Scripps Ranch Civic Association
Regular Minutes
April 12, 2016


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent excused: Engler, Scelfo, Strouse-Takim, Szeto

Absent Unexcused: Suzara, Vinson

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:03 pm.

Mary Drummond introduced Kelly Maverick will be doing our all our E-Mail Blasts.

Mara Elliott running for City Attorney and a resident of Scripps Ranch introduced herself and told a little about herself. Event at their home next Thursday (April 21st) for wine and answer questions. Her husband Greg is on the SRCA Board.

Frank Tsimboukakis running for City Council District 5. Kids have gone to school in Scripps Ranch. Told something about himself and why running.

5th Council District – Alex Vivona reported about the infrastructure proposal on ballot. Monthly newsletter available.

April 16th Garage Sale Day and April 23rd Clean Up Day. Barber passed around a volunteer sign-up sheet.

Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported

Hosting Community Forum here on ‘Age Friendly Community on April 27th from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library

Initiating Getting to Zero about HIV Task Force being set up. Fireman had yearly class they had to take to remain certified. The closest facility to get certified was in Orange County and now have a grant and lobbied to provide this at our local Miramar College.

Today at Board of Supervisors the new Chief Probation Officer was sworn in.

Congressman Peters – New represent Robert Phillpott reported:

Last week was a District work week, which means in San Diego. Meeting with MCAS and toured areas where hikers received citations and bikers had their bikes taken. Meeting with Mt. Bikers Association. Working to increase signage and resolve the conflicts.

Pass reauthorization older people act which preserves many programs that help seniors.

Office in SD to serve you and assist you in any way with the government.

SDPD – Officers Oliveras and Lucchesi reported: Stats for March – 6 stolen vehicles with 1 vehicle recovered. 3 commercial burglaries, 12 car break-ins. 4 residential burglaries. Attempted kidnapping on Scripps Trail. Jeep Cherokee black older model. Surveillance video. Suspect white male. Join Next

Relay for Life – Prima Bernabe Event Lead for Scripps Ranch and captain of Rebels with a Cause team. She was joined by Joy Schumacker, captain of team These Shoes are Made for Walking. Event is a walk not a run nor a race. Saturday, June 25th 9 am till 9 am Sunday, June 26th Opening ceremony honors survivor’s. Have entertainment during area musical entertainment, dancing, exercise and food. Expected to have about 250 participants with about 100 observers. Walk this Saturday at Miramar Lake from 7-10 am.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported it was a big success. Thanked the committee that worked on event.

4th of July – Clark reported: Permit has been submitted to the City. Information will be in Newsletter. Looking for another band. Looking for more groups in the parade. Looking for more volunteers.

Membership – McGinn reported: Membership net revenue at 89% of our goal. Shy about $5,000. Sending out another e-mail in April. Number of members per district is staying about the same. Letters have the biggest impact. About $3000 left in their budget . Ilko wanted the Board’s input on sending out another letter to a specific group of residents. Kelly suggested to maybe consider a post card rather than a letter and it will lower costs. A discussion took place to vent pros and cons of this suggestion. Paterniti made a motion to send out another mailer not to exceed existing Membership budget and seconded by Meissner. Yes – 21, No-1 and no abstentions. Looking to include short statements or sentences about what SRCA has been involved with this past year.

Financials – Allman reported: Error on bank balance which Boerner found. Activities showed $68,000 but is really $78,000. Bank balance is over $100,000 right now. $22,000 of grants still left and need to look at how to spend. If we don’t specific something for special items then it goes into a General Fund. Recent expenditures were Sr. Night at SRHS insurance policy, Miss SR and Miss Teen SR, YMCA and Recognition Night. Newsletter for 2 months almost broke even. Poor advertising in March. 40 pages ads for April. Running 72 page in May because of Recognition Night articles and pictures. Losing money for this issue. Community Center still receiving more phone calls to rent. Bad news heard that the bridge club is shutting down. Biggest single group of revenue. Look for additional revenue so we do not have a loss. Mike Rasmussen is looking at what type of lighting to replace the existing walkway lighting. They are performing an extensive analysis. Existing lighting is a safety issue. Looking to installing a motion light near front door.

50 Plus – Holmes reported: Spent 1 ½ years help with Elder Care to bring services to this community. In Newsletter there will be information about these services. County is who provides the most services and programs for Seniors. Will be having community sessions as to what residents would like to see now and in future. Participate to find out what the County is doing.

Long Term Planning – Peranich reported: Settled arrangements with shopping center on Scripps Poway Parkway. On Saturday, April 23rd in the open area Starbucks and Luna Café will have SRCA representatives talking to residents. Looking to have two 3 hour sessions 9-noon and noon to 3:00 pm. Don’t get sufficient volunteers will shorten timeframe. Reiterating that as we know newsletter some months does not get enough ads and must reduce the size. Additionally the costs for some events are going up. Want to look at improving our business outreach through business supporters or sponsors of an event. Don’t want conflicts between membership, newsletter ads and sponsorships. Looking at the idea of an Integrated Business Outreach Coordinator. Maybe do some cross marketing. May Board meeting dedicated to discussing and brainstorming this idea.

Community Fair – McGinn reported: Event is Sunday, May 15th. About 20 exhibitors which is short from last year. Fair costs $12-$13,000 to put on. Non-profits don’t pay and reason looking at vendors and sponsors to cover costs. Still looking for volunteers the day for the event. Wine and beer garden. Balast Point donated 7 cases of beer.

Schools Committee – Barber reported: This Saturday is SR Garage Day Sale. Windermere is the host of event. Following Saturday, April 23rd is clean-up day. Clean-up day twice a year but garage sale once a year. One Cell Battery provide a box at both locations for residential batteries. Wendermere are co-sponsors event not it. Luis reported took a field trip to Qualcomm Think A Bit Lab for 6th thru 8th graders. Wanted to see what it looks like and what equipment or materials they use.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

Stargazing at West Sycamore Canyon staging area at east end of Stonebridge Parkway. McGinn reported for first event there were 15 telescopes for star gazing. Will be the fourth Friday of every month. Focusing on Community Fair small containers to small plants.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

Wulfeck re-elected as Chairperson. Glenn at Scripps Ranch pretty much ready to go. Council approved. Few residents of SR filed against the project. Probably start grading in next few months.

Traffic – continue hear residents’ complaints about excessive speed and disregard of stop signs throughout the ranch, as well as backups around I-15. The Planning Group referred a request for all-way stop signs at Appaloosa Road and Willow Creek Road to Traffic Subcommittee. Took no further action regarding complaints of no parking zones with red curbs.

Newbreak Church Expansion – expanding in its existing building at location at northeast corner of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and Scripps Lake Drive.

SDG&E electrical transmission line under Pomerado Road. CPUS released the final Environmental Impact Report for the Sycamore Penasquitos Transmission Line. Still states Alternative 5 undergrounding

In Pomerado Road as the environmentally preferred alternative.

City launching two projects to improve access to information. The openDSD effort allows residents to review data on past, present and future development activity in the community by providing access to permits and status for all projects. In addition, the City has announced – the new home of the Open Data Program in San Diego.

A motion by Meissner and seconded by Drummond was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary