MRNPC Chair: Bill Crooks ([email protected])
MRNPC Vice Chair: Doug Kurtz
MRNPC Secretary: Vacant

MRNPC meets, 8 times during the year, the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7pm . The meeting schedule is: January-DARK, Feb, March, April-DARK, May, June, July-DARK, Aug, Sept, Oct-DARK, Nov, Dec. Meetings take place at the SRCA Community Center (11885 Cypress Canyon Road).

Click here to view the MRNPC Bylaws

MRNPC Community Plan:
The Miramar Ranch North Community Plan was adopted by City Council in March 1980. The plan can be viewed from the following links, or purchased at the City of San Diego Planning Division, 202 C Street. For more information on purchasing the plan in CD-Rom format, please call (619) 235-5200.
Download the plan here

MRNPC Public Facilities Financing Plan:

The current Miramar Ranch North Public Facilities Financing Plan – July 20, 1988 and revised July 28, 1988, was adopted by the City Council on September 6, 1988. The April 25, 1995 amendment to the plan was adopted by the City Council on May 2, 1995. The plan can be viewed from the following links or purchased at the City Planning & Community Investment Department, Facilities Financing Section, located at 1010 Second Avenue, Suite 600, East Tower. For more information on purchasing the plan call (619) 533-3670.
Download the plan here

SDG&E Transmission Line Project
SDG&E Sycamore-Penasquitos EIR Fact Sheet
Summary of potential issues-impacts
SDG&E Sycamore-Penasquitos-Notice of Preparation Scoping for EIR
SDG&E Sycamore-Penasquitos Transmission Line Project maps

May 2024
May 7, 2024 Meeting Agenda

April 2024
April 2, 2024 Meeting Agenda
April 2, 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 2024
March 5, 2024 Meeting Agenda
March 5, 2024 Meeting Minutes

February 2024
February 6, 2024 Meeting Agenda
February 6, 2024 Meeting Minutes

December 2023
December 5, 2023 Meeting Agenda
December 5, 2023 Meeting Minutes

November 2023
November 7, 2023 Meeting Minutes
November 7, 2023 Meeting Agenda

October 2023
October 3, 2023 Meeting Minutes

September 2023
September 5, 2023 Meeting Minutes

June 2023
June 6, 2023 Meeting Minutes

April 2023
April 4, 2023 Meeting Minutes

March 2023
SRPG & MRNPC Ad hoc Subcommittee Meeting Agenda for May 1, 2023

August 2022
August 2022 Minutes

July 2022
July 2022 Agenda
July 2022 Minutes

June 2022
June 2022 Minutes

April 2022
April 2022 Agenda
March 2022 Minutes

March 2022
March 2022 Agenda
February 2022 Minutes
Notice of Election

February 2022
February 2022 Agenda
January 2022 Minutes

January 2022
January 2022 Meeting

December 2021
December Meeting Cancelled

October 2021
October 2021 Meeting Cancelled
September 2021 Meeting Minutes
November 2021 Agenda

September 2021
September 2021 Meeting Agenda
July 2021 Minutes

August 2021
August 2021 Meeting – Cancelled

July 2021
July 2021 Meeting Agenda
April 2021 Meeting Minutes

June 2021
June 2021 Meeting Cancelled

May 2021
May 2021 Meeting Cancelled

April 2021
April 2021 Meeting Agenda
March 2021 Staff Report

March 2021
March 2021 Meeting Agenda
Member Election Notice

February 2021
February 2021 Meeting Agenda
Parks for All Presentation by PARC (Action Item) PDF Presentation
Renzulli Estates Questions/Answers 1
Renzulli Estates Questions/Answers 2

January 2021
January 2021 Meeting Cancelled

November 2020
December 2020 Meeting Cancelled
November 2020 Meeting Agenda

October 2020
October 2020 Meeting Cancelled

September 2020
September 2020 Meeting Cancelled

July 2020
July 2020 Meeting Cancelled

June 2020
June 2020 Meeting Cancelled

March 2020
April 2020 Meeting Cancelled

February 2020
March 2020 Agenda
February 2020 Minutes
January 2020 Staff Report

January 2020
February 2020 Agenda
December 2019 Staff Report

November 2019
November 2019 Agenda
November 2019 MAD Agenda
October 2019 Staff Report

