SRCA connects with you and our community, many times behind the scenes, to get things done. Promoting a strong sense of volunteerism for over 40 years, the SRCA represents the 12,000 households located within 92131 – Scripps Ranch and Stonebridge Estates.

We live in a vibrant community – strong, neighborly, caring – and are all connected through SRCA, who provides the advocacy, activities and communications needed to help our community thrive.

Advocacy – Your voice is heard and gains clout as the SRCA advocates with elected leaders about improving our roads, parks, ponds, schools, open space, library, development proposals, and public safety. Every day one of our dedicated civic association volunteers accomplishes a valuable service, large or small, that helps a Scripps Ranch neighbor. Maybe they’ve helped you?

Activities – It’s one of the many reasons why people enjoy living in Scripps Ranch. We offer a variety of opportunities to learn, become involved, connect with neighbors, support local organizations, and have fun!

Communications – You can rely on timely communications to stay informed on what’s happening in Scripps Ranch via the SRCA Newsletter and online options

Volunteers Make it Happen!

SRCA connects within the community through active volunteerism. Neighbors helping each other to make Scripps Ranch better and stronger. Choose your passion and sign-up as a volunteer today.

We also sponsor community events and organizations, such as:

  • 4th of July Parade & Festivities
  • Community Fair
  • Clean-Up Days & Garage Sale Weekend
  • Scripps Ranch 50 Plus
  • Sustainable Scripps Ranch

Transforming Connections into Benefits

SRCA helps connect people, resources and funding to benefit the Scripps Ranch community, such as:

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Improved infrastructure
  • SRCA Community Center
  • First-class library
  • Schools Committee partnerships
  • Senior advocacy
  • Sustainability education

The SRCA also provides active civic leadership (similar to a town council) and interacts with the San Diego City Council, the Mayor’s office, the local police, fire department, and schools, our San Diego County supervisor, and our California state representative to present Scripps Ranch as a united community.