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72 hour emergency kits will be distributed on Thursday, October 19th at 6:30 pm at Marshall Middle School Theater (9700 Avenue of Nations, San Diego, CA 92131). The SRCA thanks you for buying the kit to be prepared and also we like to thank Kaitlin Barros and Tabatha Kraft for being the catalyst for getting this initiative accomplished!
Are you prepared for an emergency?
The SRCA purchased 72 hour two person emergency kits for the community.  The retail price is $60 and we are selling them for $30.  We have 156 kits to sell at this time.  This preparation initiative is intended to ensure that residents are ready for either a man-made or natural disaster like the 2003 Cedar Fire.  Having an emergency go kit is important.  We don’t know when the next emergency will strike (during the work week or weekend?).  These kits will give 2 people assistance and comfort while waiting for first responders to arrive.  It is incumbent on residents to be prepared the best they can be. In 2003, 312 homes were destroyed.  Half of Scripps Ranch was evacuated in 2003 and all of Scripps Ranch evacuated in 2007 for the Witch Creek Fire. There are other causes for evacuation such as earthquakes, dam breaks, water plant malfunctions, gas line explosions, power outages, etc.  The 72 hour kits are a backpack that can be stored in a vehicle and carried wherever you need to go.  
Here is a testimonial from a 2003 fire survivor:
As a Cedar Fire survivor and disaster services volunteer, I am can attest to the fact that disaster may strike anywhere when you least expect it. In an emergency situation, you may need to survive on your own for several days. I consider having an emergency kit of food, water, and other supplies essential to personal preparedness. I like to keep my kit in my car along with a pair of comfortable walking shoes and at least 1/2 tank of gas. SRCA’s initiative to help residents be prepared is innovative and important – because you never know.”   Jan R.
The SRCA is fulfilling its mission that Scripps Ranch is our #1 priority.  We are the first town council in San Diego County to spearhead this initiative to ensure its residents are prepared.  If we sell out the kits, we will endeavor to purchase more in the future and offer them for sale again. If you have any questions, please email me at “[email protected]“.   

Bob Ilko
Scripps Ranch Civic Association

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