Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
April 9, 2013

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.

Absent Excused: Boerner, C. Burciaga, E. Burciaga, Colmenero, Mueller

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. His opening remarks included that SR Neighborhood Watch has been nominated for Excellence Merit Award by the SD Police Department. Currently still working on the County grant for funds for 4th of July and Fire Survivor Anniversary Party.
Community Service Day will be October 19th and flyers will discuss fire prevention. The old SR Heritage sign renovated by Marc Sorensen has been re-installed on SR Blvd. by Eagle Scout Tim Wagner.

Dave Berry of Troop 616 introduced himself and attending as part of requirements for an Eagle Scout Communications Badge.

Green Living Tour – Plutner introduced Ken of ASI who is major sponsor for Community Fair. He presented information on home energy usage and savings. Indicated that plan is to reduce residential energy usage by 40% by 2040. June 1st and 29th will have open house tours at California Center for Sustainable Energy. A flyer will be sent out. Currently residents can receive up to $9,500 in rebates for energy retrofits with 30% Federal tax credit on solar.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson was unable to attend but Staley read her report:
Councilman Kersey will be hosting a forum with the district on April 24th from 6-8 pm at the Carmel Mtn. Ranch Library on an open conversation about infrastructure. You can RSVP by calling office at 619-236-6655 or emailing Mark at [email protected].
The reimbursement agreement for the traffic signal at Mira Mesa and Hibert Street was heard at City Council on March 25th and unanimously approved. This is a turnkey project, which means the developer will be constructing it and turning it over to the City.
Engler reported that he attended a meeting on the City’s 5 year plan on infrastructure. Looking to combine all infrastructure information into one data base.

Supervisor Dave Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported.
Tularemia skin lesions are brought on by ticks and right now there is an infestation at the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve and recommended residents stay away from area for now.
Laura’s Law – Would establish court mandates outpatient treatment for mentally ill when they are unable to help themselves. Legislative proposal received a 5-0 vote in favor.

FACT – Facility Action Transport – Supervisor is Vice Chair and 10 vans were donated to non-profit organization.
May 9th at RB Library 10am – noon join in a visit with Supervisor. 3rd Friday every month from 3-5 pm in Del Mar.

SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan
Stonebridge model homes – there was burglary and an arrest was made of two leaving the area.
Identity Theft – Made 2 arrests in large theft where thieves were working out of a hotel. They were making credit cards for stores and had an embossing machine.

MRNPC – Sudberry/Watermark Project. Committee did not have a quorum at last meeting and thus could not make any comments on the EIR. From the e-mail send out by Ilko received about 40 comments. Med Impact building 75,000 sq. ft of office space and the second building would add 150,000 square feet a produce 21,000 cars. The retail center and hotel (130 rooms) would add 51,000 cars per day and ultimately 71,000 more cars to area. Draft EIR indicates peak traffic times are 7-9:00 am and 4-6:00 pm. A motion by Paterniti and seconded by Allman was for the SRCA to make consensus of comments and send to City. A discussion took place. Vote was Yes 20, No 0 and 1 Abstention. The motion passed.

Recreation Council – Marc Sorensen, Chairperson reported that our parks are heavily used by various youth and adult leagues. With the City’s Park Recreation budget having limited funds it becomes challenging to provide the maintenance required and not much down time for fields to rest. Indicated that if Community Park and Spring Canyon fields could become turf fields they can be used in any type of weather and both fields have lights. Monies from the Sudberry/Watermark project could help in this matter. The developer might want to help out in the community.

SRHS is discussing with the district of eliminating our joint use of their fields because of additional sports they have and that the requirement for non-certified coaches not allowed on the school grounds until after 4:00 pm. The school’s field needs have increased into what would normally be joint use time.

Relay for Life – Prima Bernabe reported:
She is a 12 year resident and she is Chair of this event. Last year was first time it was held in Scripps Ranch. Event will be June 29th & 30th. Teams are formed of 15-24 people who will walk for 24 hrs around the Community Park to raise funds for cancer research, education, advocacy and patient services. World wide grass roots community based fundraiser. SRHS students approached Cancer Society to establish this in Scripps Ranch. They have 23 teams so far with 7 being from the high school. There will be booths, music, food and various activities.

District Representatives – Drummond indicated that Vince Petrucci (Area 10) and Jeffrey Kalkin (Area 17) were returning for their second meeting to qualify for election as new District Representatives. A motion by Braunstein and seconded by Meissner was made to elect the new District Representatives. The motion passed unanimously.

Community Fair – McGinn reported:
May 19th. There will be a food truck court and this year we have 20 vendors for the Green Street portion. UCSD Family Health, Realty Executives and ASI and our large sponsors this year. Various non-profit and vendor booths, local performers on stage along with a DJ, band Breez’n and a Beer and Wine Garden.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:
April 10th 6:30-8:00 pm at the SRCA Community Center there be a talk on Bus Rapid Transit. This discussion will cover new transit center at Miramar College along with improved service and possible future feeder service to and from Scripps Ranch by MTS.
April 20th 10-2 pm Green Living Tour of a super energy efficient home at 11415 Scripps Lake Drive.

4th of July – Suzara reported:
The theme for this year is “Stars, Stripes & Scripps Ranch”. Suzara had met with Special Events representative and Old Pro to coordinate activities. Will again be having food court and ice cream for 50 cents this year.

Schools Committee – Barber reported they had an internal meeting to discuss how they will operate the committee.

Fundraising – McGinn reported:
We have received $21,000 in funds so far which is way below our goals. The Committee is doing an outreach through letters and e-mails to past supports. There will be an article in Newsletter and 92121 magazine. An opportunity drawing will also be held for those that are supporters. Groups that receive funds from SRCA will need to be notified that we may not be able to provide funds in 2014.

Financials – Allman distributed reports for February and March.
Monies spent so far have been for Fundraising. Newsletter made money last two months and the increase in rates has helped. A color front and back costs an additional $1,300. Community Center is doing well and the HOA’s that hold meetings there pay for the entire year in advance.

SRPG – Ilko wanted to congratulate Wally Wulfeck who was elected new Chairperson. Wulfeck reported:
Forestview – V Calm device will be installed.

Community Life Center (CLC) – EIR will be coming out and Planning Group will make their comments to City. Have 45 days after EIR is out for review. Approximately 6 months away from an approval or not of EIR. They are requesting to be treated as institutional rather than a residential project.

Aqueduct Project – Will be from Irma Road to Marshall Middle School. It will combine 2 into one which will be 60 ft deep. Approximately 30,000 cubic yards of earth will need to be removed. County Water Authority performed a safety analysis and determined the extra pressure on pipe could make it blow and thus the need for this project.

Garage Sale – April 20th
Clean Up Day – April 27th

SR 50 Plus – Drummond reported:
Sr. Living Tour on April 19th to St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services on Bankers Hill in San Diego.
Aging Successfully Lecture on May 1st from 10-11:30 am at the SR Library with the subject being “Transportation Options”. This will cover both bus and on call options.

A motion by Wulfeck and seconded by Allman was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary