• SRCA Recognition Night

    We have set the date for the Annual SRCA Recognition Night for March 2, 2015. Mark on your calendars! Read More +
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    Learn how our new strategic goals support the SRCA's Mission and our Community. Read More +
  • Carroll Canyon Mixed Use Development

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  • Membership Drive 2015

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Community News

San Diego Water, What’s New for You?
Wednesday, March 11th 6:30pm SRCA Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Rd Drought, population growth, salinity, water wars: there's plenty of...

Miramar Landfill Tour -Thursday, February 19th, 9-11am.
Tours are available on a first come, first serve basis and only to San Diego residents. For safety concerns, children under the age of 10 cannot...

Are "Lurkers" Watching Your Home?
We have heard from several SRCANW members about "lurkers" possibly studying a homeowner's routine and taking advantage of that knowledge to...

Digital SRCA Newsletter Now Available!
The SRCA is pleased to announce the launch of digital version of the newsletter. Sign up to receive a monthly digital version of the newsletter...

Attempted Burglaries on Swan Lake Drive & Westly Lane
An attempted burglary occurred on the 11500 block of Swan Lake Drive on Tuesday 1/27 at around 11:30 AM. The homeowner left for about 15-20...

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