What's Happening

Thank a Veteran on Nov. 11

One of the fine traditions of America is to honor once a year the many millions of men and women who have served in our armed forces, many giving their lives for what we hold near and dear in our beloved democracy. We have set aside November 11 for the purpose of honoring our citizen soldiers and their families, and we now call it Veterans Day.

We are all asked to stop for a brief moment in our busy lives and say a silent prayer for those now serving and those who served our country so nobly. As a beat up old soldier I cherish the moments when people, especially Dingeman Elementary School children, come up and thank me for my community and national service--makes me feel real good.

It is the little things like thanks that help a veteran who is having a difficult time adjusting to the civilian routine after the stresses and, yes, the companionship of service, sometimes on strange battlefields. Thank a veteran for his or her service and our collective freedoms. With all of the problems of job losses, our poor economy, and many lost homes, a "hand up not a hand out" is often all that is needed and in order and so appreciated. God bless America and God bless our armed forces and veterans.

Thanks and Appreciation

Gaye and I send our special thanks to all of you who called or expressed your sympathy after the unexpected death of Gaye's younger sister, Barbara Youngs. She died suddenly after suffering a stroke. We attended her memorial service in Grosse Point, Michigan, in early October. She will be missed sorely.

Kaiser Coming to the Ranch?

The long articles we wrote last month were to update all of you on the start of discussions on possibly building a Kaiser Hospital south of Pomerado Road on the current Alliant International University site. They were meant to inform and alert you. It has, as expected, produced email reaction and comment, which is the Scripps Ranch way. We have always thoroughly weighed in and commented on all community projects and will in this instance, of course.

The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) will be asked by the city to comment in detail on the project. The SRCA's primary role is to disseminate information both to and from the planning group about this proposal.

Please note the very detailed requests for answers and comments we have made and questions asked as we start these discussions. You can communicate your feelings by going onto the SRCA website at [www.scrippsranch.org]. The SRPG receives this information and welcomes constructive suggestions for them to consider. Staying alert to what is being said is the name of the game.

SRCA Bob Dingeman Scholarship

Qualified Scripps Ranch High School graduating seniors applied for the SRCA Bob Dingeman Scholarship for community service. The deadline was in October, and we will soon conduct the interviews. We plan to select the winners soon so they can include the scholarship in their college plans later in the year.

School Days

Enrollment in the San Diego Unified School District is reported to be down about 1,300 students, and this is reflected somewhat in the enrollment of our schools. This is important, as the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is the prime basis to determine state funding. This means that your child should attend school, as his or her absence is just one less funding day for our schools.

All of our schools have initiated major fundraising programs to meet the deficits in supplies that are needed, so your help and support is critical. All schools are being doubly diligent for proper publicity and methods of collecting, accounting, and expenditure of all funds.

Historic Sign Repair

Scripps Ranch never ceases to amaze and delight me. I received not one but two offers to redo the historic Scripps Ranch sign, and it is now being refurbished by Robin Varner. We plan to install it in Hoyt Park when completed as a reminder of our start back in l969.

It was initially installed using cut down eucalyptus trees as supports on Scripps Ranch Boulevard across from the condos. I took it down to save it when it deteriorated years ago, and it has been waiting for some tender loving care.

MCAS Miramar Air Show

I am sorry I was unable to attend the MCAS Miramar Air Show for the first time in 34 years. We send our congratulations to the Marines for a demonstration of America's armed forces and the sweet sound of freedom in our skies. It showed skill, precision, and, most of all, service to our country.

I hear the Blue Angels, as usual, were fun to watch from the Ranch, and the fireworks show on Saturday night was spectacular! God bless our armed forces personnel wherever they are serving.

MRE Halloween Carnival

Thanks again to all the wonderful families and staff at Miramar Ranch Elementary School for sponsoring and conducting the fantastic annual Halloween Carnival for the entire Ranch to enjoy. It is, of course, a great deal of work but a labor of love year after year for the benefit of all children and so appreciated.

Thank You, Kiwanis Club

We again thank the Kiwanis Club and all the volunteers for conducting our annual fall Clean-Up Day. That is what makes our community so special and noted as being the cleanest neighborhood in the city. We also thank our sponsor, Coldwell Banker, for providing the shredder for you to safely dispose of your personal papers.

Bob Dingeman, Proud American Citizen Soldier