Schools Committee

The Scripps Ranch Schools Committee met on Tuesday, December 4 for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. It was announced that information on the issues of Alternative School Configurations, Late Bell Time for Secondary Schools, Common Schools Calendar, and the new draft EIR on the four potential middle school sites is available on the SRCA website in the Community Input section. Scripps Ranch residents are encouraged to view the information and give their opinions on each of these matters. The SRSC will meet again on Dec. 18 to discuss the draft EIR, in preparation of writing a recommendation to the San Diego Unified School District by the Jan. 11 end of the public comment period. A report of any recommendation by the SRSC to the SDUSD will be posted on the SRSC website in a timely manner, and will be published in the February issue of this newsletter.

Joyce Berzle and Denise Ouellette, co-Chairs of the Late Bell Times/Common Calendar subcommittee gave a report on the Nov. 14 Community Meeting held in the Community Room of the SR Library. The full text of this report and a numeric accounting of both the comment sheets collected at the meeting, and emails from residents unable to attend the meeting, is included with the Late Bell Time and Common Calendar pages on the SRCA website. In summary, a majority of high school parents (and students) in attendance felt that the high school should not participate in a pilot program to change the school calendar because this would likely interfere with instructional and study time devoted to the Advanced Placement Exams held in May of each year. It would also cause the school to be out of synch with other high schools in the District for participation in extracurricular academic, music, and sports programs. Response to later bell times for secondary schools was more positive, with several parents supporting the further exploration of a “0” period for secondary schools or a staggered start time. Collection of opinions from residents will continue until mid-January. Simply log on to the SRCA website and go to Community Input.

There was some discussion at the Nov. 14 meeting of exploring a common calendar for grades K-8 only. At the Dec. 4 meeting, the SRSC was shown a draft of a survey form to gather opinion on this matter. It was decided that the survey form, once completed and approved by the SRSC, would be presented to the Site Governance Team at each of the elementary schools and at Marshall Middle School for approval and subsequent distribution to parents of students and faculty at each site. The high school will not be included in this survey. No specific date was scheduled for distribution of this survey form. Further information will be published in the February issue of this newsletter and/or will be distributed by each individual school.

The next SRSC meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 8, from 4-6 pm in the Seminar Room at the SR Library.