The Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

April 8, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members


Absent Excused: Barber, C. Burciaga, Downs

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:07 pm

Kurt Jorgenson running for 52nd District introduced himself. He is running for same office as Fred Simon, Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio. Need 38,000 votes to come in second. Sunday May 5th Mitchell’s hosting a greet and meet.

Question asked about someone selling items off the side of Pomerado. Police have been notified and they have talked to man selling and he has a license. Code compliance contacted on what they can do about selling in right of way.

2014 Pagent representatives. Alexandra Kennedy Miss Scripps Ranch and Sarina Jassyn Miss Teen reported on recent events they have attended. Some are a fashion show at MM High School, Miss La Mesa and Lemon Grove pageants, MM Volunteer of the Year, SR Farmers market and many others. They will be participating in the SR 4th of July Parade.

Jenny Marshall SOSR – letter to City approved by Board has been sent. So far have not heard anything from City. Meet the Mayor at Community Center Wednesday night. She created a brochure with bullet points to give to Mayor.

5th Council District – Tiffany reported:

She passed out Mark’s brochure

Mark has brought on two new staff members. New Councilman yesterday appointed to fill vacancy in District 2 – Ed Harris.

April 27th free Heart Screening at SRHS.

May 7th Twitter Q&A

April 17th 9:00 am Opening Sycamore Canyon Park in Stonebridge

County Supervisor – Evan Bollinger reported:

May 10th Grand opening Waterfront Park at County Administration Bldg. 9-11:00 am

Underground parking available on south side

April 26th 8th Annual National Prescription Take Back Day 8-10 am.

SD County Water Authority – wants to build 14 foot wide asphalt permanent road into Knob Hill HOA property. Want gates but HOA is against it as concerned about people walking through property. Supervisor is non-voting member of SD Water Authority but has some say. In process and looking if an alternatives alternatives.

Child Abuse Awareness Month

SDPD – Monarch Recreation Center of apartment complex had 3 TV’s stolen.

American Red Cross – Carlos Morales Program Manager was introduced by Sandy Wetzel-Smith. Piloting new Program to Prepare San Diego and goal is get 1M residents prepared in next 4 years. Trained or have emergency kits. Unprepared communities do not bounce back from disasters. Preparepardness and resiligency. 40% businesses that did not open after 2 week period never re-opened. Hurricane Katrina showed that if businesses do not re-open residents do not come back and kids do not return to schools. Working with neighborhood associations or community groups, sitting down and completing a 23 point assessments. What are needs and concerns. Looking at check list and see if common goals. Look at specific concerns in specific community. What types of issues or concerns in Scripps Ranch. Only 7% of households in San Diego are prepared in any way.

Elections – Ilko District Representatives. Motion by Tom and seconded McGinn to approve the existing District Representations for Areas 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. Vote unanimous in favor.

Slate of Officers same as current Officers. A motion by Meissner and seconded by McGinn to approve the slate of officers. Vote unanimous to approve.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported event April 24th Not producing hard copy program, but will have a power point presentation. Add pictures and put on website. 180 nominations were received of which 100 came after deadline. Gloria Tran will be receiving Citizen of the Year. Mary Drummond enters the Hall of Fame. Doors open between 5:00 and 6:00 pm courtyard of Library food snacks. Limited parking overflow will be in business park.

Community Fair – McGinn reminded event Sunday, May 18th. Almost 100 participants and the last month get a big rush. Lost some medium $250 sponsors so finances may break even. Green Street back, community performers 12:30 to 5:30 pm with music by Breezin 6:00 to 7:30. Great food court.

Schools Committee – Staley reported Barber on vacation. Barber indicated that their last meeting the discussion centered on providing input for 8 state quality indicators and aligning them with the 12 goals San Diego has devised such as quality teaching, closing the achievement gap, valuing diversity and digital literacy..t Great eat cde. fficers 2, 4, 6ety.d

4th of July – E. Burciaga reported

Last year had 45 entrants and working to get back up to 60 or more entrants.

Asking the Board talk to your neighbors about participating. Schwan’s Foods has confirmed they will be providing ice cream in their freezer truck. April Newsletter article brought some other businesses interested in sponsoring and in process of negotiating with them. Permit submitted to the City.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported they had their first committee meeting. Developed action items around processes and guidelines with existing forms of communications. One example: Establish a check list of items needed to submit for a web posting. This will be sent out to everyone. Also want to define a point of contact for each form of communication. Examples are Ilko contact for Facebook, Mary e-blasts etc. Looking at file sharing tools, one depository for power points, presentations, posting etc. Key items looking at and working with Gloria to get Newsletter on website and looking at different platforms that could easily transfer and is readable. Want to make it easy and simple. Lastly have a website refresh as a long term goal. Stats look at e-mail.

Looking at how we can segregate IP addresses of Board – filtering out committee members from data. SR Garden tour highest page reads. 3rd place Newsletter.

MRNPC – Burley

Month of April did not meet, May 6th next meeting with member elections and update on Watermark project.

Miramar Ranch North 20th Anniversary in June and having a reception before June meeting.

SRPG – Wulfeck

MRNPC April 3rd Unified Port District presentation on Port Master Plan update and questions on Barrio Logan issue.

Presentation from American Red Cross.

Presentation on Scripps Performing Arts where academy may end up and process for reapplying for Conditional Use Permit

Community Planners Committee approved Council Policy 600-24 which expands role of Community Planning Groups. Expands duties of groups to all aspects of community affairs included in SD General Plan and Community Plan. Land use, zoning, transportation etc.

Last year submitted 8 priority capital Improvements projects and these will be included in the five year capital improvement plan for the City. This is the first capital improvement plan the City has developed.

Resolution on Knob Hill pipeline sent to City with comments on roadway and fencing. Included in EIR.

Election of officers and Wally still chair.

Update on Carroll Canyon Commercial Center – EIR as of last Tuesday not finished with re-writing and when that is complete it goes back to City. After final EIR in late May or early June it goes to Planning Commission.

4 new members of planning group. New nomination for Alliant University representative.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

Wednesday, May 7th 10-11:30 am at the SR Library Part 3 of SR Lectures will focus on the history of Scripps Ranch and immediate surrounding area. Speaker is Linda Canada on behalf of SD History Center.

Wednesday, June 4th 10-11:30 at SR Library topic is Inter-genereational Programs – Opportunities for the SR Community”. Speaker is Lisa Lipsey Director of Community Relations & Intergenerational Programs, Sunshine Care.

PAWS Club meets 1st Saturday of each month at 4 pm at Lake View Park

SR Sustainable – Plutner reported: Waterwise event held last Sunday. Went very well. Pleased with all the information out there. Looking to help support SRCA. The opportunity drawing brought in about $540.00.

Membership – McGinn reported and passed out report

As of March 28th received $41,000. The reduced budget was set at $35,000. If we get to $54,000, Board could consider adding back into our budget those items that had been eliminated. This also would eliminate having to go into reserves. 917 members versus 579 last year.

Financials – Allman reported. Allman had been out of town because of family emergency and he says he has about 100 additional memberships that have not been reported yet.

Newsletter was profitable last month. Managing down size of Newsletter. Community Center still profitable. No real expenditures right now.

Dingeman handed out copies of Newsletter from 1975 and 2005 which showed SRCA objectives at that time.

Motion by Meissner and seconded McGinn to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary