New Co-ed Venturing Crew

Calling all teens! Are you between the ages of 14 and 20 or have completed the 8th grade? Are you interested in interacting with people your own age outside of school? If so, then this is for you!

Scripps Ranch is starting a new Venturing Crew. What is that? This Venturing Crew will be a co-ed group of individuals who participates in all types of activities. Our primary focus will be on having fun while participating in outdoor, high-adventure type activities!

You will have the opportunity to experience camping, backpacking, small craft water activities, equestrian activities, snow sports, and social events! This program is administered through the Boy Scouts of America.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, join us at our official kickoff and informational meeting at Poway Bowl on Sunday, Oct. 13, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Bring a friend and some money for bowling and pizza, and learn what Venturing might have to offer you! See you there!

Lisa and Charles James, Crew Advisor and Associate Advisor

Girl Scout Registration

It is another year in Girl Scouting. Girl Scout Troop placement forms have been sent to all Scripps Ranch public schools. If you are interested in scouting and did not receive a form, please call Rita Datko at 547-0872.

Thank You, Volunteers

The Scripps Ranch Girl Scout Service Unit recognized some busy volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the Girl Scouting programs in Scripps Ranch. Chris Driefuss coordinated the day camp programs for the summer, with Heidi Brown and Mary Rowe leading the camps in Scripps Ranch.

The team of volunteers who made these camps exciting and fun were: Dee Dee McLees, Debby Parrish, Lori Moore, Debbie Howard, Julia Simms, Anne Celeste, Janet Dray, Christine Owens, Sheryl Hayes, Jan Liebman, Patty Crooks, Lori Erlenbach, Teri Moreau, Denise Ouellette, Laurel Berns, and Kathy Harkey.

Several senior girl scouts devoted their time and efforts to lead groups of Daisies and Brownies through their day camp experience. They were Jessica Read, Tara Gonzalez, Brittany Taunton, Katie Svatos, and Lauren Woods.

Recognitions were also given to the individuals who coordinated the End of Year Leader Celebration, the Girl Scouts march in the 4th of July parade, and the "She and Me"–an event for the scout and a significant female.

The "She and Me" event was held at the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club Trails location. The girl scouts had over 300 attendees who swam, played games, made kites, and moon bounced. Some girls had their nails and hair done. We appreciate the help of Brittany Liebman and Carrie Eshelman who helped with the beauty station.

The committee consisted of Elinor Colby, Teri Moreau, Vivienne Carosso, Sue Johnson, Chris Eshelman, Jan Liebman, Angie Mangione, Jacqueline Yang, Dee Dee McLees, and Jim Nigro. A big thank you goes to Brenda Cote and Brownie Troop 8095–Lorena Wolman, Patty Williams, Angelica Linton, Tanya-Sue Winey, Margaret Llagas, Sue Shaffer, Lesley Phillips, and their daughters. They ran the picture booth and made180 custom picture key chains.

Lastly, but in no way least, we want to thank Jim Nigro, the barbecue coordinator, and all the volunteer dads who ran the barbecue and kept the food coming.

Ruth Burr has coordinated the Scripps Ranch Girl Scout 4th of July march for the past several years. Kris Ryner and her committee were recognized for coordinating the End of Year Leader Celebration with Angie Mangione, Elinor Colby, and Jean McDonald.

As you can see, we are always busy having fun in Girl Scouts. We would love for you to come and join us.

Eagle Scout Project

Troop 616 paved the way for the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation’s (CAPF) new Transitional Living Program. They completed a beautiful new brick patio for the foundation’s Escondido property. It will soon be the home for six former foster youths beginning life on their own at age 18 after emancipating from foster care.

Scout Kevin Mahaffey led the Eagle Scout project. It included fundraising, contacting local businesses for support with materials, designing the plans for the patio, organizing the volunteers, and overseeing the work at the site. Kevin says he wanted to help teens who were less fortunate than himself. The new transitional living residence will be the first one available in North County.

Kevin and Troop 616 secured donations and support from the Escondido branch of RCP Block and Brick, the Escondido branch of United Rentals, and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart also made a generous donation of $500 to the project.