August 2019
September 2019 Agenda
July 2019 Staff Report
August 2019 Staff Report

July 2019
July 2019 Meeting Cancellation

May 2019
June 2019 Agenda
May 2019 Minutes
May 2019 Agenda

April 2019 Minutes
April 2019 Staff Report

April 2019
April 6, 2019 Subcommittee Agenda – Renzulli

March 2019
April 2019 Agenda
March 2019 Minutes
March 2019 Staff Rreport
March 12, 2019 Subcommittee Agenda – Renzulli

March 2019 Agenda
February 2019 Staff Report

January 2019
February 2019 Agenda
November 2018 Staff Report
December 2018 Staff Report

December 2018
January 2019 Meeting CANCELLED
December 4, 2018 Meeting CANCELLED

November 2018
September 2018 Minutes
November 2018 Agenda
October 2018 Staff Report

August 2018
June 2018 Meeting Minutes
September 2018 Meeting Agenda
August 2018 Monthly Staff Report

June 2018
June 2018 Meeting Agenda
April 2018 Meeting Minutes
May 2018 Monthly Staff Report

March 2018
February 2018 Meeting Minutes
April 2018 Meeting Agenda
March 2018 Staff Report

February 2018
February 2018 Meeting Agenda
December 2017 Staff Report
January 2018 Staff Report

December 2017
December Meeting Agenda

November 2017
September 2017 Meeting Minutes
November 2017 Meeting Agenda
November 2017 Monthly Staff Report

September 2017
September 5, 2017 Meeting
June 2017 Meeting Minutes
August Monthly Staff Report

August 2017
August 1, 2017 Meeting – CANCELLED

July 2017
July 4, 2017 Meeting – CANCELLED

June 2017
June 29, 2017 Meeting – Renzulli Property (CANCELLED)
June 2017 Meeting Agenda
June 2017 Monthly Staff Report

April 2017
March 2017 Meeting Minutes
May 2017 Meeting Agenda
Monthly Staff Report

March 2017
April Meeting Cancelled
Joint Ad-Hoc Subcommittee – “Renzulli Property”

February 2017
March 2017 Agenda
December 2016 Minutes

January 2017
Notice of Preparation of the Draft Environmental Impact Report for Scripps Mesa Joint Occupancy Project – January 6, 2017
JAN 13 Ad Hoc meeting notice

September 2016
September 2016 MAD Report
September 2016 Agenda

August 2016
August 2016 MAD Report

July 2016
July 2016 MAD Report

June 2016
June 2016 Agenda

May 2016
May 2016 MAD Report
May 2016 Agenda & Chair Report

April 2016
Canyon Hills Resource Based Park at Mercy Rd/I-15 – 04/12/16
April 2016 MAD Report

March 2016
April 2016 agenda – meeting cancelled
Notice of Application Newbreak Church CUP Amendment-03-18-16
Public Notice for Recirculated Sections for DEIR for Greenhouse Gas Emissions-03-23-16
MTS Community Impact and Performance Report 2016
Notice of Decision for Verizon Wireless at Fire Station 37 – 03/09/16
Notice of Availability of Final EIR for SDG&E Sycamore-PQ Transmission Line
SDG&E Transmission Line Final EIR website
Notice of Future Decision for Verizon Wireless at Fire Station 37 – 02/23/16
March 2016 MAD Report
March 2016 Agenda & Chair Report
SRCA Community Center Exterior Maintenance issues
SRCA Community Center lighting issues
Scripps Poway Parkway traffic survey for speed limit increase to 50mph
Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee Bylaws – approved December 2015

February 2016
Public Notice of Draft EIR – Pure Water Program – 02/10/16
November 2015 minutes
December 2015 MAD Ad Hoc minutes
December 2015 minutes
January 2016 minutes
NOA Verizon Cara – PDP – project #431413
February 2016 Agenda
Bank of America Signage request in MAD – engineering drawings & photos
Verizon Wireless Cara Way/Springhill Suites sim photos 1
Verizon Wireless Cara Way/Springhill Suites sim photos 2
Verizon Wireless Cara Way/Springhill Suites sim photos 3
Verizon Wireless Cara Way/Springhill Suites engineering drawings

