Showing Our Spirit

The 4th of July has always meant festivities, parades, picnics, and fireworks. It’s a day to have fun while we celebrate our freedom. This year, I think it will have a deeper meaning for many of us. I know it will for me. After the tragic events of September 11, I know I appreciate my freedom and the country we live in more than ever.

It’s hard to say that anything positive could come from that awful event, but it did bring an incredible feeling of patriotism. It was as though Americans said: "Attack one American and you attack us all."

The heavy feeling in my heart after the attacks eased a bit as we drove down the streets of Scripps Ranch. American flags were flying everywhere. People were definitely showing their spirit.

On September 11, our lives changed. For many, the change has been subtle, but for Jon and Vicki LaBruzzo, it was much more drastic. Shortly after September 11, Jon left his home in Scripps Ranch to head out on the John C. Stennis as it prepared to take action against al-Qaeda and Taliban forces.

Jon and Vicki have a baby girl who was only 5 months old when Jon shipped out. As he was hard at work in the North Arabian Sea, he missed some special moments in his baby’s life.

Here at home, things were not easy for Vicki. They both share their challenging experiences in our "Spotlight on Scripps Ranch." Jon tells us what it was like on the Stennis, while Vicki shares her story of life without her husband. Thank you Jon and Vicki, and all military families, for showing your American spirit through your sacrifices. Their story is on page 47.

On this 4th of July, one place to join your friends and neighbors is the SRCA’s annual parade. After the parade, enjoy the party in Hoyt Park. Don’t forget, there’s a new parade route this year. The map of the route is on page 7, along with more information.

The Miramar Lake dam will open for the Old Pros’ annual run and ride on the morning of the 4th. But, it will be open for race participants only and security will be tight. Details are on page 17.

We all know speeding on our neighborhood streets is an ongoing problem. Well, early one morning in June, there was a frightening accident on a quiet street. Police say it was caused by speeding and drag racing. Parents may want to share this story with their teenagers. It’s also a reminder to everyone of what can happen when we drive too fast. See the dramatic picture and get more details in our News section on page 17.

Did you know there are many development projects being planned for Scripps Ranch? There are some concerns about the impact these projects will have on our day-to-day lives, especially when it comes to traffic. That’s what prompted a 3-page Special Report in this month’s Newsletter, starting on page 24. We asked those involved to update us on the progress of their projects and their plans to handle the traffic.

We feel this Special Report is informative, but we know there are still many unanswered questions. That’s why we will stay on top of the situation and bring you the latest in futures issues of the Newsletter and on our website at [].

As you’ll see in the Schools section, there are many generous donors who contribute to our schools. If you see these people or patronize their businesses, say thank you for supporting our schools and, ultimately, our children. I’d say these businesses and individuals have a great way of showing their community spirit.

For the slow days of summer, the Newsletter is jam-packed this month. If your submission did not get in, please accept my apology.

Have a safe and fun summer.

Gloria Tran, Editor