CAPF would like to thank all of the scouts who helped make the new patio a reality: Ryan Mazelli, Matt Rasmussen, Matt Heuss, Luke Ulrich, Josh Ouellette, John Michael Steiger, David Yandell, Sam Moreau, Chris Wimmer, Matt Wimmer, Layne Rasmussen, and Michael Mahaffey. A special thanks to Kevin Mahaffey for his leadership.

For more information about CAPF or the new Transitional Living Program, please contact 278-4400 or visit [].

Susan Howe

What Fun We Had!

Troop 616 families had 31 very disappointed scouts on their hands when their week-long summer camp at Mataguay was cancelled due to the Pines fire. Everyone regrouped and arranged a game of touch rugby, a family barbecue, and side trips all over San Diego.

Tour leaders Loren Wimmer, John Steiger, and Mary Frederickson loaded up 14 scouts and their gear in August for a great week at Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. Scouts snorkeled, hiked, played games, and had to fix their own meals. Sleeping under the stars on the beach was the order of the day.

Scouts took advantage of a merit badge program. Adam Harwayne and David Mebane got Scuba certified.

Sandy Price, Publicity

Camping Out

Lots of summer fun for Troop 663 this year. Twenty-eight scouts and six adults from our troop went to Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island in August.

We all arrived on the island without any seasickness, and began our activities the next morning. For some of us doing water skiing or the mile swim, it was very early indeed. Special congratulations go to Nancy Mitchell, who finished the mile swim extremely fast.

During the trip scouts earned a multitude of merit badges. Instead of earning badges, scouts John Henry Ainsworth and Eric Thornton participated in the camp’s more rigorous Rugged E program. Special congratulations go to Steven Markano for an inspiring lunchtime prayer.

Our troop also participated in the aquacade games, in which we competed against other troops. Under the team name of the Mad Blowfish, we competed in swimming relays, rowboat pushes, and other challenges.

In the beginning of September our scouts went back to Mataguay to complete activities that had been interrupted by the Pines fire. Special kudos go to Wesley Mitchell, Dane Lighthart, and Ray Rogers, who earned the BSA Lifeguard Award. Special congratulations go to Alex Nunn for passing his Eagle board of review. Good work, Alex!

Bradley Markano, Troop Scribe

A New Scouting Year

School is back in session and so is Pack 613’s scouting year. We kicked off the fall season by participating in the community-wide Tiger Cub Round-Up. We welcome these eager new scouts and their families to the pack. This year eight of our boys had their little brothers join the pack as Tigers–a testament to how fun scouting is to boys and their families.

Our first pack meeting in September was presided over by new cubmaster Andy Wisniewski and his assistant cubmaster Bob Gibson. The boys recounted their summer activities and received their awards.

October will be a busy month. Families are busy cleaning out their closets for the Scripps Ranch Garage Sale on Saturday, Oct. 12. Stop by and shop the many deals and sale items offered by our families. All proceeds go towards paying for scout awards, patches, and prizes.

Rounding out the month of October will be the pack’s traditional Halloween Carnival. At this meeting, the scouts participate in den sponsored booths featuring crafts, games, and a Halloween Cake Bake. For information on Pack 613, send emails to [[email protected]].

Space Cubs!

Pack 616 started the fall with a "blast-off" pack meeting, complete with "Jedi" and "rocket man" visits. Awards for the boys arrived via "moon rocks" and "flying saucers!"

Congratulations to Quinton Petty and Nick Burke for their outstanding archery rounds at summer day camp. They were the top two archers in the entire camp! Congrats also to David Mosely for completing his Wolf Award in record time!

Coming up, we have Sailor Camp on Fiesta Island and Webelos Woods in the mountains. Too much fun! Also in October we have a jungle of fun coming to our pack meeting. Look for zebras, snakes, and wolves, as well as lions, tigers, and bears–oh my!

Yours in scouting–and on safaris,

Bryon Solberg, Cubmaster

Patches for Pack 1216

This summer Cub Scout Pack 1216 spent a weekend camping at Camp Balboa. The boys earned an average of 24 patches each.

As a community service project for the camp, the boys spent an hour in the hot August sun excavating a hillside located near the shooting range. They used picks, shovels, buckets, and a whole lot of muscle! For fun and leisure, they spent the afternoon swimming.

In September we had our Scout Round-Up. If your son is interested in scouting, email our cubmaster, Bill Barnsley, at [[email protected]].