Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS)


Principal's Message

Once again we have the opportunity to brag about our students and staff! This year the National Merit Scholarship Corporation awarded a Letter of Commendation to 11 of our students. They are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise and are placed among the top 5% of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2012 competition by taking the 2010 PSAT. We are so very proud of their accomplishments.

The High School Sports Association recognized our Women's Field Hockey Team, Women's Volleyball Team, and Men's Water Polo Team for their CIF victories in the 2010-2011 school year. This is a remarkable accomplishment!

Stanford University recently recognized Ms. Julie Skalman and Ms. Mitra Moshirirad for their exceptional teaching practices. These two teachers were acknowledged as teachers or mentors who played a significant role in the intellectual, academic, social, and personal development of former SRHS students. The teachers were recognized among their peers at a recent staff meeting. Our school also has become an Affiliate School, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, which is dedicated to improving the teaching of American history in K-12 schools.

After-school peer tutoring is available for any student for academic help in all subjects on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in our library. The tutoring program began in late September and runs through Thursday, May 17.

As the administrators continue to visit classrooms, we are constantly seeking rigor in the classroom. Teachers have been instructed to actively engage all students through effective questioning strategies according to the Bloom's Taxonomy and Costa's Levels of Questioning. The commitment and dedication of our staff to continue improving student achievement is remarkable!

Our attendance for September was 98.13%. The district percentage was 97.31%. Our students are attending school daily and our teachers are taking accurate attendance. Go Falcons!

The SRHS Foundation has again proven how irreplaceable it is by organizing our "Second Annual School Supply Drop-Off Night" for much needed supplies. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event. Donations are always welcome and may be dropped off in our front office. Supplies may be directed toward a teacher, the nurse, a department, or the school in general.

Mark your calendars for these dates:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 1--Minimum day, school ends at 11:30 am;
  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Nov. 3-5--Drama performance, Cheaper by the Dozen;
  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school; and,
  • Monday-Friday, Nov. 21-25-- Thanksgiving break, no school.

Be sure to check out the Daily Bulletin, as well as other events listed by month in our calendar section, on our school website at [].

Ann Menna, SRHS Principal

Field Hockey Scores Goals

The SRHS Women's Field Hockey teams are off to a great start in 2011! As of press time, the varsity team was 10-0 and the junior varsity team was 11-1. The JV team won the recent Serra HS Field Hockey Tournament beating many San Diego powerhouse teams, including arch rival Serra in the championship game!

We would like to thank these 2011 sponsors for their generous support:

  • BH Gold Insurance
  • California Orthopedic Institute
  • Scripps Ranch Old Pros
  • Coldwell Banker, Steve and John Ferreira
  • Earle Associates, Inc.
  • California Bank and Trust
  • Bruski Burgers and Beer
  • SR Women's Athletic Club

Our field hockey programs are heavily dependent on sponsorships, donations, and other fundraising activities in Scripps Ranch. Check out the game schedule at [] if you are interested in watching one of our exciting games. Go Falcons!

Host Families Needed

The SRHS Women's Golf Team is hosting a group of Australian students and teachers. They will visit from Sunday, Jan. 8, through Wednesday, Jan. 18, and we need hosts in Scripps Ranch. Students need their own bed while teachers need their own room. There are three teachers: one 29-year-old male, and two females, 35 and 58 years old. If you can help, please contact golf coach, Christine Serritella, at [[email protected]].

Marshall Middle School (MMS)


From the Principal

Dear Thurgood Marshall Middle School Families,

Over the past two months our students have been challenged to excel in each of their classes. Our goal at Thurgood Marshall Middle School is to provide experiences and opportunities for our students to become problem solvers, critical and creative thinkers, and thoughtful, productive citizens. I encourage parents to communicate with their child's teachers in order to best support our students. Parents can visit our school's website to find our teachers' email addresses and phone numbers. We believe school/home communication is key to our students' academic success.

In the next month our students will perform in band concerts, choir performances, and drama productions. We invite community members and families to attend these events. Please visit our website at [] to view our event calendar.

