Community Pride–Scripps Ranch and the 4th of July

What a day! We celebrated our patriotic 4th of July with gala Scripps Ranch festivities with all of our traditional values and events. As usual the parade and the following celebration in Hoyt Park exceeded last year and were enjoyed by all. We were blessed with good weather and a wonderful and receptive crowd.

Jany Staley chaired the entire event, while Dick Kelly chaired the parade. They did themselves proud again and were ably assisted by Bob Ilko, Bob Gravina, Gordon Boerner, Elissa Barber, and a host of parade marshals, judges, trash picker uppers, and many others. No community event of this scope and complexity just happens as if by magic, but is well planned and carried out. As the invited guests said repeatedly to me "Scripps Ranch has the best 4th of July parade in the city. People are always so friendly and make us feel welcome." So, pat yourself on the back; believe me it pays off for elected officials to respond so favorably.

As this was my 26th annual parade out of the 33 we have held, I must admit to still deriving great pleasure and a sense of pride in this wonderful community in which we live. Let’s keep it that way.

We welcomed our elected officials as our guests:

  • Congressman Duncan Hunter from the 52nd District came, even though at the same time his son was arriving back at Camp Pendleton after service in Iraq;
  • State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth;
  • State Assemblyman George Plescia and his fiancé;
  • State Assemblyman Jay LaSuer and his wife; (Yes, we have two State Assembly representatives serving our community!)
  • Our mayor, the Honorable Dick Murphy, and his family;
  • Our own Councilmember Brian Maienschein and his wife, Janna;
  • School Board Trustee Katherine Nakamura;
  • Fire Chief Jeff Bowman and Battalion Chief Melinda Hathaway from Fire Station 44; and,
  • Commanding General from MCAS, General Jon Gallenetti, USMC, and his wife.

We also had the following principals from our award-winning schools as our guests: Rick Novak, Marshall Middle School; Tom Liberto, Jerabek Elementary School; Brad Callahan, Dingeman Elementary School; Rich Cansdale, Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School; and, Jennifer Wroblewski, Miramar Ranch Elementary School.

Please see page 7 in the Newsletter for the parade award winners. All of these make our parade so special as we celebrate the birth of our country. As one wise man said, "Democracy is not only in the mind, but in the heart. If it ever leaves America’s heart, democracy as we know it will die."

We started out with the Old Pros 10K and Family Run, organized by Steve Popenoy for the last time. We were able to go over the dam, with thousands enjoying the run and the weather. All went to Hoyt Park for awards, T-shirts, and refreshments.

Thanks to Darrell Wright for videotaping the parade, to Gaye Dingeman who helped me stay on track with the narration, Bev Kelly, our communicator to make the parade run smoothly, and Gordon Boerner, the "parade pusher extraordinaire."

The royal purple committee T-shirts with the fancy logo and colorful inscription were compliments of our chair, Jany Staley. You get one by being on the committee, so come out next year and be a part of the greatest Scripps Ranch event of the year.

I hope you enjoyed our glorious 4th of July as much as we who helped put it on did. Thanks for your participation, and God bless America.

Environmental Impact Study For Navy Housing

The U.S. Navy Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was presented to first the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and then to the community. Three sites selected for detailed study were reviewed for comment and include:

  • The Route 52 site near Tierrasanta;
  • The MCAS site near Alliant International University (AIU), exiting through Miramar Way on the base; and,
  • The site near StoneBridge Estates, exiting down Pomerado Road.

The "preferred site" is the Route 52 site. All sites would have their own play areas and a designated elementary school site.

Water Treatment Plant

I hope you all noticed that we were able to secure permission to cross the dam for the 4th of July activities again, with some additional security measures in place. Thanks to the cooperation of all participants, it went well. The major work on the new parking lot is completed and being used. The water level of the reservoir is back up, but boating and fishing is not yet allowed. The major earthmoving effort is about done.

A major achievement was successfully completed when the holes left when the sign on the library wall was removed were filled in by the stonemason. Before the 4th of July, the area along Scripps Lake Drive was cleared of underbrush and the contractor swept the road. Thanks.


Reference my article in last month’s Newsletter about what you could do when finding a rattlesnake in your backyard. I was criticized for giving out the information that Animal Control would "remove" the snake. What was obvious to me is that you can "grin and bear it and do nothing and allow the snake to slither way." But, that could be dangerous.

If the snake does not want to leave and shows its displeasure, Animal Control can be called. They destroy the snakes, and I now hear that no commercial agency will come and capture and release them. If I inferred that the snakes, when captured, would be automatically returned to the wild, I am wrong. I still recommend you call Animal Control if the snakes are in your yard and pose a hazard to you or your family or pets, and I am a committed environmentalist, as you may know.


I am happy to say that two resident families, Joyce Berzle and her son, Zach, and Awilda Parada, are stepping in to help with graffiti removal and are gearing up to take over the equipment. Once they are set to go, we can ask them to remove the graffiti that appears. I’m happy to say it is seldom, as we remove it so quickly and deny the "artists" the exposure they want.

Fire Season is Here–Take Care!

The Fire Department has asked that all are reminded that fire season is still with us, and with the dry period and hot weather we are still vulnerable to fires. Remember, it was just a year ago that we had our brush fire that was quickly controlled. It was our new fire chief’s first week on the job, and the welcome response was terrific and efficient.

Warn your children about any use of fire or building fires in our open space. I got a report this week of evidence of another fire set in the Giant Grove area close to Chabad Hebrew Academy. This would be a disaster if it had spread.

Remember to clear out brush from around your fences and yards, and please make sure you are prepared. If you cut brush, regardless of whether it is on your property or Homeowners Association property, remove it and do not leave it for fire fuel. Thanks. The home you save may be your own.

Control Your Speed

Remember, it is summer and the children are out playing and not watching out for traffic. Slow down and give the kids a brake!

Tree Planting on Pomerado Road

Your friends and neighbors from Legacy assisted Councilmember Brian Maienschein’s Tree Planting Program by planting trees along Pomerado Road on the south side, close to the new StoneBridge Estates entrance. The Legacy residents also agreed to water the trees to ensure their survival. Again, neighbors making their neighborhood the best.

Conformance to City Ordinances

If you park a trailer, RV, truck, or other vehicle on the street or in your cul de sac, please keep in mind the city ordinances. If in doubt, call the Information Center for the appropriate ordinance citation and do it right. Normally, they can be parked for 72 hours and then moved. RVs can be parked overnight as residents pack and unpack them for trips.

Playing games by moving a rig a few feet and then back accomplishes little in preventing the accumulation of vehicles we see on some streets. The "used car lot" on Aviary Drive opposite from the old Vons remains a sore spot for many.

Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks individuals have begun to also park their cars advertised for sale at the intersection of Willow Creek and Pomerado Roads creating a real traffic hazard and eyesore. We have asked for guidance from the San Diego Police Department as to the "growth industry" that is occurring on our streets, mostly from individuals from outside the Ranch.

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol

Your Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) is making vacation house checks. So, call the police storefront at 538-8124 and get the full information. Then, go over and fill out the necessary forms. The RSVP house checks have been found to be very worthwhile during your absence on vacation.

If you are 50 years of age, have a driver’s license, and would like to join the RSVP, it is a wonderful way to spend your time in valuable community service with other dedicated individuals. It will require you to patrol about three times a month in our area with another member. You saw the RSVP in our 4th of July Parade with McGruff, the crime fighting dog. Call the administrator, Dale Iwig, at the storefront. Your help will be greatly appreciated.