April 11, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Excused Absences: Ilko, Fregoso
Absent: Lichtenstein, Braunstein, Meissner, Melville, Rohrer, Strouse-Takim, Evenson, Boerner, Dingeman

A. President’s Report Paterniti
B. Non-Agenda Public Comment

A. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Alex Vivona
a. Council President Pro Tem Kersey recognized Helen Plutner last week at City Council for her work in the community
b. If you know of any non-profits that are interested in grant funding, please email Alex for more information about available funding
c. Engler: Asked about the status of an email he sent to the office regarding infrastructure
d. Paterniti asked how the Get It Done app includes Councilmembers. Vivona responded that Council President Pro Tem Kersey completely supports the app as it streamlines the system.

B. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) Dustin Steiner
a. Dustin Steiner is Chief of Staff and was a resident of Scripps Ranch for 10 years
b. Supervisor was at Recognition Night last week and the Newtopia Cyder grand opening
c. Supervisor Gaspar has grant funding available for local non-profits starting July 1; anyone who has applied for this year needs to reapply on July 1

C. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen

D. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) Jennifer Sosa
a. Peters introduced a bill that would allow communities to apply for grant funding to assess water quality and get funds to mitigate issues
b. Introduced a bipartisan bill that would allow the VA to streamline hiring doctors and nurses
c. Town Hall Tuesday April 18 at 5:30-7:00pm at Clairemont High School; attendees must register on Eventbrite

E. San Diego Police Department Officer Shannah Oliveras
a. New Captain and Lieutenant: Captain Stephanie Rose and Lt. Duane Voss
b. Crime statistics for Scripps Ranch:
i. Car break-ins: 5 (vs. 5 in February)
ii. Commercial burglaries: 2 (vs. 1 in February)
iii. Stolen vehicles: 2 Hondas (vs. 0 in February)
iv. Stolen vehicles recovered: 1 (vs. 1 in February)
v. Residential burglaries: 0 (vs. 1 in February)

F. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Elliot) DCA Ann Marie Council


A. Recognition Night Awards (TIME CERTAIN: 6:30PM) Petrucci
a. Petrucci presented certificates of recognition on behalf of the SRCA.

B. Board Elections Drummond
a. Elections were held for odd-numbered seats; all incumbents sought re-election, no seats were contested:
i. District 1: John Borja
ii. District 3: Paul Lichtenstein
iii. District 5: Larry Peranich
iv. District 7: Dennis Engler
v. District 9: Greg Elliot
vi. District 11: Rene Buck
vii. District 13: Tom Meissner
viii. District 15: Jim Melville
ix. District 17: Paul Honeycutt
x. District 19: Lenore Evenson
xi. District 21: Alex Szeto
b. Motion by Barber to re-elect all incumbents, seconded by Paterniti; approved unanimously


A. Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination
a. Holmes: Before we compile a database, we need to describe the volunteer requirements; over the next month, we’re attempting to compile a list of volunteer organizations and what they specifically need
b. Borja: It’s important to have a database of organizations and committees, but we need to pull together a database of volunteers so that committees can reach out to volunteers as needed
c. Wulfeck: The LTP discussed an individual or a small group that maintains the two databases, solicits information for both, and then match needs
d. Petrucci: Recognition Night has a whole database of names, but people want to volunteer for only things they are interested in; we have to find fun opportunities for people or they won’t volunteer
e. Drummond: This discussion may warrant a subcommittee
f. Wulfeck: Agrees with Drummond that we may need a subcommittee; we may want to have a person who is accountable for this
g. Engler: We don’t need to disassociate work with volunteering;
h. Peranich: We might want to consider the word “fulfilling” instead of “fun”
i. Allman: A subcommittee worked very well for BRM
j. Motion to create a subcommittee to come up with a recommendation on strategy and report back to the board
k. Interested in joining the committee: Peranich, Paterniti, Borja, Allman, Engler, Plutner, Holmes, Kim, Drummond
l. Drummond: recommends Borja to Chair, Borja accepts


A. Membership McGinn
a. We are about 100 residents / $3000 shy of meeting our goal
b. An email is being developed to increase membership

B. Activities McGinn / Petrucci

C. Community Fair Hoffman
a. Date: Sunday, June 11
b. AIU is drafting up the final documents; we expect to have a contract in place in the next few weeks
c. Calls are being made to vendors; the committee is getting good responses for sponsorships and vendors
d. Volunteers can reach out to: [email protected]; still looking for community performers for the day

D. Recognition Night Petrucci

E. Cleanup Day / Garage Sale Perkins / Barber
a. Garage Sale: April 22 starting at 7:30am
b. Cleanup Day: April 29
i. There will be 3 dumpsters at the SRCA Community Center, 2 at the business park (one additional dumpster this year due to popularity of event)
ii. No electronics or appliances will be accepted

F. Fourth of July Clark
a. Theme: Hip, Hip, Hooray, it’s Independence Day!”
b. The committee is working on online parade entry submission capability
c. Next meeting: April 17

G. Digital Communications Fregoso

H. Financials Allman
a. We had a profit this month at the SRCA Community Center, and we are now forecasting a profit this year
b. Jany Staley negotiated with the security company for the SRCA Community Center and got the rates down 20%
c. Newsletter is profitable for the first time this fiscal year; loss YTD is greater than the loss we’ve projected for the full fiscal year
d. Bank balance $87,741.97

I. 50 Plus Holmes
a. Toured the Mira Mesa Senior Center
b. About 30 people showed up for each lecture last month
c. San Diego Audubon Society will be starting lectures with 50 Plus starting the Summer
d. Scripps Institute of Oceanography will be starting lectures with 50 Plus and will be providing tours for the group
e. Community Meet and Greet has 31 organizations committed in addition to the SRCA Committees that are participating

J. Long Term Planning Peranich
a. Next meeting: April 19, venue changed to Jan’s house

K. Schools Committee Fregoso

L. Sustainable SR Plutner
a. Working with Community Fair Committee and 50+ on events

M. Planning Groups Wulfeck / Abella-Shon
a. SDGE Transmission Line work began in Mira Mesa. Work in Scripps Ranch will likely start later this month, depending on traffic coordination.
b. SDGE wants to install a 36-inch natural gas pipeline under Pomerado Road. There will be a scoping meeting, details on the website.
c. SDFD is assessing homes to build a database of structure information of construction materials, propane, population, etc.; starting in La Jolla
d. SDFD wants to remind people to look at the brush management guidelines because brush has grown since the rains
e. Upgrades are under construction for Miramar Treatment Plant infrastructure for the Pure Water project; the City will be coming to SRPG’s May meeting to give an update
i. Current capacity of Lake Miramar: 2.1B gallons, 30M gallons per day expected for Pure Water
f. SRPG officers were re-elected at the last board meeting

Meeting adjourned to the next regularly scheduled meeting on May 9, 2017.