I want to thank all our families and community members who have participated in our Pledge Drive, purchased Entertainment Value Books, and supported our Magazine Drive. These fundraisers help support the instructional program at Marshall. You can continue to support our school by visiting our website and pledging online.

Safety First!

I want to implore all drivers to MMS to be careful as you drive onto campus! I know that traffic can cause a lot of stress. Please follow all driving rules while dropping off and picking up your child. Please remember these safety reminders:

  1. Please drive slow!
  2. Please pick up and drop off students in the queue only. Don't drop off students in the middle of the parking lots or in the middle of the road.
  3. Please be mindful of our buses.
  4. For the upper parking lot, we do not have staffing to oversee this area due to the budget crisis. Please do not park in our handicap parking spaces as you wait for your student; park in marked parking spaces. Please do not block parked cars. Exit via Alliant University and drive slow as you enter the university to exit onto Avenue of Nations. If safety issues continue in this area, we will need to close the area for our students' safety.
  5. Please do not drop off and pick up your student at the corner of Willow Creek and Pomerado roads. This is not a sanctioned school area, and there is no supervision.

Please be cautious and safe as you drive on our campus. We want to ensure the safety of all our students as they arrive and leave Marshall Middle School. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

Michelle Irwin, MMS Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday, Nov. 9--School Site Council (SSC)/Site Governance Team (SGT) meetings, 5 pm, community room;
  • Friday, Nov. 18--Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) meeting, 9:30 am, community room;
  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school; and,
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 21-25--Thanksgiving break, no school.


You can purchase an award-winning yearbook from the Marshall website at []. Hurry and buy your color yearbook now for the low price of $45 either online or in the financial office--quantities are limited!

If you would like your 8th grader's baby picture to be included in the yearbook or if you have amazing photos of after-school activities like sports, concerts, performances, and so forth, go to the website and click on the "ReplayIt" banner. Make sure to include the names of students in all picture entries. The deadline for baby pictures is Wednesday, Feb. 1. No late entries will be accepted.

Grade-Level Assemblies

In November, 6th and 7th grade students will participate, by grade level, in one of two presentations that use storytelling, humor, real world examples, and audience participation.

Sixth graders will participate in Teen Truth Live: Bully and School Violence on Thursday, Nov. 10. This presentation uses a multimedia format that incorporates a motivational presentation with a 22-minute film that was created with the help of students. "Teen Truth Live" is an award-winning, national program that invites youth to step into being leaders in their lives and their schools.

The film focuses on social issues involving bullying that can lead to serious consequences, while the presentation challenges students to think about how their reactions to these issues impact the lives of those around them.

Seventh graders will listen to a "storyteller" named Tyler Durman. He is an internationally known inspirational and motivational speaker heard by hundreds of thousands annually. Topics include: relationships, crises, substance abuse, diversity, and more. This is tentatively set for Tuesday, Nov. 29, Wednesday, Nov. 30, and Thursday, Dec. 1.

Eighth graders will attend a presentation--in separate small groups for boys and girls--that explicitly addresses potentially high-risk sexual practices, peer pressure, sexual harassment, internet safety, social networking risks, legal implications, and health-related concerns. We have contracted with the project coordinator for Internet Safety/Teen Cyber Safety, who is a man, and a Parent and Teen Health educator, a woman, both from Vista Community Clinic. They will present factual information, facilitate discussion, and answer questions on the above topics.

These 1-hour assemblies will be paid for by our PTSA and will be held during students' PE periods. Counselors will be available for individualized and ongoing discussions if the need arises.

Suicide Prevention Education

Suicide is the second leading cause of non-natural death in San Diego County for youth ages 10-14 and the third for youth ages 15-24. A 2009 survey of San Diego Unified School District students found that 13.9%, or more than 18,000 students, seriously considered suicide districtwide. Of those who considered suicide, 72% made a plan and 6% actually attempted suicide.