January 2016
District Joint Occupancy Presentation to Board – 01/26/16
District Monarch Development Term Sheet – 01/26/16
Supervisor Dave Roberts letter to SDUSD Board – 01/26/16
SR Schools Committee Slideshow – 01/26/16
Original 1970 – Commercial Recreation (CR) Ordinance-10377
Letter-to-DSD-Ground-Floor-Restriction-CV-1-1-zone – 01/15/16
Statement from School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser – 01/14/16
Video from State Board of Education – Nov 5th, 2015 hearing – click on item #13
SDUSD Real Estate Utilization Strategy Flyer – 01-07-15
Joan Gass Letter to MRNPC – 01-05-16
SDUSD Project Answers to Questions from SRCA meeting – 12-08-15
ASM Mainenschein Request to Postpone – 01/05/15
Letter Development Services Dept – 01/04/15
CA State Board Draft Minutes – November 4-5, 2015
SDUSD Proposal Timeline – 01/01/16
SDUSD Proposal Timeline – 12/30/15
CA State Board of Education – November 15, 2015
Letter to SDUSD Trustee Barrera – 12/31/15
Letter to SDUSD Trustee McQuary – 12/31/15
January 2016 MAD Report
January 2016 Agenda

December 2015
CM Mark Kersey News/Info December 2015
Environmental Determination – Pipeline Rehabilitation – 12/22/15
SDUSD student enrollment projections for SR
December 2015 MAD Report
SDUSD Proposed Joint Occupancy Development
SDUSD Development Concept STEAM
SDUSD Site Plan Layout
SDUSD Development Concept Site Plans
Traffic Review – Monarch SDUSD Scripps Mesa Site
December 2015 Agenda & Chair Report
Watermark-MedImpact Vesting Tentative Map – No. 651690
MRN MAD Summary of FY17 Proposed Budget – no rate increase
MRN MAD Summary of FY17 Proposed Budget – 2% rate increase
MRN MAD Summary of FY17 Proposed Budget – 3% rate increase

November 2015 Info
November 2015 MAD Report
September 2015 minutes
November 2015 Agenda & Chair Report
SDG&E Sycamore to Penasquitos 230 kV Transmission Line hand-out
SDG&E Pipeline Project hand-out
Notice of Application for Watermark/MedImpact Project #443731 – 10/27/15
SMRPG comments on CPUC Draft EIR on Sycamore-PQ 203kV Transmission Line
Update on SDUSD Joint Occupancy Property Development at SMCC
Watermark-MedImpact-443731-CPG-distribution-part 1 & 2
Watermark-MedImpact-443731-Rezone-letter of Request – 09/04/15
Watermark-MedImpact-443731-Zoning Exhibit

October 2015 Info
October 2015 MAD Report
MRNPC – October 6th meeting – cancelled
Tivyan SDP – 412254 – Geology Review
Tivyan SDP – 412254 – 2nd Review Cycle
Tivyan SDP – 412254 – 2nd Assessment Letter

September 2015 Info
NOA for DEIR and Workshop for the SDG&E Sycamore-PQ 230kV Transmission Line Project
August 2015 minutes
Update on Zoning Overlay for Watermark Project
September 2015 MAD Report
September 2015 Agenda and Chair Report
CIty Memorandum: Short Term Vacation Rental/Home Sharing Regulations
Understanding Short Term Rentals in San Diego – background info
Voice of San Diego – Short Term Vacation Rentals article – 08/12/15

August 2015 Info
Carroll Canyon Mixed Use Project – Public Notice for DEIR in SMRPG area
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation – 08/04/15
June 2015 meeting minutes
August 2015 MAD Report
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation 1 – 07/08/15
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation 2 – 07/08/15
Verizon Blue Cypress MAD GMM recommendation
August 2015 Agenda and Chair Report
Updated CPG Boundary Map – Miramar Ranch North
Citizens Water Academy – Fall 2015 Class Recruitment
SANDAG Integrated Corridor Management update/impact notice
SANDAG Integrated Corridor Management FAQ (freq asked questions)
Verizon Blue Cypress Notice of Application – 06/30/2015
Verizon Blue Cypress CPG Distribution – 05/28/2015
Verizon Blue Cypress Development Drawings
Verizon Blue Cypress Coverage Map
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation 1
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation 2
Verizon Blue Cypress Photo Simulation 3

July 2015 Info
July 2015 MAD Report
July 2015 Agenda – meeting cancelled

June 2015 Info
May 2015 Meeting Minutes
June 2015 MAD Report
After One Paseo – SD Times Article
In Community Planning – SD Times Article
June 2015 Agenda
June 2015 Chair Report
San Diego Water Authority – Water Source News
SD Bike Coalition Intro & Invite
County Treasurer-Tax Collector General Info Flyer
County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister Bio
Single Use Carry Out Bag Ordinance – 347344
Tivyan SDP – 1st Assessment Letter
Tivyan SDP – Review Cycle Issues

May 2015 Info
Public Notice – Scoping Meeting-Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance/347344
Miramar Ranch North draft bylaws – 05/06/15
Approved March 2015 Minutes
City of SD Speed Survey on Scripps Poway Parkway – 04-23-15
May 2015 MAD Report

May 2015 Agenda and Chair Report
Urban Forest Management Plan-followup-info-04-28-15
Request For Public Review & Comments – Draft Spectrum Act Wireless Comm Facilities Amendment
Tivyan Site Development Permit – No.41225
NORA – Use & Occupancy – SR Association – 04-22-15
SD Climate Action Plan 09/2014 Draft
MRN MAD Update 04/22/15
Miramar Clearwell Improvements Project Overview

April 2015 Info
Public Notice for Amendments to the San Diego General Plan
General Plan Amendments Summary
April 2015 Meeting Cancelled
April 2015 MAD Report

March 2015 Info
March 2015 MAD Report
SD Public Utilities Customer Advocate hand-out information and flyers
SD Public Utilities Customer Advocate presentation slides
February 2015 Meeting Minutes
Citywide Manhole Improvements notice letter
Citywide Manhole Improvements-Facts Sheet & Location Maps
March 3, 2015 Meeting Agenda & Chair Report
Public Notice of a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for New Storm Water Municipal Permit Planning Documents – 02/20/15
MRN MAD Update – 02/11/15
Public Notice EIR Scoping Meeting for SD Climate Action Plan – 03/02/15
Miramar Ranch North draft bylaws – 02/18/15 version 2
SD Public Utilities Customer Advocate Program

February 2015 Info
February 17th – Ad Hoc Subcommittee meeting agenda on MRN Bylaws
December 2014 Minutes
CM Mark Kersey News Updates – Feb 2015

Guide to Planning in City of San Diego
MaienStreet News – Jan 2015
Notice of Public Hearing Planning Commission – 01/28/15

MRNPC New Member Info
Miramar Ranch North Bylaw Draft – 01/20/15
Election Content from Draft Administrative Guidelines
Feb 2015 Agenda and Chair Report
Spring Recycling Event
Citizen’s Water Academy
February 2015 MAD Report

January 2015 MRNPC Info
Environmental Determination Notice
January 2015 Agenda
January 2015 MAD Report
Environmental Determination Notice
Spring 2015 Citizens Water Academy
SD County Water Authority – Water Source – 01/15/15

December 2014 MRNPC Info
Nov 2014 Minutes
November Ad Hoc MAD meeting notes
Update on Scripps Mesa Conference Center
Environmental Determination
December 2014 Meeting Agenda
Speed limit increase to 50 on Spring Canyon Road segment
SD Muni Code – Community Gardens
MAD Fund budget explaination – 2014
DI Park & Rec – Community Gardens in City parks
MAD Draft Budget

November 2014 MRNPC Info
Sept 2014 Minutes
Scripps Mesa Center/Innovations Academy Development meeting flyer – Nov 12th
T-Mobile Wireless MRN water tank Project Info
T-Mobile Wireless MRN water tank Project drawings
Nov 2014 Agenda and Chair Report
Stonebridge Letter
Nov 2014 MAD Report
MTS presentation on the new “Rapid” transit service
SD Waste No Water flyer
RFP for Joint Development of Properties owned by SDUSD
MRN MAD Draft Budget for FY 2016

October 2014 MRNPC Info
Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Rancho Encantada CPG Representation Meeting Notes
Oct 2014 MAD Report
Ad Hoc Subcommittee Agenda on Rancho Encantada CPG Representation
Notice of Right to Appeal Environmental Determination – Golden Eagle in RE
Notice of Application for T-Mobile Miramar Ranch North Water Tank

September 2014 MRNPC Info
Aug 2014 Minutes
September 2014 Agenda & Chair report
September 2014 MAD report
MRNPC Bylaws
City of San Diego Guide to Planning
City Council Policy 600-24
City Staff MRN PFFP notes
MRN Development Agreement Funds

August 2014 MRNPC Info
MRN MAD Review & Drive Around Notes – August 2, 2014
June 2014 Minutes
August 2014 Agenda & Chair report
August 2014 MAD report
Miramar Ranch North 5k Run/Walk event flyer
Temporary Overnight Recreational Vehicle Permit (TORVP) info

July 2014 MRNPC Info
July 2014 MAD Report

June 2014 MRNPC Info
June 2014 Agenda & Chair Report
Guide to Planning in the City of San Diego
June 2014 MAD Staff Report
Stonebridge Parkway Speed Limit Decrease
Open House – Sycamore to PQ 230kV Transmission Line Project – June 4th
Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMPlan)
PC Report AT&T Mobility Sycamore Estates Project No. 351705
PC Report Part 2 Project No. 351705
MRN MAD Ad Hoc Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
Water Irrigation Systems general info
MRNPC 20th Anniversary Reception
Urban Forest Management Plan online survey

May 2014 MRNPC Info
MRN-MAD ad hoc subcommittee meeting notice
Agenda & Chair Report
March 2014 minutes
Notice for AT&T Mobility in Rancho Encantada/Stonebrige
City response re Watermark Project median break on SHD
2014 Planning Group member workshops
MRN 20th Anniversary Reception – June 3rd
May 2014 MAD Staff Report
Prepare San Diego Project handout

April 2014 MRNPC Info
April 2014 MAD Staff Report

March 2014 MRNPC Info:
Mar 2014 MAD Staff Report
Agenda & Chair reports

February 2014 MRNPC Info:
Feb 2014 MAD Staff Report
Agenda & Chair reports

SR Information Center official name change request letters
SD Recycling Events
Verizon Wireless Beeler Canyon Permits
Nov 2013 minutes
Dec 2013 minutes

January 2014 MRNPC Info:

General Information and Resource links:
Agendas and Minutes Archived on City Planning website
Community Profile – Miramar Ranch North
Community Planners Committee (CPC) Agendas, CPC Information and Reports
MRN Community Boundary Map
SMRPG Community Boundary Map
MRNPC Roster
City of San Diego WIreless Communication Facility Guidelines
American Cancer Society – Cell Phone Tower Information

The Watermark Project
Project update 02/07/14
City Planning Commission Report – Project No. 180357
MRNPC Watermark Report – 09/26/13
Sudberry Properties letter to MRNPC – 10/01/13
Sudberry Properties – Scripps Watermark website
SRCA newsletter Watermark Special Report – February 2013
WatermarkMedImpact Project Aerial Site photo
Report to Mira Mesa Community PG – June 2014

MRN Maintenance Assessment District (MRN-MAD)
City Council Policy 100-21 draft changes
City Council Policy 100-21 current – Sept 2004
MAD Muncipal Code draft changes
MAD Muncipal Code current
MRN-MAD district map
Assessment Engineer’s Report for FY 2014
Monthly Staff Report-August 2013
Monthly Staff Report-September 2013
Monthly Staff Report-October 2013
Monthly Staff Report-November 2013
Monthly Staff Report-December 2013
Monthly Staff Report-January 2014
MRN-MAD FY 2015 Budget – final draft – 11-22-13
Plant replacement Costs for the Median at I-15 and SPP
Assessment Rate Chart for FY08-FY15
MRN-MAD FY 2015 Budget – final draft – Revised 12-04-13
MRN-MAD district map – 2014

Neighborhood Input for Infrastructure Needs & Priorities Info:
Neighborhood Input on CIP Infrastructure Needs and Priorities – Policy 000-32
CIP request form (version July 2013)Community Planning Groups CIP FY15 Budget Training slides
Fy 2015 – CIP Project List for MRN
Master CPG List 05-14-2014 with City Responses for MRN

Regional Community Planning News
Mira Mesa Community Planning Group
Stone Creek Project in Mira Mesa

Speed Limits and Traffic Controls
City Policy 200-08 for Stop Signs
SD County Traffic FAQ
Letter from City of San Diego – Scripps Creek Drive
Letter from City of San Diego – Stonebridge Parkway near school

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