Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
April 14, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board members.


Absent Excused: Barnes, Braunstein, Engler ,McGinn, Suzara

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Introduced Elide Strause-Takim as potential District Rep. attending second meeting. Staley asked for current District Reps. representing odd numbered districts confirm to Secretary if they will be re-running for odd numbered representative. Elections will be in May.

SDPD – Officer Hanley and Officer Tate reported: Three residential burgularies and 3 commercial. 3 car thefts no recoveries. 17 car prowls for March. Get word out to not leave valuables items in the car. Rear sliders window smashed main entry point on residential burgularies. Alarm system there is a delay of 3-8 minute. Usually in and out 3-5 minutes. Exterior audible alarm but illegal in City of SD. Video camera and lightning other methods for security. Bushes should be cut back from house. Sellers knock on the door to see if anyone there. April 30th in Library for Block Captains Neighborhood Watch get together.

5th Council District – Tiffany Vinson Reported Mark love to meet folks at Balast Point to discuss any community or City issues. Budget out yesterday but still reviewing. March 25th Northeast first area to get AED in every police car. Two weeks opened Black Mtn. trail. Infrastructure bond moving forward and working on schedule.

District Representatives – Tim Rohr introduced himself and indicated he moved here 2 years ago from Atlanta. Wife librarian at Dingeman and have three children there. Paul Hunnicut was then introduced and indicated been a resident for 25 years and volunteered in various sports and involved with boy scouts and other activities. Wants to get more involved. Jim Melville also was introduced and stated he worked for SDG&E and member of community for quite awhile. Current pickleball member and plays at parks. Jim has lived in Scripps last 10 years has two daughters in St. Gregory. Been on Stonebridge HOA.

Clean up day – Elissa sending out sign up list for April 25th to help out. Kiwanis used to man but they are having trouble with volunteers so we are having to do more. Passed around a sign up sheet for voluntters.

Community Fair – Plutner reported shortfall so far this year. Cost increases this year. $9,800. Seven food vendors with different types of food. Banners already posted. Newsletter and 92131 magazine already taken care of. Performers Green Street 18 non-profits – looking fo a couple of kids . Light bulb again. Expenses $200o motion to cover expenses and income shortfall.

50 Plus – Rob Holmes reported: 80-100 Adults, plus 12 non profits lot of fun at Intergenerational Day

One year ago finalized contract with Elder Care San Diego to cover Scripps Ranch. 11 SR residents gone through the training. Only 3 residents have signed up for services.

PAWS young man running it is graduating from high school and looking for a replacement.

Aging Successfully Lectures 10-11:30 am at SR Library – April 17th Elder Law covering Estate and Medical planning laws and documents. May 15th Reverse Mortgages.

Sr. Living Tours: April 22nd the Patrician in Lajolla and May 29th Belmont Villages in Sabre Springs.

Dan DeSousa – SD County Animal Services talked about rattlesnakes. SR one of the busiest places for rattlesnakes. Trained on how to capture rattlesnakes. Usually more afraid of you than we are of them. Only strike when they think they are threatened. Call Animal Control or 911 and will route to them. Do best to relocate some place close by but not put public at risk. They provide valuable role in ecosystem. Make it more unfriendly for rats or mice and snakes do not want to come into the yard. Snakes here year around. 619-236-2341 24 hr. Emergency Dispatch. If you see one stop and let them move. Keep dogs on leash.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported: April 30th at Innovations Academy and food truck Thursday before talk 6:00-7:00 pm.

Financials – Allman reported: Account growing with membership and sponsors for Community Fair. Bills have not been coming in yet. Newsletter was slightly profitable with a 68 page with 36 pages advertising. May will also have 68 pages and 37 pages of advertising. Community Center doing fine and all HOA’s continuing use. Replacing lights with LED and getting a quote cost of. One third lights not working right now. Two cabinet doors need replacing and plumber needed for women’s bathroom.

Schools Committee – Barber reported: Last meeting was March 18th Wednesday following the lock down. Looking at improved communication from the district to parents etc. Want more input. Police are on campus they have radio silence otherwise it may set off bombs and have runners going from building to building or to principals’ office. Do not move students for 4 hours. Stay away from campus and don’t call. Try to send out general information and do not move students. News media showing up at campus to video students as they leave campus. SRCA and Facebook were praised as reliable source of information by parents. Local control and accountability program. Come up with five goals. Next meeting April 22nd and have a new person interested in the committee. Change in start time of school year for 2015-16.

Digital Communications – Meeting last Sunday, Natalie gone but Bob said working on updating website and looking at various aspects to pick to re-format. Analytics to understand what is most popular and least popular and determine location on website. Anyone has a favorite site and easy to look at give it to them to get ideas.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported: Regular meeting April 2nd with five new members elected. New bylaws have been submitted to City for review. Draft EIR for CLC retirement community. Community to review the EIR. Meeting April 15th on this with CLC representatives. First unit of Chabad will begin. April meeting elected officers. May 7th next meeting. New projects SRCA sends out complete EIR for residents ability to make comments and send to Planning Group. Partnership between both groups. Aliant University appears to now be staying. Reorganized and have a new partner owning partial, mutual benefit identity. Re-organize and rebuild the campus.

MRNPC – Dark in April.

Long Term Planning – Paterniti pleased to announce new Chairperson is Larry Peranich. Non-officer based group to look at future of what SRCA organization should be.

Membership – Drummond reported 546 memberships so far $27,715 and budget $47000+. Key points through e-mails and newsletters. Letters went out last week. Hoping this will bring in the additional monies. Now have 50 renewals. Next round solution will be in May around 4th of July. Considering realigning more in line with SRCA fiscal year. Letters in future go out in January.

4th of July – Gary Clark reported the permit has been submitted. Theme is “Anchors Away” – tribute to the military, voters etc. nautical theme. Police Department special event with Old Pros. Has to be a determination if event is exempt from a CEQA review. If anyone against it has to go to the City Council. Park festivities will not be held in Hoyt Park this year due to expenses, volunteers etc.

Opening new Bruski’s at new location Poway Road. Wulfeck made motion to adjourn in honor of Dennis Engler’s daughter and seconded by Colmenero. April 27th 1:00 pm service St. Gregorys.