 1 pm we will celebrate eight years of our market.

Join us for a day of shopping, fun, and festivities. This is a time to thank all of you for your continued support. This is also the perfect time to do your holiday shopping. For details, contact us at 586-7933 or [[email protected]], or visit []. And shop at the market each Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm!