Published On: June 18th, 2021Categories: News

We believe we will have the only parade in the City of San Diego! This event is normally planned over the course of 4 months, but the city just gave approval for the SRCA to have the parade this year.

We need your help! 

1. Funding Need: The SRCA needs your financial help to pay for the parade which usually costs about $7000. Help us financially please to continue this great tradition in Scripps Ranch.

Here is the Go Fund Me link:

Costs include traffic control, equipment rental, truck rental, two-way radio rental, insurance, sound system rental, printing, trash/recycling, paying the SD Police Department for traffic control personnel for street closures, and more. Thank you for your support!

2. Be In the Parade: We need groups and individuals to sign up to march in the parade. This can be neighborhood groups, Facebook groups, community groups, churches, temples, schools, scouts, sports teams, dance groups, theater groups, car clubs, businesses, pet groups, lawnmower dads, convertible drivers; cheerleaders, fitness clubs, etc (no political campaigns), use your imagination. Get your group together and let’s make this a great parade!


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