Rock Throwing Can Be Lethal

This letter is addressed to the three juveniles who were throwing rocks at passing vehicles on southbound Pomerado Road approximately 100 yards north of the Pomerado – Scripps Poway Parkway intersection on Saturday night, Feb. 16, between 8:45 and 9:00 pm.

I was a passenger in one of several vehicles hit by rocks that you threw. One large rock smashed into the lower right-hand corner of our windshield, smashing the glass right in front of my face. Your ten seconds of thrills could have resulted in great bodily harm to me or even in my death. Had the rock you threw hit the side passenger window instead of the windshield, a matter of six inches, I might not be alive, able to write this letter. For your information, while windshields are made of shatterproof glass, the side windows are not.

The police were called and subsequently wrote up an incident report including a third-party eyewitness description of the three of you.

I hope that if you have the opportunity to read this editorial letter, you will think twice next time before throwing rocks at vehicles and endangering people’s lives.

Open the Lake!

Increased Risk of Collisions

As a long-time resident of Scripps Ranch, I always have enjoyed walking, biking, or skating around Miramar Lake. I have felt that closing the trail across the dam was not necessary and would do little to prevent a possible terrorist act.

Since the lake trail has been closed, the additional head-on traffic caused by having to turn around has greatly increased. This in turn has increased the risk of injury to bikers, skaters, and pedestrians. I have had several close calls while trying to avoid head-on traffic. This was not an issue before closing the dam to foot traffic. I believe the trail should be reopened before someone is seriously injured.

What do you think? Let’s organize to open the Lake. Think about it and send me email at [[email protected]].

Open the Lake Website

Last month I started the website [] to try to rally community support for an informal petition to city council to ask them to consider mandating the water department to restore public recreational access across Miramar Dam. I feel that the full loop around Lake Miramar is a very important part of the recreational experience there. I disagree with the way the water department unilaterally ordered the construction of the fences with no concern whatsoever for the loss of recreational opportunity to the public, nor for the aesthetic and psychological impact of having these ominous, prison-style fences in an area that should serve as a relaxing retreat.

Please visit the website, it is very short and simple so it should not take you more than a few minutes. Together, we can make difference!

Loose Dogs Create Problems

Although this problem has been in the Newsletter several times, I don’t think people in Scripps Ranch seem to understand the importance of keeping their dogs on a leash at all times. I have two Labrador retriever mixes and love dogs. However, there is a leash law in San Diego for a reason.

It seems almost every time we walk our dogs they are attacked by some dog off the leash. The dogs are either being walked by their owner or the owners leave the garage open and to their “surprise” the dogs get out. I have almost been bitten while jogging. Those who think their dogs are tame, and just because their dog is tiny will not attack a person, are very wrong. Also, there are quite a few homes where the dogs are wandering the streets and are almost hit by cars.

Lastly, I went to Miramar Lake for a run to find two dogs off leash down by the water and someone throwing their dog in the lake and bathing them in our drinking water.

Please take your dogs to the dog park in Poway or to dog beach if you want to have your dog off the leash.

Maybe we should designate a park in Scripps Ranch for dogs to run free. I am … Frustrated in Scripps Ranch.