Our mission, vision and values reflect how the SRCA operates like a town council in Scripps Ranch. We help connect the people, resources and funding to help make it all happen. And to stay focused on what’s important to you and our community, we’ve implemented strategic goals that support our mission.

Your feedback on the strategic goals is welcomed! Send us your questions, ideas, and recommendations to [email protected]

Our Mission

Through volunteerism we advocate for Scripps Ranch to preserve, promote and enhance the unique quality of life in our community.

Our Vision

Be the nexus of a vibrant community of neighbors.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Information Sharing
  • Community Partnerships
  • Being Pro-Active
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Our Strategic Goals

  • Enhance the safety and quality of life for our residents
  • Build partnerships with residents, community groups, schools, and businesses
  • Foster opportunities to socialize and have fun
  • Promote and recognize volunteerism
  • Enhance communication channels and outreach efforts
  • Ensure the SRCA is relevant to the community
  • Develop the SRCA Board and Committee leadership
  • Practice fiscal responsibility and sustainability

Our Funding

Members and local businesses provide virtually all of our funding through individual contributions. Your invaluable financial support is part of the strength of our organization. Consider becoming an SRCA member or business supporter today.

What does your contribution fund?

As a local, 100% volunteer organization, your contributions are reinvested back into Scripps Ranch. Your membership dollars directly support the beneficial community-wide advocacy, activities and communications you’ve come to expect.

Did you know, annually it costs:

  • $275,000 to produce the free monthly SRCA Newsletter, delivered by 265 volunteers to 12,200 homes in Scripps Ranch (you can also sign-up for the emailed digital version at [email protected])
  • $16,000 to maintain and operate the SRCA Community Center, providing a meeting place for many local organizations

Thank you for your support! Join the SRCA today.