Current data indicates that the numbers have significantly increased in the past few years, especially for elementary and middle school students. In response to these alarming statistics, the Suicide Prevention Education Awareness Knowledge (SPEAK) program was developed to:

  • Collaborate with the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program.
  • Assist each school site in the selection of a Suicide Prevention Specialty Team (SPST).
  • Provide suicide prevention and ongoing support of school staff, students, families, and communities.
  • Assist each site in the creation of a community resource guide.
  • Train SPST members to respond to threats of student self-harm.
  • Increase awareness of warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors associated with suicide.
  • Educate school staff on appropriate responses to suicide behavior and warning signs.
  • Design training to help staff and parents learn their role in supporting at-risk students.
  • Help schools develop a culture of safety and increase students' sense of connectedness to their school.
  • Support each school's development of a prevention campaign.
  • Support staff to use local prevention services for early intervention, postvention, screening, & referrals.

In support of the above Marshall staff will be in-serviced by SPEAK trainers after school during a staff meeting on Monday, Feb. 6. Parents will be able to attend a presentation that same night in the Marshall theater from 6 to 7 pm. On Monday, Feb. 13, all 7th graders will attend a presentation in the theater during their PE class. That week a consultant from the Yellow Ribbon program will work with our Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor to plan a Yellow Ribbon Week so our 6th and 8th graders also have an awareness of the seriousness of this topic, as well as where and how to give and ask for help.


Progress Reports

The end of the second progress report period was Friday, Dec. 2. Progress reports will be distributed on Friday, Dec. 9. Please ask to see your child's progress report! If you do not like what you see, contact your child's teacher(s).

Elementary Schools

Dingeman Elementary


Advice from our Principal

Greetings Families!

Fall is in the air and it's almost time for your child's parent-teacher conference. You will learn how your child is progressing based on the California grade-level standards. Also, you will learn which big ideas and concepts your child has mastered and what she or he will need to work on to ensure she or he is ready for the next grade level. Following are some helpful hints to assist you with navigating the Standards Based Report Card.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are a terrific opportunity for you to communicate with the teacher about your child's progress. Typically, a conference takes 30-45 minutes. The teacher will show samples of your child's work so you will have a better understanding of your child's strengths and areas of need.

Before the conference: Jot down questions and concerns you have about your child's progress and curriculum. Write down any information about your child that might be helpful to the teacher. Talk to your child before the conference to find out about his or her perceived strengths and challenges. Ask your child if there are any specific questions he or she would like you to ask the teacher.

During the conference: If you are unfamiliar with the report card, ask for a short explanation of how it works. Ask the teacher to share examples of your child's work. Ask the teacher to explain and give examples of "proficient" student work so you will know the grade-level expectations. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if the teacher uses terms you don't understand. You may want to ask how the teacher plans to support your child's progress. You may want to ask the teacher for specific suggestions about how you can support your child's progress at home.

After the conference: Discuss the report card marks with your child. Focus first on your child's strengths and then highlight one or two areas for growth. Discuss the plan you have formed with the teacher to support learning at home. The conference should not be the only conversation you have with the teacher about your child's progress. Stay in touch with the teacher during the year.

We look forward to seeing you at your child's conference. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns. In Partnership for Excellence,

Kimie L. Lochtefeld, Dingeman Principal

Thank You, Gracias, Grazie, Bedank, Komawoyo, Spasibo...

November is when our kids learn about our traditions of Thanksgiving while we make plans to enjoy the holiday. In keeping with those traditions I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Dingeman parents, teachers, staff, and administration who make our school work so well. We are truly blessed to live in a wonderful community, where our children are learning and growing in a safe, loving environment.

We also are thankful for the generosity of our families and local businesses during our Family Faculty Connection (FFC) Pledge Drive. Again, we have been overwhelmed by the support. During a tough economy, Dingeman families found a way to make it work--contributing time, money, or both.

The FFC relies on our volunteers to accomplish the goals we set together for how to make our school even better for our kids. Thank you to all our volunteers.

And in keeping with our Thanksgiving theme to this letter, I hope the FFC isn't simply gorging now on a feast of goodwill and volunteerism only to collapse in front of the TV in a tryptophan coma of complacency afterward. We will have plenty of work to do and lots of great activities in December and into 2012--so if you haven't been involved yet, there is plenty of time. And if you've been generous, don't burn yourself out! We've had some great turkey, but please leave room for the pecan pie!

I'm proud and privileged to be a part of our Dingeman family.

Jaylene Farry, FFC President

Dates to Remember

  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday-Friday, Nov. 14-18--Teacher conferences;
  • Monday- Friday, Nov. 21-25--Thanksgiving break, no school; and,
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30--FFC meeting, 6:30 pm.

Pledge Drive 2011--Be a Superhero!

Thank you to the wonderful Dingeman families who participated in this year's Pledge Drive. You are all Superheroes! Additional thanks to those who initiated a corporate match from your employer. If you didn't indicate a corporate match on your pledge card and would like to add that information, please contact us at the emails below.

As of Oct. 6, we recorded 60% participation from our families. We anticipate the final numbers will be higher. The Pledge Drive officially ended on Oct. 14, but donations are gratefully accepted throughout the year.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following volunteers who assisted with the Pledge Drive: Jaylene Farry, Nancy Emtage, Sandy Heim, Marla Farias, Lisa Stone, Lisa Devine, and Teresa James. They donated their time and talent for this important fundraiser. If you have any questions, please contact us at [[email protected]] and [[email protected]].

To everyone at Dingeman, we thank you for being Superheroes for our children every day. We wish you a super school year! With gratitude,

Maricel Custodio and Franca Rivera, Pledge Drive 2011 Co-chairs


Wishing you all a wonderful start to the holiday season.

Pippa Mills

Jerabek Elementary



From Our Principal

Dear Scripps Ranch Community and Jerabek Families,

Thank you to everyone who has helped all Jerabekians get off to a great start this school year as we ease into fall. Our volunteers have made tremendous contributions both in and out of the classroom. You truly make a difference in the lives of our students. Thank you for your continued support.

Jerabek students continue to achieve at high levels as measured by the California Standards Test (CST). At Jerabek 86% of 2nd-5th grade students are achieving at proficient and advanced levels in language arts and 90% are at proficient and advanced levels in mathematics. Our Academic Performance Index (API) score of 929 validates all the hard work of our students, teachers, and staff. We are proud of all of you. Keep up the great work! Jerabekians continue to make every day at Jerabek great!

Jerabek's popular before-school Spanish program began its third year on the third week of school, with more than 80 students in grades K-5 enrolled in Sing `n Speak Spanish. It is a program aimed at elementary school students to make learning conversational Spanish easy and fun. It's highly qualified teaching staff meets twice a week with students in classrooms on campus and escorts them to their class lines. Muy bien! There is room in most classes, and students may be enrolled at any time!

Scripps Ranch schools have been clustered together this year with schools in the Serra and Henry clusters and will work together under the leadership of David Lorden, Area 2 superintendent. We have had several professional development sessions that included teachers, administrators, and district staff that have planted the seed for more collaboration and communication among schools. We look forward to working with the other schools as we prepare our students for the challenges of the future.

We kicked off our schoolwide Read Across the USA program in October. Our goal is to read our way across the United States by Dr. Seuss' birthday on Friday, Mar. 2. I have a big surprise if we reach our goal and make it across the country. Read on, Jerabekians!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our Super Pledge Drive. We're on our way to being able to fund all educational projects for this year!

Paul Gilroy, Jerabek Principal

Koala Kalendar

  • Tuesday, Nov. 1--Family Math Night, 5th grade, 6:45-8 pm;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 2--Family Science Night, 2nd grade, 6:45-8 pm;
  • Friday, Nov. 4--Family Faculty Organization (FFO) mtg., 8:30 am;
  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday-Friday, Nov.14-18--Parent-teacher conferences, minimum days;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16--FFO fundraiser at Chick-fil-A, Mira Mesa, 12-8 pm, 20% of all proceeds go to the FFO, please bring your flyer from the Jerabek website; and,
  • Monday-Friday, Nov. 21-25-- Thanksgiving break.

1+1=2 Much Math Fun

Lights, camera, action--let's learn! In September the Teaching Channel filmed some of our kindergartners and 2nd graders showcasing their number skills. The children were introduced to number problem solving and group placement, with the terrific teaching of Mrs. Barbara McCormick and Mrs. Lisa Bologna.

Mrs. McCormick's kindergarten students scurried around the room as they played "Mingle." The game invites children to problem solve by making their own groups from a number Mrs. McCormick announces. Kids are content in their pack of four, then the number seven is called and they need to decide if they should stay or go. "When I was first contacted by the Teaching Channel I suggested this lesson and the producer loved it," explains Mrs. McCormick, a 22-year teaching veteran of Jerabek. "They also asked if I would recommend another teacher in 1st or 2nd grade to present a lesson. I immediately gave them Lisa Bologna's name."

"It took some encouragement from Mrs. McCormick, but in the end, I obviously agreed to it," says Mrs. Bologna, with a wink and a smile. Mrs. Bologna's 2nd grade class mastered number place values while playing games. The students laughed, counted, and kept score--while speaking loud and clear into the boom microphone--all in the name of knowledge. "Learning and fun should always go together," says Mrs. Bologna.

This was the Teaching Channel's first filming at Jerabek. Bringing a large crew, cameras, lights, and a green screen, they captured our teachers and students doing what they do best: teaching and learning.

Available on the internet only, the Teaching Channel's website offers a library of inspiring videos for teachers and parents. Both teachers' lessons and interviews are scheduled to be available sometime in the spring. Stay tuned!

Koalas Can't Forget

We'd like to remind everyone to "drive slow and watch where you go." Mornings and afternoons are busy for everyone, but our children's safety should be a top priority. Please remember to respect all traffic signs, orange cones, and our crossing guards and safety team. Thank you.

Jen Marchesini

Miramar Ranch Elementary (MRE)


Character Education at MRE

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Character Education program. The lessons are modeled on the program created at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School. Each month our students will focus on a different positive character trait: responsibility, generosity, gratitude, respect, forgiveness, honesty, compassion, perseverance, cooperation, and loyalty. These values will be emphasized by our teachers, staff, and parent volunteers who teach short lessons monthly on each trait. For more information or to volunteer, click on "Character Education" on the MRE website or email [[email protected]].

Super Pledge

Thank you to all of our parents who made Super Pledge a success. We can't stress how vital parent support is to our school. Additional thanks to those who initiated a corporate match from your employer. The largest portion of your contribution goes directly to the daily operations of our school. They include contributing to copying costs, custodial and instructional supplies, library aide, media aide, nurse and reading resource teacher, and more. We also fund educational enhancements like Art Corps, science lab, Family Science Nights, technology lab, and assemblies.

Halloween Carnival

Thanks to all the families and friends who came out to help make Miramar Ranch's 38th annual Halloween Carnival a huge success! The day was filled with food, games, and fun. Some people were even brave enough to venture into our 5th grade haunted house, which may have been one of the scariest. Thanks to all of our 5th graders and parents who made this truly a "frightful" experience.

Families also enjoyed fantastic food from our food truck extravaganza. Food and treats were served by Delicioso, Mad Maui BBQ, Crazy Wheel, Kam Shaved Ice, and Finest City Kettle Corn.

The MRE Halloween Committee would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our sponsors and local businesses for their support. Their generous contributions will make a big impact for the students and teachers at MRE. We also would like to thank the sailors from the U.S.S. Carl Vinson for volunteering!

Last but not least, one of the main reasons this event is successful is due to the dedication, planning, and coordination by our volunteers. A special thanks to all of the Halloween Carnival Committee members: Amber Radici, Kathleen Dellisant, Carolyn Coglianese, Linda Hoover, Gerry McLean, Jenn Blake, Nancy Booth, Kathy Silver, Jamie Rounds, Connie Simonsen, Ginger Manley, and Cindy Freeland.

Robert Hasson, FFA President/Halloween Carnival Chair

Vote for MRE to Win $50,000

The MRE Super Science Lab has the chance to win up to $50,000 from the Clorox Power A Bright Future program! We need your votes! Please vote daily for MRE, from today through Friday, Dec. 9. Anyone 13 years and older can vote and you also can text to vote! Log on daily to [] to vote and tell others do so. The winners will be announced in early January.


Sign up your Vons and Ralphs cards for eScrip at []. If you need help, please email Ali Shadburn at [[email protected]].

MRE Calendar

  • Thursday, Nov. 3--FFA meeting, 8 am, teachers' lounge;
  • Monday, Nov. 7--Veterans Day concert, 6:30 pm, Marshall MS;
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8--SSC/SBMT, 3:30 pm;
  • Thursday, Nov. 10--Family Restaurant Night, Stone Flats, 11 am-9 pm;
  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Monday-Friday, Nov. 14-18--Parent-teacher conferences, minimum days, 12:10 pm dismissal; and,
  • Monday-Friday, Nov. 21-25--Thanksgiving break, no school.

Debbie O'Toole

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary (EBS)


AFP Board Message

The first few months of school have been exciting and fun filled! Our fundraising efforts are off to a great start. We had a very successful Gift Wrap fundraiser. Thanks to Elise Johnston and her crew for organizing that event.

The Family Fall Festival was a huge hit, and families had so much fun! The kids looked so cute dressed in their Halloween costumes! Thanks to Amy Horne and the many wonderful volunteers who helped put on this great event! Thanks also to everyone who participated.

Jennifer Ballard and her team did a great job with the first box top collection! Thanks to everyone who saved up their box tops and labels.

We appreciate all the support of the new EBS Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) website! We love hearing your feedback. Please visit us often at [] for updates!


The eScrip program is an easy way for you to help EBS earn money through spending rewards. Last year eScrip raised $15,000 for EBS! Sign up for eScrip at [].

Happy Anniversary, Farmers Market!

On Saturday, Nov. 19, the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market celebrates its 10th anniversary! It has been an AFP fundraiser since our school opened. EBS wants to join in the fun. We will have three booths: Cupcake Walk, a Lollipop Tree, and a Penguin Egg activity! To volunteer at this event, please contact Lori Ruff at [[email protected]].

The Power of One!

At an assembly EBS students learned about bully prevention. Presenters and actors defined bullying as behavior that is purposeful and repeatedly hurts, humiliates, or isolates someone. Students learned about the roles of the bully, target, and bystander. Students were taught that instead of cheering, watching, or ignoring, bystanders should take action, report the bullying, walk the target away, and intervene if safe to do so.

They came away from the assembly with the message: "I will not bully others, I will not stand by while others are bullied, and I will report bullying whenever I see it because I have the Power of One!" Thank you, AFP, for funding a powerful and meaningful assembly (student with actor pictured above).

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, Nov. 1--AFP meeting, 6:30 pm, EBS multipurpose room;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 2--AFP meeting recap, 8:50 am, multipurpose room;
  • Thursday, Nov. 10-Friday, Nov. 18--Book Fair;
  • Friday, Nov. 11--Veterans Day, no school;
  • Friday, Nov. 18--Grandperson's Day;
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 14-18--Minimum days;
  • Saturday, Nov. 19--Farmers Market 10th anniversary celebration, 9 am- 1 pm, old EBS site; and,
  • Monday through Friday, Nov. 21-25--Thanksgiving break, no school.

Tina Doshi

Other Schools

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School


In October our school's focus turned to standardized assessment, a food drive for the homeless, Red Ribbon Week, and learning about healthy lifestyles. Our Christian virtues for October included prayerfulness, wisdom, stamina, and safety. More information of school activities may be found at [].

The curriculum is aligned to the California Content Standards. The curriculum has been expanded this year to include: Spanish; Accelerated Reader; music; Second Step Curriculum, character development and student empowerment; and, art. Our 6th graders have embraced the responsibilities of middle school, and an active Student Council provides opportunities for service and outreach to the community. A low teacher to student ratio offers the optimal learning experience for our middle school students.

We thank the many members of the Scripps Ranch community who joined us for our Fall Festival. This event was a wonderful way to build community. For information about our school, call 397-1290 or [[email protected]]. We enroll new students throughout the year!

Maeve O'Connell, Principal